Daily Check In November 23, 2020

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Re: Daily Check In November 23, 2020

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by MackerelCat » Mon Nov 23, 2020 5:52 pm

Janet, (((hugs))). That's a lot of sorrow at once.

Penny, I commiserate with you on the bad thumbs. My right one is fused at the distal joint now by bone spurs and the left unfortunately seems to be going that way. The braces help a lot, especially if I wear them overnight.

I had a busy work day, but not as physically taxing as Friday. I need to take a mop with me tomorrow and mop the foyer of the office, which is not very large. It gets dirty and the cleaning crew never seems to get around to mopping it. There is some bizarre division of labor regarding floors that I have never figured out, but the upshot is they don't get cleaned very often.
My thumb problem is a result of the joint reconstruction surgery I had in 2009. The left thumb has also slipped but it isn't hurt.


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Re: Daily Check In November 23, 2020

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Janet, that is a lot of upsetting and sad news. I hope your SIL will be okay.

I had a thought today to check the attic above the leak area... as I suspected it has leaked above also. :(
Trying hard not to become disheartened because it is repairable and in the big scheme of things ...it is just a roof leak.
I made a wonderful pot of chicken and noodles and made up a package of the Idahoan brand sour cream and chive mashed potatoes that LittleMiss always recommended. She was not wrong!!!! they are wonderful! :D

DD texted to ask if there was anything I wanted from a store that I rarely venture into ...Rulers which is like a small Kroger...I love their cottage cheese ,so I ordered that and a bag of salad greens.
She went right after work and said it was insanely busy in there. She is trying to do some stock up and since she gets paid every 2 weeks today was the day :roll:

I did go to the DG, it wasn't too bad...people were masked except for a young guy that came walking in as I was going out. I stayed back and gave him plenty of room.
I stocked up on puppy pads and canned dog food to mix with his kibble. He gets 1/4 cup of canned with his allotment of kibble. So spoiled, will not eat the kibble with out it.


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Re: Daily Check In November 23, 2020

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itspennyc wrote:
Mon Nov 23, 2020 7:10 pm
Note she doesn't, because I have not knit much lately. She wants me knitting again. I have splints at home plus I ordered an extra one it is just one of the reversible thumb splints.

The things that seem to cause pain are trying to snap snaps, using my right hand for almost anything. She feels that the thumb Metacarpal is moving more than it should as a result of my thumb reconstruction surgery 11 years ago. When it moves it rubs on the second metacarpal(index finger).

I am hoping the splint continues to help.

I remember your thumb surgery. It does not seem that long ago.. Time really flies fast.. Hope that the splints help.
Janet Alliesmama

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