Any Positive Outcomes of the Pandemic

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Any Positive Outcomes of the Pandemic

Post by Mrscreative »

I fully realize that I live in a very privileged neighborhood, close to our regional hospital, university and community college. I wouldn’t say it’s a white neighborhood because it’s decidedly not, but definitely upper middle class. More of a multicultural community with lots of Asians, Muslims(both Middle Eastern and of African descent), East Indians, lots of successful tradesmen of Italian descent, etc. I also fully understand that none of my direct family has been financially affected except for Dd1 who has experienced a slight pay cut. So perhaps I am in the minority when I list the following benefits that I have seen because of the pandemic.

1. Young families are definitely doing more outside recreational activities with their children. I have seen parents helping their children construct impressive snow forts and snowmen. Definitely more bike riding when it was seasonal, skateboarding, rollerblading and just walking. Our local neighborhood park is being utilized like never before with the playground equipment, outside ice rink, tobogganing hill (never seen it used before! Now it even has a little bump someone constructed), basketball court (which is being cleared of snow by private individuals so they can play in the winter), and the snowshoe and cross country ski trails that I originally carved. I also see snow paintings on the front of people’s yards and thank you signs continue to be made by children for essential workers.

2. I never would have discovered our neighborhood “Little Library “, if not for my quarantine walks. We are also spending much less on gas, especially during our current “stay at home “ order.

3. Walmart pickup service which is completely free and allows for increased safety. Not to mention,I am much less tempted to buy food items just because they look good. I find it to be both a money saver and time saver.

4. Families spending more time playing board games, doing jig saw puzzles and word puzzles.

5. Parents now having the choice of remote learning or in person learning ( in our part of Ontario). Many parents never even considered home schooling before. There are cut off dates for both, because staff must be organized. And the fact that our school boards are giving teachers with pre existing conditions the first choice to teach remotely. This is also an option for disadvantaged students as our school boards are providing laptops, iPads for students in grade 3 or less and free wifi access. Kudos to everyone donating their laptops which are being refurbished by technology volunteers.

6. Dd1 is no longer having difficulty recruiting volunteers for her MRI research in Denver. But I guess this is a sad reality that many are willing to undergo the risk involved for the $100 honorarium provided for about an hour’s work. For some this could mean the difference between putting food on the table for a week or not.

7. People learning cooking skills, baking bread and experimenting with various means of food preservation ( pickling, making jam, drying, fermenting).

8. Huge donations being made to food banks and poverty organizations by those who can afford it.

9. More employees given the option to work at home.

10. The creativity of our local businesses and consequent increased support for them, including free delivery, curb side pickup, a local brewery manufacturing hand sanitizer when it was impossible to find in the store,etc. All of these perks benefit the consumer.

11. I discovered free Apple Books and Tv on my iPad.

12. Virtual tours of almost any worldwide famous sites through Facebook

That’s just a start. How about with all of you?

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Re: Any Positive Outcomes of the Pandemic

Post by mbrudnic »

I think you've nailed it. Our local MetroParks have seen a huge uptick in usage. People are cooking. Reading, etc.

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Re: Any Positive Outcomes of the Pandemic

Post by MackerelCat »

For us, DH working from home is a huge money-saver. No commuting costs and no eating out. However, he misses his co-workers and gained weight because he didn't have the motivation to take a walk in mid-afternoon for the longest time. He has gone back to doing that, though.

I see a lot more people taking walks and walking their dogs, perhaps because they are working from home and have the time now.

I hope people are eating better because they're cooking at home and not getting take out or eating out so much. We did not eat out much as a family and rarely got take out, but that expense is no longer there and we're saving money.

Using the Libby app to check out e-books online has been awesome! And like a number of people in our neighborhood, I found some wiggle room in the grocery budget to give to the food pantry run by the Episcopal church up the main avenue from us. They feed about 80 people each week and have a contactless donation system set up.

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Re: Any Positive Outcomes of the Pandemic

Post by itspennyc »

Unfortunately for a senior living alone.

My only positive is seeing my son and daughter daily on FaceTime.

The only time I leave my apartment is to check my mail about twice a week. And Doctors appointments.


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Re: Any Positive Outcomes of the Pandemic

Post by SandiSAHM »

A lot of the first list is just 'life as usual' for us; we've always homeschooled, I've worked from home (when I was working) for 17 years, eating out is a rarity, we cook & 90% of the time it's healthy - my dietary needs are different of the rest of the family, but as healthy as I can get it) the occasional veggie franks & beans is our idea of "fast food" :lol: ; though these days the franks get cooked outside over the solo stove because... men and fire, is my guess. They like building the fire to cook over. If the kids and DH aren't working and / or "in" school, they're usually working on a project, walking the dog, bike riding, or otherwise outside, unless it's raining, and that's game time. We've had multi-day Monopoly games (DD wins 90% of the time, she's relentless).

The thing I have really enjoyed, but feel so guilty saying because of the cause of it - DH has been home for 11-1/2 months of the past year. No trips anywhere. They've figured out how to make it work and he's on zoom calls or messaging with the guys in India and Europe at what are weird hours to us, but he's been HOME. And right now there's no end in sight to the company travel moratorium. I think I'll really miss him the first few times he's gone after the ban is lifted. I'll even miss him when he goes back to the office.

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Re: Any Positive Outcomes of the Pandemic

Post by clemencia2us »

Well money has been saved.

But our small town i feel has gotten closer. More of the buy local thing is taking off and I hope it stays.

We are just trying to help each other.

My nephew had to move here due to the hurricanes in Louisiana. I'm glad we had a home to share with him and his family.

It is nice to get to know them and help them.

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