High Grocery Prices - Are you doing things differently?

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Re: High Grocery Prices - Are you doing things differently?

Post by MackerelCat »

FloridaCat, I bought a few blouses and a cardigan sweater from Swap.com, which is an online thrift store, and off eBay since the pandemic started. I replaced a pair of sneakers and a pair of sandals shopping online with good sales. I wear a hard to find size and pretty much jump on a sale when I see it.

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Re: High Grocery Prices - Are you doing things differently?

Post by clemencia2us »

The only thing I have purchased to wear is sneakers. Gotta have good support.

clothes - did just order new fat jeans. And two new winter tops.

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Re: High Grocery Prices - Are you doing things differently?

Post by clemencia2us »

update - clothes were just delivered by fedex - yes on sunday - love it

And love the tops. Fit perfectly!!!! So soft and pretty.

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Re: High Grocery Prices - Are you doing things differently?

Post by SandiSAHM »

Ran into a little availability issue with some "convenience" gluten-free products we like so we had to go the inconvenient 'make your own mix' route, which costs a little less but is tedious. One thing the people like too much is Bob's Red Mill gluten-free pizza crust, which I couldn't find anywhere in the 1-lb (2-1/2 pizzas, enough for the people w/lunch the next day) packages but DID find in a 25-lb bulk package, at around 80 cents to $1 savings per pound compared to the usual (fluctuating) 1-lb price. So, I learned a new way to buy a convenience product (I used it for other bready things besides pizza; the only funny thing about all that is that I'm the only Celiac sufferer in the house and... I don't eat pizza or bready things :lol: because I'm also a diabetic - but my life is easier if there's no wheat contaminating anything, so the people eat GF).

I have to find a better way to get greens. We get them started in the garden but are cursed with bugs that eat them. And they're expensive and hit-or-miss, in availability, in the stores, and I sort of rely on them.

We try to keep a good span of time between shopping excursions, and play "chopped" a lot, but those excursions when we do make them are :shock: major bummers.

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Re: High Grocery Prices - Are you doing things differently?

Post by ChristmasTrees »

I am definitely spending more. Everything has gone up. I don't menu plan as in..we will have this on Friday...but try to get sale ingredients for the things we eat often.
I bought a small bread machine during the pandemic. It makes up to a two lb. loaf. Using it often.
We don't really eat much in the way of packaged stuff....maybe a box of cookies or once in a while potato chips.
I make most everything from scratch...so...it seems like I am always in the kitchen. I like to bake and cook..but I do miss going out for dinner every so often.
DH and I make a Sam's Club run maybe once every month and a half....very early when they first open. I stock up on big chunks of cheese....flour...baking ingredients..etc.

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Re: High Grocery Prices - Are you doing things differently?

Post by ohjodi »

I'm actually spending a lot less, overall, because my bad habits had to change because of covid.

I have Aldi, IGA, and Walmart. I used to go to Walmart once a month or so, if I felt I had to, and the other two stores I'd hit about 2-3 per week between them. Now I go to IGA -OR- Aldi's just once per week or so, and I get a Walmart pickup about every 3 weeks. I've been inside Walmart only 3x since February. So I'm shopping less than half as often, and I'm very quick about it. I go to Dollar Tree or Dollar General less than 1x per month, now.

No more wandering up and down the aisles, looking for deals but buying stuff I really don't need along the way. I usually stand at the end of an aisle, look down that way and think if I need anything in that aisle or not. I usually don't shop with a list, but I've started writing a small one of important things to remember. And it's kind of hard to overspend on a Walmart pickup order, because the grocery total bill is staring you right in the face as you're shopping online, so I often rethink what I have in the cart, and remove things to keep my total under whatever total I want to keep it under.

I used to pick my nephews up from work and school (21, 11 yo) almost every day at 3pm, but now the older one is laid off from the bakery, and the younger one is picked up by his dad who now works 3rd shift. But now I don't, and that saves a bit of gas, but I also didn't realize how much money I was spending on them, LOL A treat at a store, or even just chicken nuggets at McDs really add up. I think I was spending $50 or more per month on them.

Another big thing that's saving me money is I have stopped buying certain things, period. I like sourdough bread because It doesn't spike my blood sugar, and I think I've mentioned here, before, about my saga of it being out of stock all the time. I finally decided to just not buy sliced bread, period. I'm getting sourdough english muffins, instead! They're always in stock, and it stops me from eating sandwiches and toast all the time. One muffin is the calories of one slice of pepperidge farm bread. But the bread I was eating two slices at a time. One muffin is enough, because it takes longer to eat, so it's more satisfying. I think I'm saving $3/wk this way.

I stopped buying jam and jelly, because I eat too much of it. I have honey and maple syrup, and you only need a little bit of that. I can eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all day long, so it's best if I don't have jelly and big bread. I might be saving $2/wk. I've also stopped buying turkey, ham, and cheese for sandwiches, because no bread. I do not like english muffin sandwiches. I could just eat the meat and cheese, alone, and I have, but I want to just stop having it in the house. That's probably $5/wk

So the above is about $10/wk savings, not including what I was spending on the nephews. But that savings is probably mostly being spent on increased prices

So I'm saving in order to spend it anyway lol

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