Daily Check In August 5th

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Re: Daily Check In August 5th

Post by itspennyc »

I discovered a stitch count error on the head of characterI am knitting so I had to rip back to when I cast off for his mouth. I have corrected the error now I will redo what I had done. But knowing how I did it the first time, will make this easier and quicker. I need to place markers where the decreases will be for the head. I want to do them before I have to make them.

I have a new niece my usual baby gift is a bib that covers their shoulders and is quite full. I do need to make the bib. I think I have decided on the fabric for the design.

I have found my bib pattern, I do want to trace it onto fresh tissue paper. I am also modifying a doll size bib pattern to make it smaller. I want it to fit another nieces 12” doll. She is just 3 so just the right size baby for her. Once I do that I may mail a doll size one with the full size bib.

Not much else is new today


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Re: Daily Check In August 5th

Post by BevMoore »

Good morning,

Up early today. It was strange to see how the days are rapidly getting shorter. It was definitely darker this morning. Today the weather will be much cooler, a high of 82 degrees predicted. Then back to hot weather again spanning the 90's for the next 2 weeks at least. This summer, unlike past summers I have not minded the hot weather and long hot days. When the covid virus hit the beginning of March it was still cold and wintry. That and not being able to go out dampened my spirits. Now this fall will probably be a rinse and repeat cycle. However I think I am now better prepared for it. I don't expect things to change any time soon.

The testing here for the virus is ridiculous. A person goes to be tested and then has to wait almost 2 weeks for the results. By then if you did catch the virus and had a mild to moderate case it would be gone by the time you found out you had it. i will pass on the testing and just continue as I have been doing.

Today I have to take my newer van in to the dealership for servicing. I don't expect any problems since it has not gone anywhere to speak of. I fill up from half tank to full tank a couple of weeks ago and still have a full tank.

Has anyone heard from Ellenmarie? I have not seen any posts from here for a couple of weeks. I hope she is ok.


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Re: Daily Check In August 5th

Post by jckitty »

Hello all,

I couldn't get to sleep last night :( .....consequently got up late, for me anyway.

It is nice and cool here, I left some sunroom windows open last night and it feels wonderful.
I have transplanted all of my orchids into one large cast iron pot in the house....one step at a time with the plants.

I want to make cinnamon rolls sometime today, I will bake one pan and put one in fridge for baking tomorrow morning for the youngest grand...she loves my cinnamon rolls and it will be a treat for her.

Todays menu is the last of the charro beans and the fixings to go with them, and Clem IF I had an avocado to put with them...I definitely would....love them.
Off to get busy....

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Re: Daily Check In August 5th

Post by chocolite »

Good morning all. Last night was one of those nights when sleep just wouldn't come. At about 3:30 I was half a mind to begin a check in post, but just didn't have the mental energy to do it. I finally fell asleep on the couch at about 4-4:30. Got up at 8:30, so needless to say, I'm feeling rough.

It's beautiful outside - temp of 79° with 80% humidity, still high, but quite bearable. For August, it's a gift.

I have a lady making me a couple of extra masks. I'm having a problem with regular cloth masks - they are too tight on my nose (which is not very big to begin with) and my mouth. DH does not have this issue with his, and I notice other people don't either. This is what comes from having a Charlie Brown head. At any rate, she's making me a couple with longer elastic at the sides. I think they'll do the trick. I hope so. This has become as hard as finding a bathing suit that looks "good."

Not sure yet what's on the menu tonight. Honestly, I just don't have the energy required to worry about it for now. I feel like a slug.

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Re: Daily Check In August 5th

Post by jgomez1002 »

Good Morning Everyone!

I meant to check in every day this summer and somehow time has gone by. You are my heros. You keep me on track and make the attempt to live a more frugal lifestyle fun. DH has gone to North Carolina to work with and meet other employees at the company he works for. He was hired in January, slated to go to NC on March 16, and is finally went last weekend. He drove and will return home next weekend. He'll have to find a place to get a Covid-019 test or quarantine 14 days every time he travels to NC. Last night he told me they are thinking of having him do this once a month. I'm not sure this is a good idea. I teach.

Rinty, I love your check ins... Clem, Your walks inspire me... Jackie, your cloth stash keep me thinking of new ways to use what I have.

I have high bush blueberry bushes. I have already frozen about 15 quarts and my bushes are only half finished. I just found Ball low/no sugar pectin! I am diabetic and would love to find a recipe to make blueberry jam. That is my goal today. It;s been 10 years since I've made jam or jelly and this will be a first for no sugar jam. I still have all my supplies so wish me luck. This will be my big frugal goal today, making sugar free jam!

I plan on walking 45 minutes today for exercise, cleaning off/sorting through two shelves in the basement, making jam, weeding the flower garden, weeding some in the garden, eating from my veggie garden and leftovers, and attempting to dust. I dislike dusting. I may meet a friend for outdoor dining for dinner tonight. I'll use a gift card.


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Re: Daily Check In August 5th

Post by snowangel729 »

Today has been pretty decent. I had an appointment at 11 am to meet with the flooring company. Some of our floors are sinking in so we paid the 60 percent upfront and they are coming out Friday to do our bedroom. We are having the carpet ripped up and they are doing the subfloor and doing a very nice fake wood look on top. Then Saturday they plan on coming out and doing the laundry room, kitchen, hallway, and spare bathroom. They are doing it in linoleum to save money but it does look like a nice linoleum.

Not quite frugal to do the floors but our home is older and I'm afraid in some places someone might fall through.

I went to the farmers market and bought 1 pound of okra, 2 pounds of cucumbers, 3 pounds of tomatoes, one large green pepper and two pounds of potatoes with a credit I was given. So free veggies :) I stopped by a local dent and scratch place and bought four cans of tomato sauce for goulash tonight. I have some free pasta I was given and some ground turkey so its gonna be a pretty cheap meal.

I gotta start picking up the house for Friday, work on my papers for class, cook dinner, and water our garden.

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