Daily check in April 8, 2021

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Daily check in April 8, 2021

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning frugal Friends,

I double checked my date and it matches what my computer says. I got my second Pfizer shot last night. DS2 has an appointment for a shot today.

We've got rain coming today. So probably no walk for me. I missed 2 days of good weather.

Tonight I hope to trim t_shirts for the quilt.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily check in April 8, 2021

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

I am up after a wonderfully refreshing sleep last night. I did get up once, but fell right back to sleep immediately my head re-hit the pillow. One has to love when that happens. Many is the time in days not so long ago that I would twist and turn trying to fall back asleep.

Not much happening today. I (guess I should say Hubby) will be stripping the bed and putting nice fresh sheets on. Hubby will be getting on the phone to the bank to chOeck on something, and getting the income tax papers in to the accountant. I never tried to mop the floor so today after sweeping I am going to give it a try. Hopefully it will be okay (it will have been 6 weeks this Friday since the operation). The Bissel steam cleaner is at most 10 lbs so it should be okay. I will also take the last bag of donations to the Salvation Army and pick up a bit in the sewing/craft room. It seems to just get things thrown in aSt times.

No shopping, I am putting that off until tomorrow and I checked what I had in the cupboards from Walmart and found I really don't need to go there this week. One store, one quick shop. I will check grocery fliers and make my hopefully small list as well. I think if it wasn't for dairy, fruit and veggies I could almost go another week without entering a grocery store.

I did not start my sewing project, I think I might have used up all sewing mojo. Heck I hardly did any knitting either. I think I just might have lost some of my project doing mojo. I really need to get that back and back quickly as I was doing a great job working through the stashes.

Supper tonight is going to use up some more of those leftovers in the fridge along with a few boiled eggs and some of the grated cheese. I am going to make a chef's salad (minus the chicken/turkey). We have been eating big meals and I want to do something a bit different.

Today I am grateful for what looks to be another beautiful, warm and sunny day.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily check in April 8, 2021

Post by MackerelCat »

Good morning, Maggie and Jackie. It's pouring rain here in my part of Tennessee and I got kind of damp despite my big umbrella while walking up the hill from parking this morning.

My co-worker who comes on for the evenings was busy: there were nine admissions late yesterday but eight of them chose to go home to isolate. At least three of those were exposed to the same person. It's stuff like this that's going to keep us busy for a long time.

No news from HB this morning, but I also forgot my phone at home. Sent an email to DH to put it where he could easily answer it.

Tonight after work I have to give Lily Dog a bath. She has a vet appointment tomorrow for her annual shots. She's not exactly dirty, but Goldie Dog has been playing with her and mouthing her ears, so she kind of smells like dog breath. :-D

Hope you all have a lovely, peaceful day.

Update: DH brought me my phone. HB is still in the hospital, waiting to see a spine doctor.
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Re: Daily check in April 8, 2021

Post by Beverley »

Good early morning!

I have a little time before I need to leave for work so I wanted to pop in. It seems my bank account got a nice visit from a poltergeist last night, I checked and noticed the full stimulus amount was direct deposited to my account. I was not expecting anything at all according to my AGI. However according to my taxable income I was apparently eligible for the full amount. This was based on my 2020 income which was less than before since I wasn't working. I am going to sit tight for awhile just to be sure it wasn't an error. Anyway it made for a very pleasant good morning to me.

Not much else is happening. Work today and tomorrow then off for 4 days. I new person came on board who can work Tuesdays so that will be my day off and I can start attending TOPS meetings again.

Less than a week to go and I will have passed the two week threshold after getting my second vaccine.

Well time to get dressed and take my meds. Have a wonderful day and be safe!


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Re: Daily check in April 8, 2021

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning all!!

Boy I slept like a log last night. Feel rested

The sun is out and hopefully won't be too warm. It is starting to heat up around here. No AC for us yet. I will put that off as long as possible.

Will do the regular stuff today - sweeping etc.

The pack has already been out and about. We were up by 730.

Getting ready to jump in the shower and get the day started.

Have a great one.

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Re: Daily check in April 8, 2021

Post by icfrugal1 »

UGH, been up since 5AM, waiting for the Geek squad again. There is an echo on the tv when the sound bar is on. He did try to have me fix it over the phone, but that didn't work, so here I wait. we chose the 7am to 1pm slot, never again LOL

Baking oatmeal bread while we wait.

DH got his real ID, or at least it's on his way, silly really, we are not planning to go anyway, oh well.


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