Daily Check-In August 4, 2020

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Daily Check-In August 4, 2020

Post by LogicsHere »

Good morning all.

We're getting the effects of the storm Isaias today so it will be an indoor day.

On a spur of the moment yesterday I decided to hop in the car and go to the park by the river to read for awhile. It was so nice. I sit in a "valley" of sorts and it was a bit humid, but a mile down the road and the breeze was absolutely wonderful.

Like many of you, I'm sick of this year. I, too, just want it OVER. I'm tired of turning on the TV or the computer and be blasted with chaos day after day after day. It's just too much.

Today will be a quiet day and with the rain it will be a dark, gloomy day inside as well. Not sure what I'll be able to do easily, but I'll manage.

Tonight is a simple meal, french toast.

Today is "U.S. Coast Guard Day" honoring the military branch that protects our waters and shorelines. The U.S. Defense Department suggests that this day is largely an internal celebration for all Coast Guard personnel and their families, past and present. They are now playing an even more extensive role in Homeland Security to protect our country.

On August 4, 1790, the Revenue Cutter Service was created by the U.S. Congress. Congress authorized the construction of ten cutters (ships) built to enforce U.S. tariff laws. The Revenue Cutter Service was the predecessor the U.S. Coast Guard. The name "Coast Guard" was first used in 1915.

Have a super day.

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Re: Daily Check-In August 4, 2020

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning Logics and all.

Interesting about U.S. Coast Guard Day. I’m sure they do fine work but all I think of is my old boyfriend from a strong Navy family who made jokes (not in a mean way) about the Coast Guard.

This morning Pippi has her fluids. Yesterday she ate well but she is not herself. I’ll do the best I can for her.

Later I’ll pick up my Walmart order. Look forward to getting the colored pencils and the coloring book from Amazon should arrive today. I’m hopeful of getting generic aspirin from Walmart - if it is not out of stock by the time they fill my order.

Not having cable, I installed the Locast app on my Roku several weeks ago when it became available in my area. It allows “free” access to the basic channels. I used it for the first time to watch 60 Minutes. It turns out it is interrupted frequently asking for donations to the service, $5/month. So not really free. I don’t watch much regular TV but $5/month isn’t bad so I may sign up the next time I want to watch something on a basic channel.

Not much else.

Have a good day.

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Re: Daily Check-In August 4, 2020

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning. It is a lovely ( 58 F) (14. C) this morning and only going up to around (74 F) (23. C). The rest of the week is going to be similar with a gradual increase in heat towards the end of the week. Each cool day is another scorching hot day I will not have to deal with in August. Yippee!!

Last night I finally made the decision to order the air fryer/convection oven that Emeril Lagasse is selling on TV. It is also a dehydrator and can be used as a toaster and slow cooker. My current toaster/convection oven is on its last leg. It only toasts on one side. My stove oven died several years ago. I bought an extended warranty of 6 years so that will give me time to save up the money I need to buy a new stove with a good oven. I figure I will be sheltering at home for the rest of whatever and I want to be able to make gluten free baked goods at home which will save me money over the long haul since buying them in stores is very pricey. It is divided in to 4 payments. I am using my grocery money for August to make the first payment. I do have extra cash but I am saving it until I have the master bathroom toilet repair done. Not sure yet how much that is going to cost. Just in case someone else decides to buy one be aware that they offer all kinds of extras. I turned them down at first. However after each refusal they would lower the price so on the third offer I did buy the extra baskets and accessories. So do not take the first two offers on each thing they offer you.

Hope anyone in the way of the storm stays safe. I have said a prayer for everyone.

Florida Cat said a prayer for Pippi and you as well.

Wolf and Christmas Trees I am keeping you and your friends in my thoughts and prayers.

Have a good and frugal day everyone.
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check-In August 4, 2020

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Logics now you have gotten me thinking on what do we call the Navy folks up here that guard Canada's coastline. Must do some research as I think out of plain laziness most of us call them Coast Guard.

It seems a bit overcast here today. I really hope we get some rain, things are so dry and with the stiff breezes over the last few days getting a grass fire would not be the best thing. Pasture would be eaten up by flames in no time at all.

Today should be and will be another no spend day. I have lots to do around the house (did not get all of Monday's to do list completed) and still have the budget to enter (notice the procrastination that is happening). I think the fact that I had company all weekend and wanted to visit had something to do with the procrastination, but as far as not getting the to do list done, well I just got a bit lazy. I will get that completed today.

I brought in 13 rather large cucumbers yesterday so after giving DS four of the smaller ones, I ran 2 across the street to one neighbour, 2 to another neighbour, and one to my friends hubby as she can not eat too many cucumbers. Wonder what today will bring as far as harvest. I do know I want to get out and pick some more beans today (pretty sure there will be quite a few ready again).

I did do a bit of knitting yesterday on Hubby's Christmas gift. I love the colour a nice deep blue. But the yarn is very heavy and it is going to be an extremely warm knit. I am now wondering if I should have gotten a different yarn.

Frugally speaking the same old, same old will be happening around the old homestead. Nothing earth shaking on that front at all. I keep hunting through some of my homesteading, simple living and living green books to see what I can find.....

Supper tonight is going to be the leftover roast chicken from Sundays meal, serving it with beans (perhaps if enough are picked), rice and cucumber slices. I may make some gravy from the drippings I saved as well.

Today I am grateful that it really does look like rain this morning. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check-In August 4, 2020

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning all

Did my walk and now am relaxing with a cup of coffee

Had a long day yesterday. Helping the COD repair the mower. Finally had to call in the big guns - my cousin. He fixed it. But then it started to rain, so no grass cutting.

But the rain was nice. Good for my newly planted sod.

Wasn't going to go clear more land, but i have the urge - so will be out there in a bit

Will wash towels and bathe the Peke.

Probably have to take a nap later.

Have a great day

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Re: Daily Check-In August 4, 2020

Post by Mrscreative »

Good morning beautiful people,

Really cool temperatures here as well Janet - light jacket weather. I mailed Dd1 a birthday card early this morning, just using a card I had in my stash. Still not overly comfortable venturing out to the stores. But more comfortable than before as our city has declared a mask ordinance. From the limited times I’ve actually been in a store, everyone has been compliant and wearing their masks correctly, covering their mouth and nose.

I spent a little time in the garden, doing the usual. I am trying to coax along the new grass seed Dh has planted and in some spots it’s growing really well.

I am now off for a hike at a nearby provincial park. It has a campground and a series of waterfalls, but with the cooler weather I am hoping there will be fewer people around. A lot of people with kids let them wade in the shallow falls as I did with our girls when they were young. A great way to cool off from the summer heat.


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