Daily Check-in April 4, 2021

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Re: Daily Check-in April 4, 2021

Post by MackerelCat »

Happy Easter! It is a gloriously beautiful day here in Tennessee and is finally warming up. DH is moving his potted plants outside today.

I have bunches of cooking to do today. Have to do some baked oatmeal and whip up something for my lunches as well as our Easter supper, which will be roast lamb with peas, roasted potatoes, cheddar muffins and baked apples -- very easy.

Off to get started. Hope you all have a peaceful day.

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Re: Daily Check-in April 4, 2021

Post by clemencia2us »

Happy Easter all

It is a beautiful morning here. It had been sort of over cast the last few days. Not bad though. But a nice sunny morning on easter is welcome

I slept until 10! But I did stay up until 3. I woke up at midnight and then could not go back to sleep.

The beans I made yesterday came out great. I bought some steaks for today - not sure if they will get made. We are all just hanging out at home.

Bought half a flat of strawberries. Ate one of the baskets and so good

Will need to clean them up today. That will be one task.

Have a great day all

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Re: Daily Check-in April 4, 2021

Post by jckitty »

Hello all,

A Blessed Easter to all.

I am up, lotioned and potioned (as BeckyO used to say) have my Easter dinner contributions heating and cooking....all is well.

It is bright and sunny, I filled Easter eggs with candy yesterday in prep for an egg hunt. Ate jelly beans while I was filling them. :roll: Fresh jelly beans are one of my favorite candies. Chocolate was a favorite as a child but today, not so much.

I hope to check my camper while at DD's house... they store it for me and I am anxious to check it out. I will probably replace all rodent poison ...I hate rodents .

It's holidays like this that remind me how my family is shrinking in some ways and growing in others. Easter Sunday was so very special to my mom...I used to buy her an orchid corsage every year. Late in life she admitted to me that orchids were not her favorite LOL so I said I would not get her one again.....she told me "don't you dare stop buying them, because they came from you I WANT one"...good memories.

Might update later...

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Re: Daily Check-in April 4, 2021

Post by Quilter51 »

Alleluia to all. About to worship online and someone brought me a comingled wafer...back later.

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Re: Daily Check-in April 4, 2021

Post by Quilter51 »

Back again. It was a lovely online service. This afternoon I'm going to D and SIL for dinner. No idea whatd on the menu. I truthfully dint know that I'm gonna walk today beyond the around the house stuff and picking up. I may knit and take a small nap before heading out

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Re: Daily Check-in April 4, 2021

Post by Mrscreative »

Good afternoon beautiful people,

Happy Easter to you all!

This morning I mailed away the remaining income tax returns and paid the taxes we owe by telephone banking. I went for a long walk to Shoppers Drug Mart where I bought three grocery essentials to tide us over until Wednesday. I got Dd2 some licorice which isn’t exactly essential but a little Easier treat.

It’s another lovely day here with warm temperatures. Just a little overcast so not quite as nice as yesterday.

I plan to have a relaxing day today reading and catching up on YouTube videos. Very unproductive but a needed rest. Dinner is simple too- just a vegetarian lasagna from the freezer. I have a cranberry loaf I took out of the freezer for dessert.

Have a Blessed Easter!

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