Have you become a "min hoarder" because of The Covid 19?

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Have you become a "min hoarder" because of The Covid 19?

Post by icfrugal1 »

I know that I have, it really started with Flour . March 2020 it was near impossible to find.

Then baking powder.

My first worries were about flour and milk

Right now I have at least 30#'s of flour in the house, during a normal year it would be maybe 10#

At least I'm now just buying to replace, not to store.

I'm also "hoarding " bags of dog food, I buy the 4# bags, because they are easier for me to handle, I have about 16#'s right now, normally I would just have an extra bag, of course now I have 3 dogs, not 2, what a difference in dog food.

I'm also "stock piling " on supplies for DH, I have to "dress" his leg everyday and his foot twice a day.(we don't want him to lose his other leg)

Anyone else stock piling now where you didn't before Covid - 19 ?i

And of course I am doing my best to de-clutter other stuff.


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Re: Have you become a "min hoarder" because of The Covid 19?

Post by MackerelCat »

I admit to having a closet shelf loaded with stuff we could not get easily early in the pandemic: paper towels, toilet paper, bar soap, laundry detergent and dish detergent. I also keep an extra amount of pet food in the pantry, along with some evaporated milk. DH is in charge of monitoring the loaves of bread in the freezer and makes sure we always have at least three in there.

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Re: Have you become a "min hoarder" because of The Covid 19?

Post by itspennyc »

I was always stocked up on paper towels and t-paper. I now have 2 extra package of each.

Now my packages of paper towels are packages of 2 rolls, the t-paper are packages of 6 rolls.

I have a few more canned items.

I don't have pets so no need to have pet food.

I buy milk that keeps about 6 weeks unopened in the refrigerator.


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Re: Have you become a "min hoarder" because of The Covid 19?

Post by Jackielou »

Let's just say my pantry is much better stocked now than it was in the beginning. I had let things get very low and then boom. We are just now back to getting bread flour, yeast, and regular flour. So yes just in case things go crazy again I have made sure I have stocked up on those items. Right now egg noodles can not be found anywhere. Once those show up on the shelf you can bet I will buy enough to see me through 6 months.

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Re: Have you become a "min hoarder" because of The Covid 19?

Post by clemencia2us »

not really

We do have tons of paper towels and toilet paper - but that was not my doing.

Now one thing I would look for was alcohol. I like to keep a spray bottle of that on my desk. Spray my hands, etc. I did that way before covid. I am always touching dogs.

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Re: Have you become a "min hoarder" because of The Covid 19?

Post by SandiSAHM »

Only paper goods (tp, paper towels, facial tissue). We don't bake much, just had the last of our birthdays for the year (3 of us are December babies) and outside of that since potluck has been nixed at church I really have no reason to bake - sometimes muffins at DS's request, but that's about it. We have plenty of GF flours on hand.

I backfill our frozen veggies as we use them and try to make sure we have enough dried beans & lentils on hand to make sure these people are happy with the frozen soup stock levels (black bean soup Panera Bread-style, a pinto bean and veggie soup, two varieties of lentil soup, a "tortilla" soup, a weird pumpkin bisque that has wild rice and navy ("Great Northern") beans in it, chili, every time I get 6-8 empty single-serve pyrex dishes together I'll ask what kind they want next... I don't eat soup for the most part :lol: (carbs) but boy I sure make soup!) And I like to have stuff to make curries because DH likes those (I like them, they don't like me carb-wise) but NOW:

DH just started a low-carb thing :shock: . This is a man with LOW blood sugar (how that's possible? I dunno, I haven't had even normal blood sugar for the better part of a decade) deciding he's cutting carbs. Thinks he could stand to lose a few lbs. Really, all he needs is some core work and regular exercise, it would take care of itself but, no... I wonder how long this will last - when he'll hit the wall of zero energy. Hmm.

But he's not eating soup, LOL, so the kids are on their own with the stash. No frozen veggie and bean hoarding for at least a couple weeks!

He's going for more lettuce tomorrow.... :lol:

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