Daily Check-in April 4, 2021

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Re: Daily Check-in April 4, 2021

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Bonne apres midi toute le monde!

I've been up on and off all day, so far! I got up too early and that has messed me up for the day it seems.

It's been a good day of planned out meals. I had the usual Sunday breakfast of hash browns and eggs, then a couple of tacos for lunch. Oh! They were so good. I purchased the required ingredients yesterday and have quite a few meals of tacos left for the week. I'll be making supper quite late as my schedule has been goofed up by my naps! :shock: For supper, I am having a roasted chicken that Zoe and John gave me for my birthday and also having stuffing, caramelized carrots and rhubarb pie. A real Easter Day for me.

I have to unload the dishwasher and I'd like to throw a load of wash in also. I plan on going to Shoppers Drug Mart and checking their sales and then back home to do those things.

Other than that? That's the full skinny from around here!

Happy Passover or Happy Easter!! Have a joyous day!!

"When they show you who they are, believe them." Maya Angelou

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Re: Daily Check-in April 4, 2021

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I got a small spring cleaning bug. I have been mopping.

Took off the old comforter off the bed and put on all new bedding. I had ordered new stuff months ago and decided it is Easter - time for new beginning.

Then took a drive to the cemetery to check the family plots. Kind of spooky out there. It is down a sort of country road. Just one house in the area. No one there. So I just went quickly to the graves to see if things were okay. No old flowers and things like that.

Then went by the family home and saw my nephew and family out there. Sat and chatted with them for about an hour. They had done the egg thing and cooked out. They are awesome cooks!

Now i'm home. I've cleaned the berries i bought and will now relax.

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Re: Daily Check-in April 4, 2021

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Blessed Easter and Happy Passover Celebrations to all!

It has been a great day! DD and DSIL arrived yesterday afternoon and spent the night. We had a game night. Lots of fun. I made blueberry muffins and a fruit platter for breakfast after church. Had a baked ham, curried carrots, steamed broccoli,mashed potatoes and garlic bread for a late lunch. I mad a carrot cake for desert and it came out great!

DH and I went to Sunrise Service this morning at 6 AM. It is the first time I've been on the church grounds since outside services stopped last fall. About 100 people attended, socially distanced. We got to see church friends we've known for 28 years. It was 23 degrees! It was 69 on my patio this afternoon,what a temperature change.

It will be a while until I go back to church. My church has a service on Saturday evening and 3 services on Sundays. Normally, about 1500 people are in our church each week. They do not believe in setting down the rule that masks must be worn. They say you can stay in the small chapel where everyone must wear a mask if you want. You can't get to the chapel without going through a very large lobby and coffee center. I watch our online services, instead. It makes me sad that a church has bowed to the political anti-masker group that is prevalent in our church. And, this has been our church for 28 years... maybe it is time to start finding a new church. DH and I have loved our church over the years. The fellowship has been great and feeds my soul in this crazy world. No place is perfect, maybe we just have to wait this out. I hope things will be different a year from now.

I've walked for exercise, watched the old movie Shenandoah with DH and DSIL, and need to start correcting my student's work. It is all digital now, papers do not pass back and forth between us. I miss paper. I shouldn't have put it off. I also hate doing work on Sunday night. My school has been remote for two weeks. Students with Covid attended school and came into contact with 14 teachers. We do not have enough subs. We had to go remote. Good news is ... We are scheduled to be back in school tomorrow! YES! Pray I don't get an email tonight saying we are remote for another week. I want to see my students in person. We do socially distance, wear masks all the time, stay in pods, cannot meet in large groups and are hybrid. I never have more than seven students at a time.

Have a great Evening!

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Re: Daily Check-in April 4, 2021

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What a wonderful day! Our Easter Dinner was deluxe! I did not bring home any leftovers! Middle grand wanted the mac and cheese and I left the roast beef bits and pieces for DD to make beef and noodles for the family. Would have made way too much for me, this way I can have a serving and they can eat the rest.

Dd will freeze the hambone and stuff from it for me to make beans.

Middle grand (vet tech student) had to have her precious dog put to sleep last night. He was a big, beautiful pittbull rescue. A true "nanny dog", a sweetheart. But she did what she knew what she had to do and I am so proud of her strength .
Of course the family is grieving but she said she knows she made the right decision.
The vet office she works and trains in did the deed and they are cremating and creating a plaster paw print for her....they love her and came in after hours to take care of her.

We walked the woods, played shuffleboard and just had a wonderful time. I am just itching to get my camper placed and set up but my new area is not completed yet and to be honest it is just too soon...we could still get a lot of rain and I do not want it flooded. I will wait :?

I have black raspberry pie for supper.... so good.


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Re: Daily Check-in April 4, 2021

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We had a beautiful Easter. 12yr.old DGD does an egg hunt for all of us..(5). She puts such an effort into doing it. The weather is perfect. DDIL and I cooked...we had a brunch.
Such a nice day.

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Re: Daily Check-in April 4, 2021

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Kitty..so sorry about your DGD's loved pet.

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