Daily Check-In, October 10, 2020

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Daily Check-In, October 10, 2020

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning friends.

Patty, I’m so glad that your pain has decreased and that you got a positive report from your doctor.

After feeling positive about Pippi, the vet visit brought me down to earth. She lost weight and is now under 5 pounds. It is difficult because with the hyperthyroidism, if she doesn’t eat the special food her thyroid will spike and that leads to weight loss even if she eats a lot. Vet assistant suggested giving her the appetite stimulant again. It comes in such a tiny tube. It says no refills (from when I first got it in July) but will try to get more today.

I’ll run to mom’s house but do not plan to work in the yard. I’ll water the new begonias and pick up the perishables from Publix I left at the house the other day.

I have a big stack of financial paperwork waiting to be filed so I may do that today. I have not even added up my budget categories for September.

I finished the Newport, RI, puzzle and plan to start a 1000-piece illustrated cats puzzle.

Have a good day.

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Re: Daily Check-In, October 10, 2020

Post by HappyDaze »

Good Morning Floridacatlover. I hope your Pippi does well on the medication. Good Morning Everyone. Today we are putting down another floor (then one more to do). It's been a lot. I keep reminding myself that the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

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Re: Daily Check-In, October 10, 2020

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

One DS is home, the other coming this morning. Youngest DS sent a text yesterday that his hip was hurting and he didn't think he would be able to drive home after work. He will be coming today.

Another bit of news....oldest DS is dating someone (told me not to get too excited). So even with all the online stalking and defamation of character he is going through things have a bright spot in his life. I just hope this works out as there is a 14 year old child involved as well.

Bit chillier this morning as the furnace has cut in. Still the sun is shining, and I will be getting my first drink of coffee very soon (took my stupid need to wait at least a half hour pill) and I have a lovely list of tasks that need doing. All tasks that I enjoy doing as well, fun things. Well fun things other than sweeping the floors. I get to cook for more than 2, sew, knit, read, visit with family and just be. Oldest DS asked if I could make up two meals from our Thanksgiving supper for him to take home for friends who can not travel home so I will need to walk up and get some larger tinfoil containers. No biggie I will do so on my walk this morning.

Hubby got his Malbec wine bottled yesterday and so now I can make at least one of his wine carboy cozies (there is the sewing) and perhaps even get the second one done as well.

I will be sending in my scan of what I purchased this week shortly, and hopefully there will be a couple of surveys on the site that I can get even more points with. I would just love to be able to get a couple of Indigo gift cards in time for Christmas. I actually do have enough but always like to keep a cushion after I trade in my points for gift cards, or gifts.

Leaves are quickly disappearing, soon branches will be bare. Winds will begin to howl (though from the looks of things outside that has already begun) and the temperatures will drop. Not a bad thing as earth is going to sleep for awhile to rejuvenate and become something new. I can never say what my favourite season is. I actually like aspects of all of them and dislike others. This year has been strange however with the social distancing, the bubbles and the wondering over every little sneeze or cough if you or a loved one has had the virus. What this meant to me is that we didn't get our little holiday to a cabin in one of our many parks, we have yet been able to travel to Greece and Italy, or even enjoyed many visits with our sons. I fought with shortages and decided now was the time to build back up our pantry and storage.

But it also has made me enjoy walking again, saying hi to a complete stranger across the street perhaps even sharing a longer conversation, finding ways to keep myself occupied while inside (that has never really been a problem) and growing closer to Hubby. I've tried new recipes that are a bit on the fussy side, read books I thought I would never read, enjoyed the garden and deck, watched the sunrise and sunset from the yard, and just enjoyed this step back to slow down. Got a pen pal and am enjoying the exchange of written letters sent through the snail mail once again.

Life is what you make of it and I have decided that the silver lining beats the dark cloud any day of the week.

Frugally, life goes much as usual. I will be spending my allowance money today on the foil containers so don't consider that as spending (I already think of it and classify it as spent on the day I get it). Supper will be made here at home out of what is on hand, in fact I hope the wind drops a bit as we can BBQ then.

My Gratitude for today extends to all of you. You are all a part of my silver lining.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check-In, October 10, 2020

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning ...

Certainly fall-like now with all the leaves changing. Just made a quick run to Aldi to buy a pumpkin. Since the store was better stocked today, grabbed a few things we were running low on.

It's been a tough fall for Big Boy. He's had a couple more spells of nasty congestion. Had him at the vet again yesterday and she's put him on a short course of steroids.

Outside of that, nothing major going on. Have some bills to pay today and a few chores. Making some headway on my latest sewing reclamation project.

Florida, hoping things go better with Pippi. Know what a roller-coaster this disease can be. BTW, is she not on thyroid meds?

Patty, glad you're feeling better ... one day at a time, right?

Jackie, glad to hear your friend tested negative. (and that fact that your son told you he was seeing someone means something ;))

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Re: Daily Check-In, October 10, 2020

Post by itspennyc »

I have rotated my mattress, rotating the mattress is very difficult for me but I do have to do it. I have the bottom sheet on my bed. The sheets are in the washer.

Breakfast was oatmeal with blueberries.

I am planning a quiet day today. I will cook my roast tomorrow. I have chicken drumsticks for dinner today. I do have to finish making the bed.


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Re: Daily Check-In, October 10, 2020

Post by snowangel729 »

Morning yall.

I woke up late and was late to work. I've had two cups of coffee that I brought my own kcups for. I've also had a frozen meal that I had in the freezer here. I plan on eating a can of tomato soup for lunch and dinner that I left here. I plan on not spending money today. I also have a bag of popcorn for a later snack. While at work I plan on trying to get some work done for school.

Penny- a roast sounds really good since its so rainy here
Florida- I'm hoping your Pippi gets better and that the meds help.
Jackie- I hope everything goes well for you and your family today.

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