Daily Check-in April 5, 2021

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Daily Check-in April 5, 2021

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning. Just to get us started. Off to make coffee.
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Re: Daily Check-in April 5, 2021

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Got a phone call around 10:30 yesterday and it was eldest DS. His tests results were negative and so he was in the vehicle headed our way. While he won't be able to stay for as long as he hoped at least he gets a bit of a break from being at home all the time. Our Easter dinner was separate but special just the same.

Today the youngest DS heads back to his residence and oldest will stay until Wednesday. Then the house will be empty once again. Strange how two grown sons can bring so much action into a home.

Not that much happening around here today. I was so tired out yesterday that I did not get my list of chores done....Let's see what happens this week with no list. I have a feeling nothing will really get done. Bets anyone.

Laundry is downstairs ready to be washed I will be tossing down the towels today and putting fresh ones up. Hubby will have at least 4 loads of wash to do this week, not including the bed clothes that will be changed in the next couple of days.

Frugal wise, it is the same old, same old here on the old homestead. I am thinking of adding a number of small steps, but will wait until I am better able to carry them through.

Youngest DS found some eggplant seeds and is going to try and grow some for us. He has a grow light and tent thingy so he may be able to get them started for us. That along with the peppers he gave us will save us some good cash on plants for the garden.

Supper tonight is going to be stew. I plan on either the slow cooker or if I don't get moving quickly the Instant Pot.

Today I am grateful for having both our sons under one roof, even if it was for only one night.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check-in April 5, 2021

Post by alliesmama4 »

Jackie good to hear your DS tested negative and will be coming home for a visit.

I have been up since 4:30 AM. Had a good nights rest since I went to sleep around 11:00 PM. We are having lovely weather today. It went up to 80 F yesterday and was so nice I had doors and windows open. I even slept with my bedroom window open about 5 inches. So refreshing sleeping in the cool night temp and waking up to a cool breeze around 46 F. Was lovely being all cozy in bed.

I had a quiet Easter day at home alone but heard from friends and family from around the US. Watched Easter Mass at the Vatican. I taped it when it was live. It seemed strange to see so few people in the pews usually it is packed.

Today I plan on raking twigs in the front yard. There are tons of them from the time my neighbor cut down the first tree. He did load up all of the big limbs he was not going to use for firewood and put them in a separate pile that I started. Cannot burn everything at once it would create a huge fire so I will slowly burn what I can a little at a time.

The other day I loaded the trunk of my car with 3 bags of clothes that will go in to the storage barrels in the basement. So much easier to drive down the hill than it is to carry everything down the steps. I have one bag of clothes for donating. I plan on taking more household things downstairs and bring up my summer clothes. I will do that either today or tomorrow. Have to do that soon since rain moves in Wed and Thursday and once the ground gets wet there is danger of getting stuck if the there is too much rain.

Teddi is doing better. There is room for improvement but I do feel he is doing so much better. What a relief.

Have a good and frugal day everyone.
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Re: Daily Check-in April 5, 2021

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning all

I am up early. I swear these pups are going to drive me to the nursing home.

The elder ones kept barking and had to be fed. The others jumping off and on the bed. :shock:

Good thing I went to bed early. I shut operations down at 1030 or so.

I plan on doing nothing today. Well except go to the store and get milk and a graduation card. And water my plants. They are coming along well. Can't wait to share them.

Had my first cup of coffee. My taste for coffee is coming back and so is my appetite. I need to weigh myself. My pants are fitting a bit loose.

Hope all have a great day.

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Re: Daily Check-in April 5, 2021

Post by MackerelCat »

Good morning, everyone. I just had a post go "poof." Well, perhaps that means that I didn't have that much to say. :-D

Cold here in the office, but the weather is going to be lovely today. Our last few students were released over the weekend, so we're empty right now, but supposedly that won't last. The next surge is supposed to include this age group since so many of them aren't vaccinated yet, although the university is vaccinating as many as it can.

I did a huge amount of cooking yesterday. Made my lunches, breakfasts and brewed decaff tea to take to work. Just doing those things saves me $25 a week over buying sale priced frozen meals, bottled drinks and cereal. Easter dinner was a big hit too. Very yummy lamb and side dishes.

Hope everyone has a lovely, peaceful day.

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Re: Daily Check-in April 5, 2021

Post by Mrscreative »

Good morning beautiful people,

It’s a lovely warm day today. I did some yard work for about an hour. I filled one large environmental waste paper bag full of debris, mostly pine cones. It’s great to be able to do things little bits at a time! When I was still working, I didn’t have that luxury and would end up exhausted. Dh and I also removed the wishing well from the garden shed which creates so much more space. We can now easily remove our bikes and all the gardening equipment. We also put out some of our lawn ornaments. Really amazing how quickly the weather can change. The snow has almost all melted, just a bit left in some very shaded areas.

This afternoon I hope to start storing my very heavy sweaters away, and I think it’s safe to wash and store my winter boots. Lunch will be from our fridge and cupboards. I am thinking of our usual salad and perhaps some macaroni and cheese for a change (from the box, bad I know! After today I will have very little salad greens left.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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