Daily Check-in September 21, 2020

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Daily Check-in September 21, 2020

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Good morning. Just to get us started.
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Re: Daily Check-in September 21, 2020

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Good morning all.

Winter coat weather here, 41 degrees this morning (shiver); going up to low 60s.

Yesterday was a terrible day with my sister really getting on my nerves; so bad in fact that I hung up on her 3 times in a row. I just wish she would grow up. She is definitely going to have to change her attitude and the way she looks at and spends money or she won't make it even with a job on her own. Did finally get to watch a whole movie for a change last night. Apparently her stomach was bothering her and I had most of the afternoon and night free of phone calls.

Tonight is a pork chop with potato and mixed vegetables.

Today's designated day is "International Peace Day". It was established by a 1981 United Nations resolution; it's purpose being to seek a global cessation of violence and war. Each year on this day, celebrations are held in hundreds of countries, all with the goal of world peace. The day was originally set as the third Tuesday of September and changed officially to for September 21st in 2002.

Have a nice day.

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Re: Daily Check-in September 21, 2020

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Good morning again everyone. It is a chilly (44 F) ( 7 C) and going up to ( 78 F) ( 25. C) It will be a nice and sunny today so once the dew burns off I will be tackling more of the jungle in my rock garden area. I am somewhat inspired after getting in to the mess to see some progress but it is going to a long battle due to the amount of weeds and my sever back problem and other medical problems. However it is amazing what you can get done in 10 to 15 min.

I was suppose to take my car in to the dealership today for a new headlight but do not feel up to the long drive and sitting in their waiting room. The last time there were people in and out that did not wear masks and the area is so small I was concerned about social distancing. I am going to reschedule for a day that my aide can pick me up and we will run errands in her car while mine is being serviced.

I am concerned about Gayle. She has not posted for a few days and she was recovering from her latest breast surgery the last time I saw anything. Keeping everyone in my prayers for their needs.

Have a good day everyone.
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Re: Daily Check-in September 21, 2020

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Good Morning, I slept in until 7 AM. A co-worker asked what I was doing on, since I worked until 11:30 last night.

I chatted with DS2. He said he purchased his first legal alcohol. The cashier wished him a happy Birthday.

We are chilly here again. I hope to keep the windows open. We are looking to go up to mid-70s today. I am hoping I am not too tired to take a walk after work.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check-in September 21, 2020

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good morning all

another sleepless dog night. Ugh. What can you do? I have an obligation to them. :roll:

Getting ready to jump in the shower. Want to watch a livestream of our county meeting.

Weather is dreary - raining lightly. Not as chilly as predicted.

Will see what I get into later today

Have a good one

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Re: Daily Check-in September 21, 2020

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Good morning, frugal friends. I woke up about 4:30 a.m. but told myself to get over it and fell back asleep. Today I did not have to take Homeless Buddy to work and could sleep about a half hour longer.

This morning I have either eight or nine students in residence here in quarantine. One may have flown the coop over the weekend as his dinner is still outside his door. I have made my rounds checking on them and inventoried supplies, so now it's time for a coffee break.

The baked oatmeal from yesterday is the bomb when warmed up in the microwave. Delicious and filling on a chilly morning. It was 50 degrees at 7 a.m. and I had to get a heavier shirt out.

On the way home today, I have to stop at the Walmart gas station on gas up my car. It's been so crowded there lately that I keep passing it by, but I won't get through the week on what's in the tank.

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