Daily Check-in October 30, 2020

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Re: Daily Check-in October 30, 2020

Post by floridacatlover »

Hello friends.

I have been agitated since Pippi woke me at 4:30 but feel calmer now.

Pippi’s appointment was at 8 a.m. I probably created a monster because now she doesn’t want to eat her food unless Fancy Feast is mixed into it. Since I was up early, I changed the sheets on my bed, something I usually do on Saturday or Sunday.

After Pippi’s appointment, I went to Publix. I’m only going once a week. There was a family in there, two of whom were wearing their masks below their nose. At one point one had the mask around her neck. I tried to stay as far away from them as I could.

I worked very hard at mom’s house yesterday I started clipping on the bougainvillea, which I let get out of control with everything else I had to do in the yard this summer. I noticed a huge branch in one of the ligustrum trees was completely broken off. It had branches intertwined with other branches and also the bougainvillea. I trimmed and trimmed and it took forever just to cut up the branches I took off. I knew I was close to getting the big branch dislodged but thought I’d wait for another day. But I got it. I still need to cut up more branches and I’m not sure how I’ll get rid of this huge branch. It felt good to get it done. The huge branch looked like it was broken and not cut but this is the area neighbor was working when he trimmed the overhang into his yard and some in my yard. Maybe a coincidence. It could have broken in a storm.

I have an oil change appointment Monday and Tuesday will withdraw the CD and deposit it in another bank. The rates at the current bank are ridiculous and even the banker I spoke with agreed. I want to get as much done as possible in case there is trouble after the election.

Take care.

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Re: Daily Check-in October 30, 2020

Post by MackerelCat »

Jackie, I know you are proud of him but worried and angry because he's your kid and that mama bear impulse never goes away. (((HUGS)))

I am having my little coffee break. It's Friday, so the students nearing the end of their quarantine are clamoring to be let out. If it goes as it usually does, a lot of them will be let go at once and I'll get busy. If that doesn't happen, I have 80 toilet plungers and handles to assemble and distribute to each room. (Oh, joy!)

Hope everyone has a good day and Maggie gets a negative test result.

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Re: Daily Check-in October 30, 2020

Post by itspennyc »

I washed my hair this morning I have my bed partially made, the sheets are in the dryer, I have a white wash in the washer. Today I also need to wash the mattress pad. I have 2 so I didn’t have to do it first.

I have gathered and put out the trash, I had a very full bag unusual for a Friday.

I went to bed early last night and woke up about 6 am. I am tired but I have been busy since I got up.

I received an invitation to join a program to give high risk patients access to Tamiflu to have in the house, a COVID Test, and a thermometer. I tried to sign up but the system wouldn't accept my information. Evidently they got a much higher response then they had expected. And their computer system was overwhelmed. I called yesterday, I was told I was out of luck. I called back this morning. I after about half an hour I was told to try on November 4 and see if the system problem had been fixed.


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Re: Daily Check-in October 30, 2020

Post by Mrscreative »

Jackielou wrote:
Fri Oct 30, 2020 9:12 am
Good morning fellow frugalites,

It looks to be really foggy here, still dark out, but it is very hard to see the lights on in the gas station just down in the valley. I hope it lifts before I head out for a walk.

Got a text from oldest DS (then I just had to call him). One of the crazy neo-Nazi people who have hinted for months about coming to his city to make his life miserable is actually there (mostly he has just had threats against him physically before this and one threat to actually come and harass his which didn't pan out). This crazy person is now putting up posters and handing out pamphlets calling our son a pedophile, a sex trafficker and a few other just lovely things. Nothing of which is true of course but those people do not care about truth, they just care about getting rid of someone who stands up to them. To make a long story short, I guess that they (him, friends, and police) are working on something to get rid of him. Like DS says you can't really sue someone for defamation of character when the person has no assets and is perhaps a bit mentally sick. He does have friends tearing down the posters, and as actual photographs and videos of this guy (same guy that was harassing politicians in Ottawa this summer, one in particular, a female MP). However this Momma Bear wishes she was there to just spend the day walking around and tearing off those stupid posters. Didn't sleep too well over all of this and one other fact which I will speak about in another thread.

Frugally speaking today will be the usual Friday. I will take my walk (perhaps bring a flashlight with me as it really is that foggy out), do the usual Friday cleaning, make a project list for the up coming month, and an extra cleaning list, work on a Christmas card project (going to try my hand at making a few simple ones) and of course continue to use up what I can around the house. Hopefully today it will be small bits of cardstock.

I may do some extra cleaning, and I also may do some entries into my monthly budget sheets. I know that spending is finished for the month.

While social distancing doesn't usually get to me over all, the fact that some people aren't listening or following the rules does. Just like other areas of my country and the rest of the world numbers are rising, and they aren't rising slowly. There are still far too many people out there that still think this is a government plot and a fake pandemic....Until it affects them personally, I don't think they will ever change. God help us all.

Supper tonight is or was going to be French toast...but I think I will change that and make some fish fillets.

Today I am grateful that my teachers and professors taught me critical thinking. It sure comes in handy at times like these.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.
Jackie I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. I admire your son for standing up for what is right. It’s hard to ignore threats directed at your own family. Prayers and hugs sent your way!


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Re: Daily Check-in October 30, 2020

Post by jckitty »

Hello all,

(((Jackie, and family))) that is just awful.

It is cold but sunny today, slept pretty good...I finally refilled my supply of cheap benadryl , it works better for me that 1/2 of a tylenal pm....I am drowsy all day after the tylenal pm.

I have the chickens taken care of and am running the robo vac. I need to empty the dishwasher and bleach counter tops. My afternoon is wide open.
Debating on whether to make a trip to the dollar store, I need some canned dog food.
FloridaCat, like you with Pippi...I may have created a monster with my dog...I have to mix a tablespoon or so of canned food with his kibble and chicken and rice or he gets unhappy with his food selection :roll:
Ever since he had his episode I will confess to spoiling him rotten. But I am trying to not let him gain weight. Being a Scottie dog they are short legged and being overweight is really hard on their legs.

IF I make my trip to the dollar store I may go to the library...maybe some fresh reading material would "spark" me up.

I want to be able to stay home after the election for quite a while...


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Re: Daily Check-in October 30, 2020

Post by MackerelCat »

JCKitty, I did not know it was your Scottie who had been sick. His name is Leonard, right? He seems to have made a great recovery.

I have spoiled Lily Dog quite a bit by putting her on the bed with me while I read before sleep. Since she has her allergy shot before bedtime, I have to watch her for a while to make sure she doesn't have a reaction, and that seems like the easiest way. Sometimes she winds up spending the night there, which she thinks is awesome. :)

I have heard so many people say they are going to hermit down hard starting with the election. This weekend I am going to add some things to my pandemic preparedness shelf just because I am already a little worried about supply chains again.

I screwed together toilet plungers until my hands felt like blisters would be starting. It got easier after I put some cheap hand lotion found in the closet on the screw threads in the handles, but it's still hard for my arthritic hands to screw the handles down tight. Got enough done to outfit the two occupied floors in the building, so the rest can wait until next week when I have help.

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