Daily Check-in April 5, 2021

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Re: Daily Check-in April 5, 2021

Post by jckitty »

Hello all,

I slept great until about 4:35 AM...my dog decided he was still mad at me for daring to leave him yesterday and went upstairs and somehow was able to get into the closet ...right above my bedroom and commenced to being a first class stinker!!!! He was rooting around in the closet and scratching at the carpet like he was trying to make himself a bed. :roll:
This after rooting all of the throw rugs into piles while I was gone for the afternoon. This is always his sign that he is upset with me LOL.

I have been up since and busy, I have rugs on the lines outside, it is a beautiful weather day.
I have a loaf of bread raising for baking off this afternoon.
I have the sump pump installed into the pond for draining and cleaning, I saw frogs this morning so that is a good sign they are awake and I am good to go on cleaning the pond before they spawn.

Robo vac is going, I will do the floors after tomorrow because the chimney sweep is coming tomorrow and even though they don't leave a mess I know there will be dust and they are in and out the door a lot.
I have a few windows opened, I hope to be able to open all of them today and really get the fresh air going.

I have done some stick picking will go out and do more here in a bit.

might update later. Thank you for condolences for DGD dog.


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Re: Daily Check-in April 5, 2021

Post by itspennyc »

I baked blueberry muffins very very good. I finished loading and set off the dishwasher. The extra muffins are in the freezer.

I hope to do more decluttering, I also need to make more copies of my pattern of the design for the bib.

I called in a Rx for refills. It will be ready for pick up tomorrow. I will set up for delivery then.

I spent about an hour exploring my new machine and its settings.

I heated up meatloaf for dinner today.

I have added a few things to my giveaway bin.


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Re: Daily Check-in April 5, 2021

Post by jckitty »


OMGosh, I just finished cleaning the pond! It was so much easier this year, far fewer leaves and at first I couldn't figure out why. Then I remembered having to have the 3 walnut trees cut down last year after that storm...duh! And I only found 3 walnuts in the whole pond. Lots of frogs and a massive bull frog!

I have the hose going to refill it now. I have some of the leaves draining out in the old basket right now...when it is lighter in weight I will empty them into an area beside the creek that i am trying to keep from eroding. My method of doing so is sticks and then leaves and grass clippings it is working so far.

I have cleaned myself up from the pond adventure, now I need to rest a bit and then I really need to pick up sticks. As much as I do not want rain, I have to admit we need it :(

Bread is raising for baking...I feel like I am on a role. And it feels good!


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Re: Daily Check-in April 5, 2021

Post by Beverley »

Darn dog kept me up half of the night. I could not figure out why until I saw him having another barking frenzy this morning while looking out on the front yard. I checked and there was a large turkey in the neighbor's yard. I know there have been wild turkeys around the neighborhood because I have been hearing them gobble. They visit us periodically.

Doing surveys this morning. I try to do some every day and just doing the sites where I don't get screened out 9 times out of 10. I really get irritated when a site has me spend 10 minutes doing a survey and then screens me out with no compensation. I wish there was a way to eliminate surveys where I know I won't qualify.

Back to work tomorrow. DS is still having some fever but not like yesterday. I think it will be ok to leave him tomorrow. In spite of fevers and being tired he still seems to have an appetite.

I do not plan to do much in the way of food shopping this month. We have a lot to use up and I want to get my freezer inventory down as we get into the warmer weather. Hopefully we won't have any power shutoffs during the summer but just in case I don't want food to spoil.

Rhonda has made her rounds and is back at the docking stating getting charged. I may send her out to the garage next.


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Re: Daily Check-in April 5, 2021

Post by MackerelCat »

I am such a moron. Someone in the department came by to give me a baby announcement, which was so cleverly done I thought they were adopting a dog. It featured a photo of a dog on the front and the dog is a boy, as was the word revealed by the little scratch-off pad on the card.

Excuse me while I whack myself on the forehead. I didn't say anything I'll live to regret but I bet she wondered why I wasn't more enthusiastic. Honestly, I'm so old that back in my day, one just announced "we're having a baby and it's due in X month." Of course, that's back when the earth was still cooling and dinosaurs roamed the land . . .

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Re: Daily Check-in April 5, 2021

Post by clemencia2us »

oh gee - summer is on the way

I had to change into shorts - no more jeans - :cry:

But I have been busy today - even bathed elder dog.

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