Daily Check in October 16, 2015

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Daily Check in October 16, 2015

Post by mbrudnic »

Hello Folks,
SO DIL's grandmother passed away and the funeral is Monday. DS and DDIL left for the 7 or 8 horu drive this AM. So my Mom was supposed to go and get DGS for the day. We will get him later this afternoon and keep him all weekend. I need to coordinate with my Mom about Monday. Options are she keeps him overnight Sunday and Monday during the day or I decide to work from the office Monday, take DGS up and drop him off before work and pick him back up after work. DIL plans to pick him up Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, making my list of Toddler-proofing that needs to be done and activities to keep him busy. Saturday afternoon and evening Hubby and DS2 have the football game to go to and then Sunday afternoon Hubby needs to leave for an out of town trip.
I keep telling myself - no big projects will be accomplished. LOL!

It should be fun, but maybe exhausting.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in October 16, 2015

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites

Well we are at the freezing mark this morning, 32 C. Looks like the beginning of colder weather, but we are still hoping not to turn the electric heat on in the bedroom until the end of the month, longer if possible (but I rather doubt that scenario).

Last day of Meals on Wheels deliveries. Our church does it at the end of the month once again, but other people will be doing the deliveries. It has gone very quickly, but I wonder what has happened to all the people we used to deliver to, I hope they have just moved (I do know two have earth), many of them are wonderful people.

Today will be one of finishing items up. I need to make my tomato sauce to use up all the ripe tomatoes from the box in the hall, I need to finish the pj bottoms (last pair), and I need to take a trip out to a furniture store to check out chairs (we need to replace the one we have as it is broken and about 15 years old). I am no longer going to buy a recliner type chair as they are so large and don't seem to last. Once I have my chair picked we will see about saving to buy it (or we could put it on Visa as it could be necessary, just pay it off next month).

Other frugal past times today will be sending in a scan for points (trying to get enough for a Pandora bracelet and I am almost there), getting fabric ready for the first quilt, pickling or doing something with the jalapenos that are picked (actually think I might have enough for a jar or two).

Heading out for my dose of frugal exercise once in gets a bit brighter out.

Supper tonight will be some of the lovely fish that Hubby caught a bit ago. Serving it with homemade fries, and sliced veggies.

Today I am grateful that I have had wonderful company while doing Meals on Wheels. This has been an opportunity to meet and get to know someone new.

Everybody have a great day.

Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in October 16, 2015

Post by Vaeagen »

Hi all,
Been very busy at work with my big biannual sampling project, stream sampling. Today should be the very last stream to sample. I would have sampled it yesterday but I could not gain access...they will open the gate today. Another silly thing they did around here after 9/11 is put up more fences around things...one of them being little things like this stream. Now before you think of this is a good idea because someone or something (like livestock might drink this if it was "posioned") to protect it. but it is not used for any purpose not ever recreation...it is not even an inch deep.....but it does nothing but make more work for a lot of people like me.
I have gotten another one of my "wonderful" headaches. I have had it now for about 2 weeks. I am now working with a Naturpath. I got upped on Magnisium but that is not doing the trick (seemed to be working at first but nope not working now) but of course they are closed the next 4 days and they are going to "try" another thing on Tuesday! ARGH! I hate "trying" something! I can't tell you have many things I have "tried"! with no results. I bet at least 20-30 different Rx and other things. Anyway, in their defense, I do have to get a set of blood tests done but that was a rigamaroll as the Naturapath is not an MD here in NY so I had to get my Neuro to write the script....well you get the idea. Now I have to find the time in the am (it is fasting) to go to do it. Bottom line is, I am left to suffer for AT LEAST another 4 days...probably more. Yeah me.

Pity party over. No big plans for the week end. My Church is having a Crop Walk for hunger tomorrow. I will go and help and donate. Then lots of sewing in the pm. Sunday is Church and sewing. Then it is back to work.

Hope all have a great Friday and a fun and frugal week end.


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Re: Daily Check in October 16, 2015

Post by itspennyc »

I discovered that the yarn my granddaughter chose for me to knit a basket ball won’t work. I can’t knit it on small enough needles so the stuffing doesn’t show. Knitting on that size needles is too painful, I will have to look for a different yarn. The other yarns I have are either too gold or to bright an orange. I don’t need this until January. So I have time to look.

I have washed my hair stripped the bed, I have the clean bottom sheet on already. I do need to start the wash. I am not sure if I will wash my bedspread or the sheets first.

I put out a very full bag of garbage/trash. I am sure there is more, but since the next garbage day is Monday and I don’t produce that much over the weekend. There should be plenty of room in that bag.

I finished loading the dishwasher, all there was room for were my breakfast dishes.


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Re: Daily Check in October 16, 2015

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Good Morning Frugal Friends!

I am using Dh's laptop this morning (our desktop had a video card go bad), I am finally remembering to pull it out to use at a decent hour, rather than at midnight. ;)

My children are off from school both for today and yesterday as well. I had my older boys chopped up apples yesterday to be made into applesauce, we'll do that today with the apples I'm cooking right now. I may go pick more apples today too... I have lots of bottles, I figure I might as well get as much applesauce canned as I am able.

This weekend's chores include: saucing apples, canning applesauce, laundry, sorting clothes (to keep, sell, or give away), cutting out nightgowns, fall dresses, and dd2's Halloween costume, picking tomatoes, calling med ins company, cleaning the last of the scorched apples off the bottom of my pressure cooker, marking and hauling clean filled bottles to basement, bring up & wash more quart bottles, cleaning bathrooms, making bread, grating zucchini & freezing it, and getting my boys to help chop down all the remaining garden plants (after all the produce is gathered off them).

I've been feeling a bit frustrated over my Doctors' seeming inability to figure out what is going on with me... but maybe I'm meant to either not know or I have to figure it out on my own. My current theory is either a simply wheat allergy, or maybe even Celiacs. I do feel better when I eat gluten-free.

Not sure what dinner will be, maybe I'll make Potato-Onion-Sausage soup with cornbread and a green salad.

Off to start my day. Happy Friday to you all.

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Re: Daily Check in October 16, 2015

Post by floridacatlover »

Hello all.

Valerie: I have had bad headaches that lasted two days but I can't imagine a headache lasting as long as yours has already and now another four days. Praying you will find something that will help you.

It is a beautiful morning here.

I'm planning a quiet day. Tomorrow the genealogy club I joined is meeting so I think I'll work on my genealogy today since I haven't done much recently.

Yesterday I spoke with the head nurse at my uncle's nursing home just to get an update. He is doing well even though he still has a lot of medical problems. He is still with it mentally and gets around in the wheelchair and is eating well. Two years ago I didn't think he'd make it through that Christmas but he is a survivor. It makes me happy that he is doing well.

Today I'm going to look at the Medicare Advantage plan options in this area for mom. She is happy with the one she has now but I want to see what else is available.

Have a good day.

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