Daily Check In November 18, 2020

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Daily Check In November 18, 2020

Post by Jackielou »

i was sure someone would have started us off. Getting coffee back as soon as possible.

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Re: Daily Check In November 18, 2020

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning,
I have 12 minutes before signing into work.

My DDIL mentioned on Facebook that Covid is in her house. I guess they are all going to be re-tested today. Fortunately, all mild cases.

I've got a task of more data collecting for work. I've got 5 chapters left in my Certification study guide. Then I will write up note cards.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check In November 18, 2020

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

My laptop was acting strangely this morning I thought I might have to take it in and discover what the problem was, leaving me with just my phone and the mini computer on the television to use. I do have the old desktop to fall back on as well. But everything finally loaded and I am on.

Coffee tastes wonderful today and according to the weather pundits (and from looking at our thermometer it is true) we are to reach above freezing temps today. Snow will disappear and the weather will be lovely for walking outside. Ahh, a bit of a respite over the next few days before the bitter cold and snow of a prairie winter hits and stays.

I may go shopping today as tomorrow new restrictions will be in effect. I always wear a mask so that restriction doesn't bother me at all, however, each day it seems new restrictions are being added and I have a bad feeling that this is going to cause panic buying once again. I could at least do my biweekly shop at Walmart and get some more stocking done on aloe gel, rubbing alcohol, low dose aspirin, and some other otc meds. I also want to look for a small bookcase or ottoman to be used in the basement bedroom for a bit more storage. My regular grocery shopping can wait until tomorrow morning.

If I do go shopping it will be early this morning, and I will be back very quickly. I have things that need doing around the house, letters to write, an opening for the study tomorrow to finish and some quilts to work on. Keeping busy is sort of keeping me if not completely sane during this trying time, at least partially so.

Talked to youngest DS last night. I have been worried about him and the shovelling of snow what with the hip and all. He said it wasn't too bad, but it was a very good thing they had not gotten the amount of snow that was forecast. Whew, I had pictures of him re-injuring his hip trying to dig out. He has been travelling into the office about 3 days a week, and they have moved all around so there is definitely 2 meters of space between them. He says that everyone seems to be doing a combo of in office and at home. Some come in every afternoon, some come in every morning, others come in for a whole day every second day like he does. Though he does expect things to perhaps change once again with the uptick in cases in the city.

So both DS's are safe and doing as well as can be expected in these trying times. This at least gives us a bit of peace for now. I think I will be phoning them every couple of weeks just to check in. They both live alone, so no one to look after them if something happens.

Supper tonight is going to be soup and egg salad sandwiches. I am not sure if I will make the soup from scratch or just open a can. Probably the later.... Getting a bit lazy here right now.

Today I am grateful that we are having lovely blips of beautiful weather. Perhaps winter won't seem as long.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In November 18, 2020

Post by LogicsHere »

Good morning all.

Went to sleep early and woke up around 12:30 and then was unable to get back to sleep. I scanned some of my coloring pages that I was asked about and got them ready to upload. I did a couple of Spanish lessons already and also made a batch of corn muffins. I will be trying to get back to sleep shortly. I also on a whim, stepped on the scale and saw that I dropped a couple of pounds. Now I just have to keep doing that and I'll be one happy lady.

In a conversation my sister and I had about how our Mother always had walnuts (unshelled) and grapes in the house for Thanksgiving, I thought I might pick up some walnuts. When the display caught my eye yesterday on my way out the store, I saw them but right underneath was a price of $7.49 . . . no, no and no. I did, however, later at home go on Shoprite.com and saw that there is a smaller bag available at $3.99. I will have to look again to see if my Stop and Shop store has the smaller bag. Four dollars I'll spend, almost $8, no. I did notice, however, that prices are continuing to rise. :(

I also was able to get a digital coupon for a "free" Oatmilk product which I picked up. I thought I would at least try it and if I didn't like it enough to drink it straight, I have several boxes of sugar free pudding mix that I can use it with. Can't knock "free". It's got an expiration date of Jan 24, 2021.

(Back at my post after my short rest)

Just took a peak at the weather for today, sunny but cold, temp not getting out of the 30s. Looking further down, though we drop into the 20s tonight.

I will upload the pictures Cheryl asked for and then work on updating my other website. I really haven't done much with that one recently. I also will continue reading my book.I still have to check the Hallmark movies and then the rest of the day will be whatever.

Tonight's meal is a burger with potato and veggies.

Today's noted day, "Occult Day" is controversial and "dark" and is looked upon by Christianity as going against the teachings of God and opening oneself up to the devil, demons and darkness. The "Occult" includes things such as Tarot cards, palm reading, fortune-telling, necromancy (consulting mediums to speak to deceased relatives), astrology, and astral projection. Anyone putting energy into promoting the occult is practicing it. It is believed that being involved in the occult opens life, self, and soul, to demons whether the person involved in these things believes that or not. Scary.

Have a great day.

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Re: Daily Check In November 18, 2020

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning!
Sun's coming up here and temps are at freezing, though it's supposed to be a bit warmer today.

Had hoped I could tell you all that DH got a new job. First interview went well, but he got a "sorry, hired someone else" email. (I will give them credit for telling him.)

Have not heard from our handyman and the chimney sweep folks haven't come back with an estimate on repairs, so I'm officially annoyed. :twisted:

Otherwise, have been making a bit of headway on some projects. Finished "The Long Call" Checked the pantry and freezer, and we're set for Thanksgiving dinner (just the two of us anyway). Dinner will be some form of leftovers (we did have homemade pizza last night, so we're mixing it up.)

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Re: Daily Check In November 18, 2020

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning friends.

I’m wearing my medium-weight robe for the first time this season and it feels good.

I slept pretty well last night, better than the previous night. I fall asleep right away most nights but it is the middle of the night that gives me trouble. It is partly Pippi but I think I need a new mattress. That makes me think of ColonialGirl. I hope that she and her DH are OK. I know that she posted after the election but her posts are infrequent and I miss them.

Today I plan on putting up my Christmas tree! I’ve always kept the bins at mom’s house so I brought them to my house yesterday. I may not get the lights on today but I’ll get the tree up and have time to arrange the branches.

Yesterday I was so tired when I got to mom’s house and considered laying down. But it was such a nice day so I went outside and it gave me a boost. I saw the neighbor and asked about his wife who was hospitalized for one night. I later texted her and offered to give her a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle on Thursday. She said yes. When we talked two weeks ago I told her about my puzzles and she expressed interest in doing one. Her ankle is still bad so she is not very active.

I have plenty to keep me busy here at home - puzzle, several books, TV. I’m trying to stay out of stores. I want to find some cute cat greeting cards (story for another day) and haven’t had much luck (at a reasonable price) online so far. I’d love to go into Dollar Tree but feel nervous. I should have gone into the one near the library yesterday because it is rarely busy. I might venture there on Thursday.

Stay safe.

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