Daily Check in March 30, 2021

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Re: Daily Check in March 30, 2021

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Prairie Waif2 wrote:
Tue Mar 30, 2021 5:57 pm
Bonne apres midi toute le monde!


I am sorry to hear about your cousin. I hope his previous strong health sustains him and allows him to weather out COVID at home. I am glad he has so many people to support him. A hot meal every day is a very lovely thing to receive when one is sick.

My cousin is still in the hospital in ICU with his COVID. I haven't heard if any of the 5 family members at home have had to go to the local hospital for treatment. I am hoping no news is good news. In COVID? It's really hard to determine.

After I replied to Florida last night about adventures in poverty, I was going to bed when my mother's turkey neck soup came to mind! LOL I was in 12th grade and working in the Deli department of one of our town's grocery stores. It also happened to sell turkey necks, which at that time went for the high price of 10 cent/pound. Mom would make turkey neck soup (turkey neck meat, potatoes, some onions and egg noodles) every weekend and put it in the fridge in an ice cream pail. I got lunch for free at school but when Dad was home, this was to be his lunch. I'd run home the 5 blocks from the high school and help Dad get lunch and sometimes have lunch with him. After awhile? Turkey neck soup held absolutely no allure a being edible. :shock: UGH! Since I worked at a grocery store and in the deli where we made fried chicken, I would run the 3 blocks to the store and get Dad a two piece chicken dinner which came with a bun and two side dishes for $2.99. On other days he'd request a can of Chef BoyArdee ravioli. It was so bad that we couldn't even get the DOG to eat that soup. We did have to try though. LOL I DO NOT pick meat of chicken necks or turkey necks. I just throw them into the broth pot.

Today, I got up early because someone called here at 7:05 am. I was terrified, nothing good ever has come from early morning or late night phone calls and with Robbie in the Duluth ICU with COVID, my mind went everywhere. Before I got out of my room into the living room where the phone is, it had gone to the answering machine and whoever it was hung up. It couldn't have been that important. It did get me up with anxiety though.

I did a load of laundry and have some in the dryer and some laid over the couch to dry. I put all the ingredients into the bread machine and am expecting fresh bread for my supper tonight. I think I may have a cheese slice or two to go with it.

The car mechanic called to let me know that it is a hose to the steering column needs to be replaced. He initially quoted $250 but when I called back to see if I could have the friends I share the car with pick it up tomorrow, he said that it actually came out to $204. Whew! That's a relief. I had kind of figured it would be around the $200 range. They will pick-up the car tomorrow. It will be all ready to go and the mechanic said he would top up the coolant no cost. That felt good otherwise I'd need to buy a jug of prepared Prestone to put in there. This is a great service station and that's why I use them.

Jackie and Creative,

I have to agree, the vaccine roll-out is being done differently by each province and none of them seem to be working efficiency or with equity. I can't believe they moved your spot!! And as for Doug Ford? AUGH! I heard on CBC news today that the virus variants are out of control in Ontario. I hope that only applies to the southern part of the province and not in your neck of the woods. I do not expect to get my vaccine until closer to the end of summer or sometime in the fall. It's a very woeful state of affairs. I'm good at being safe as I am able to stay home and not go anywhere to expose myself except for groceries or to the drug store.

I had the last of my coffee cake for breakfast. I am determining if I will make it again tonight or wait a few days. It has a filling which is just margarine, cinnamon and some flour. I think I could easily leave that out and save some calories. I guess that will play out over how "baking-like" I feel.

That's the skinny from here!

We had one confirmed case of the UK variant here. Really surprising there weren’t more. Our cases really escalated when they released some inmates from the jail, none of whom had a plan of where to go. They were released from jail due to overcrowding there with a Covid outbreak. So they mingled with the homeless population here and that’s when things really escalated. It’s settled down a bit, but almost all the grocery stores have had employees come down with it. So I continue to be as vigilant as possible but it’s getting increasingly difficult.

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Re: Daily Check in March 30, 2021

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MackerelCat wrote:
Tue Mar 30, 2021 4:42 pm
Creative, you have my sympathies on Doug Ford. He's considered kind of out there even by American standards.

That's great that you saved your dryer for just a little expenditure. I get very exasperated with our old washer and dryer, which have been repaired a number of times, but they keep running, even though they're small and cantankerous. That they're not taking up space in the landfill is a major plus, on top of not spending money for new ones of rather uncertain quality.
Initially I thought Doug Ford was doing a good job of handling the pandemic (But I also thought Cuomo was too). Our mayor has pleaded for extra funding but it’s all fallen on deaf ears. The numbers here really escalated when we were ordered by Ford to release some inmates early due to an outbreak in the jails and overcrowding. Of course there was no plan for where these people were to go and many were from the reserves. So they have mingled with the homeless and now the situation is out of control. A lot of the reserves have tried to flush out the “ undesirables “ and somehow a large number end up in our city. It really strains our police force and healthcare system. There are no easy solutions.

I tried out my dryer this afternoon and it’s working like new! And the service guy was really nice. He charged the minimum service call fee and didn’t charge anything for the part. He also installed our dishwasher. So if we ever need to get an appliance fixed again, we know who to call. Same day service as well!

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Re: Daily Check in March 30, 2021

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Late update from me.

Clem, I hope that your cousin has a mild case of Covid. Good thing so many people are checking on him. MJ, I hope that your cousin improves and can get out of the ICU.

Creative and Mackie, I think that your older dryers are likely more reliable than most of the new dryers on the market today.

I’ve kept busy with decluttering. I still have a long, long way to go but feel I’m making progress. I was raised with the Depression mentality of “I might need it so I’ll save it.” Also I hate to throw away anything that has any life left. So if it is not good enough to donate, Ive always kept it. I’m not going to become a minimalist by any stretch but I feel like I’m making some more realistic decisions.

Pippi ate fantastic today and she hasn’t had the appetite Rx in more than a week.

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