Daily Check-in December 30, 2020

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Daily Check-in December 30, 2020

Post by LogicsHere »

Good morning all.

It will be another day in the mid to high 30s, with some rain late and into Thursday morning.

Today will be a typical day with a lunchtime "Name that Tune" activity. I might start looking through another closet or the linen closet again to see what I can get rid of as when I reorganized it, I really didn't toss much; just made a couple of the shelves more full. How does one convince themself that it's OK to get rid of things you haven't touched in years if ever since they were put there. I've always had a problem with that.

Two days to go and this year is history. Can't imagine that there's anyone in the world who won't be happy to see it gone. I began the designated days in March, so I will continue doing them through February. I've come up with a few ideas of other things while going through some old paperwork I kept when I first had become a member of AOL.

There's already a thread on this one on the board. Today is "National Resolution Planning Day". Did you know that one in three people fail in the first month and that only 10% are successful at keeping their resolutions throughout the year? Do you know how the start of the new year became a "fresh start"?

The tradition of making resolutions for the new year started at the Babylonian festival of Akitu over 4,000 years ago. It was considered as the "rebirth of the natural world" and lasted for a period of 12 days. A new king would be crowned, crops would be planted, and promises would be made to the gods. They believed that if these promises or resolutions were kept and fulfilled, the gods would be happy instead of vengeful.

In 153 B.C., to honor the god Janus, January 1 was declared as the start of the new year by the Roman Senate. Janus was an entity with two faces who had the ability to look backward and forward in time — this symbolized the end of one year and the beginning of another. But it wasn’t until 100 years later, in 46 B.C., that the concept of the new year being on January 1 was made official and effective by Julius Caesar. Just like the Babylonians, the Romans would pledge promises to their god Janus about their behavior for the coming year.

During the Middle Ages, it became known as the ‘Peacock Vow’ and renewed at the end of each year. Essentially, these were resolutions that knights committed to in order to uphold the code of knighthood. Knights would place their hands on a cooked peacock and renew their oaths to protecting honor and chivalry.

The phrase "new year resolution" appeared for the first time in a Boston newspaper in 1813, and from there onwards, modern resolutions became a thing.

So have a happy New Year's Resolution Planning day.

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Re: Daily Check-in December 30, 2020

Post by HappyDaze »

Good Morning Logics and Everyone! Logics, I'll be looking up your "Christmas Inn" posts after I post here and get that wonderful first cup of coffee! Thank you for the history of our New Years date and where how resolutions got started.

Up "early" this morning, considering it's my "staycation" and I have been enjoying sleeping in. Today is Hope's appointment at the Vet - but not until 3:30. She is slightly miserable this morning but I'm not medicating her today - I want the Vet to see her in all her misery, poor girl.

I also have to take photos of the inside of my garage today and send them to a young man who hauls away junk for people - he cleans out attics, garages, basements, etc. He is going to give me an estimate. I know it's going to be a couple hundred dollars - my garage, friends is a HOT MESS. I've been struggling with it for more than five years now - it's time to get it pristine and be able to park a car in there!

As of now, you can hardly walk in there - I have to do an obstacle course every time I go in to feed the cats. We have a king size mattress, old kitchen cupboards, an old chest freezer, an old console stereo, metal, lumber, an old filing cabinet, an old newspaper printer, and a large assortment of other stuff that my UN-caffinated brain can't think of just now.

There are a few things on one side that I'll be keeping - my rake, shovel, gardening tools, lawn chairs, extension cords, etc. But not much in the grand scheme of things.

Off to get that coffee - it's done!

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Re: Daily Check-in December 30, 2020

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

I woke up twice during the night, once to use the facilities and once an hour later because I thought it was time to get up. My back isn't too bad if I take things slowly. I think another day of heat alternating with cold should really do the trick. Perhaps another nice long soak in the tub just before bed as well. Anyways it is nice to be able to get slowly out of bed and not cringe or almost scream.

Today youngest DS heads home and I plan on cleaning both the spaces that were used by them over the holidays. I also have lots to send home with him. We were going to send a small glass end table with him, but with so much other paraphernalia to take home it might just have to wait until he comes home again or we go up. We talked about him buying a house (told him we would help) and DS said he would start to look, though moving right now could be beyond his capabilities. He wants to make sure he still has a job when this is all over. We did help his older brother buy his house as well. As Hubby says it is nice to be able to help out and see them enjoy a bit of their inheritance.

Frugally speaking the whole of the menu plan for the next while has changed. I really need to clean out the fridges. Containers abound and I am refusing to waste food. Today after DS leaves a few will have disappeared from the freezer, and more baking will be gone as well. Slowly getting the house in order. I also have lots of premade meals in the freezer downstairs, that we should start eating. These were made in response to being told my surgery was going to be happening very soon. It didn't and so now it is time to start eating the oldest of those. It is not in the least frugal to let things go to waste.

I hope to do some work on my shawl and temperature blanket. Getting very close to having both completed and I will pull out the fabric to start on the cloth to cover Hubby's small oddly shaped table he built beside his chair. Don't know if I will start sewing that (still have his phone case to do as well) today. But at least I will be ready to.

I think I might go shopping today instead of tomorrow. I have a feeling it will be quite busy New Years Eve, but then I could go earlier tomorrow than today. Decisions..... Earlier is probably much better in the grand scheme of things and I would like another no spend day under my belt this week.

We got BritBox on my Smart TV which makes me very happy. I have started to watch one of the programs I was unable to watch on my Android box and hope to watch a few more. Our free preview of some stations on our television subscription will be ending soon and it will be nice to be able to see something more. I think I might have covered lots already on Netflix (I need to start keeping a list of what I have watched..started to forget and now have rewatched or restarted a couple of series over the last few days).

Supper tonight is a clean out the fridge night, so we will be having some of the leftover Chinese food from my birthday supper. Probably having lots more of that during the rest of the week, we always seem to order way too much.

Today I am grateful that the snow seems to have stopped and youngest DS should have a fairly safe drive back to the big city.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check-in December 30, 2020

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning friends.

Shiela, good for you for taking the initiative to get help in cleaning out your garage. I’m sure it will make you so happy when it is cleaned out.

Jackie, that’s wonderful that you and your DH will help your DS buy a home. My parents helped me with my down payment and I’ve always been grateful.

I slept pretty well. Pippi did not wake me until 6 a.m.

It is going to be a beautiful day here in the mid-70s. Good day to work in the yard but I think I’ll wait until tomorrow.

Today I plan to put away most of my Christmas decor, except my tree. I’ve already put away my wreath, outdoor decor items and some candles. Then I’ll get the IRA updates out of the way and pay a few bills. And of course I’ll work on my puzzle which is coming along well. I have a lot of appointments in January so I’m going to enjoy these leisurely holiday days.

Enjoy your day.

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Re: Daily Check-in December 30, 2020

Post by Prairie Waif2 »

Bonne matin toute le monde!

I have been up since 4:45 am. Ugh! I am stressed out about getting my disability allowance in the bank. I forgot about bank fees and had to ask my friend for a bit more money. A year ago in October, they made my life a living HELL by not giving me my allowance and I didn't know. I had to beg and borrow from loads of people in order to cover the overdraft charges from the banks and the companies that didn't get their payment. It cost me $110 just to cover the overdraft and bounced check fees for my apartment rent. UGH!!
I can't go through that again!! Well, it appears that I am already in the process. AGAIN. They did this in December too.

Lily Gurl and I have both had breakfast. I think I am ready for a coffee. I washed and put away the dishes so I hate to dirty another one but what's it take to wash a coffee mug? :) I'm gonna go for the coffee and be back.

Ah!! Coffee! It isn't as nice as my espresso but I'll take it! I also have a nice French Press at home to make two cups of coffee instead of the Keurig. They do have a reusable basket so there isn't store purchased pods.

When I get home today, I'll have to take care of my plants and do some laundry. Then? I going to eat a nice lunch of fish and chips! Over here it's been muffins, cereal and sandwiches. Not bad but I want some diversity back!

Before I get home, I want to stop off at Shoppers Drug Mart and see if my medications are ready. I can't call them as I don't have a cell phone and there is no land line here at Lily Gurl's house. People are always so surprised when I tell them I don't own a cellphone. LOL. Yah? Well when it doesn't cost over $80 plus per month, I might think about it.

Well, that's the early morning news, the last posting from Lily Gurl's house. I'll be back home before 11 am. They have to check out of the resort at 10 am. Then they have to get Jim's daughter to come and bring them back to Brandon until they can get a settlement and a rental car. They will stop by and pick-up the car from my place on there way into town.

Have a great day everyone!

Lily Gurl
"When they show you who they are, believe them." Maya Angelou

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Re: Daily Check-in December 30, 2020

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning.
We have a heavy downpour of rain with the temp in the 40's but as the day goes on the temp is going to slide in to the 20's.

Not much going on here. Just wanted to day Hi to stay in the loop.

Stay safe everyone.
Janet Alliesmama

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