Daily check in April 8, 2021

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Re: Daily check in April 8, 2021

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MackerelCat wrote:
Thu Apr 08, 2021 11:55 pm
Yes. It's made by Zignature. A four pound bag is about $12, if I remember correctly. Lily weighs 20 pounds, and that size bag lasts her about two weeks.

Zignature makes a small breed blend of salmon, lamb and beef that the other two are eating. I am going to try Lily on it when she has been on her allergy shots a few more months.
Thank you.
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily check in April 8, 2021

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alliesmama4 wrote:
Thu Apr 08, 2021 8:55 pm
Yesterday, early evening, we had a storm roar through with high winds and heavy rain. Then around 8:30 PM another storm. Not so much wind but the lightening was intense and when the thunder rolled in my whole house shook. I have a very large house with 6 inch walls. Could not believe the intensity of both however the thunder and lightening did not last as long as the first storm. This morning found a large shutter was ripped out of a brick wall lying on the ground not just hanging so it was really a strong wind. Spent time this afternoon picking up small limbs and lots of sticks. Teddi did have some anxious moments for about 15 to 20 min but I put him up on my bed and snuggled really close, petted him, and spoke soothingly to him. After a while he began to relax. So glad I did not have to give him an anti-anxiety pill.

Teddi is doing better and seems to be his old self as far as activities. However he is still not thrilled to eat kibble instead of pork roast but he does eat it at least once daily. I think his itching has also improved since being on the RX kibble. We both need to loose weight so as long as he is eating and getting exercise outside that is the important thing. Speaking of exercise. I bought a treadmill. I use to have a huge one in the basement but never got down there to use it so sold it. The new one is smaller and can be folded and put under my bed, I need to exercise more and the weather always seems to be too hot, too cold, rain etc. Now there will be no excuses..lol.
The front of our home is 100 years old and the walls are about 8" thick. Heavy thunder still shakes our house.

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