Daily check in April 8, 2021

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Re: Daily check in April 8, 2021

Post by jckitty »

Good morning all,

I fought the bed all night again last night...maybe because I didn't do alot of outdoor stuff yesterday??? :?
I went to town yesterday, Mexican bakery and then to the greenhouse where family works....they were so busy! I got my "monkey face" pansies and a caladium.
I have Angel Wing Begonias ordered and waiting there for me but it is too early to pick them up and plant here at home...down in temps next week.

Still dealing with renter/friend...I did figure out that I believe she is trying the "stir the pot" between me and the brother. I finally told her yesterday that I am NOT fussing with him over a few rocks... when he snowplowed this last winter he threw a few rocks into the yard...and she refuses to pick them up...OMG
I told her to just ignore them and that I am not fussing over rocks. She is unhappy with her life and likes to "spread the wealth" :roll: People just need to get along!!!

I have a good portion of the yardwork done, was going to do some today but it is spitting rain, supposed to get more but don't know when it will arrive.

I put in an Aldi's instacart order for delivery this AM....I could not believe how much prices have gone up! The 12 pack of TP went up over 2.00 ...I didn't need it but was checking. All of the produce prices and dairy were up also...my greek yogurt was up more than 1.00.

I will probably spend my day inside putting a clean on the house and I want to assemble a salad. Might also make some pasta salad.
Finally received my 3rd stimulus money...and my property tax bills....
Off to get something done.


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Re: Daily check in April 8, 2021

Post by chocolite »

Mackie, we had all that rain last night. It moved through pretty quickly so hopefully yours does as well.

I got my second Pfizer shot yesterday. Woke up early this morning with a very sore arm -- all of a sudden I couldn't lie on my left side -- and a dull headache. I took something but the headache is still here. It's no biggie. I'm really glad to have it behind me.

I was supposed to go to PT this afternoon but cancelled my appointment. I'm just going to stay in. It's a beautiful day here and I plan on getting out for a short walk with Audrey later. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning for a physical. It's been about three years since my last one. I've penned a few questions on my phone, because heaven knows I wouldn't remember otherwise.

Yesterday was a spendy day. I combined my trip to get the vaccine with a gas fill-up and grocery pick-up at Kroger. I got 50¢/gallon discount with my Kroger card so it wasn't nearly as painful as it would've been otherwise. It's been months since I filled up and this should last me for months as well. My grocery bill was just under $70 as well, so not bad at all.

Dinner tonight will be popcorn shrimp, baked sweet potatoes, and turnip greens.

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Re: Daily check in April 8, 2021

Post by MackerelCat »

Our rain already seems gone, Patty. We are supposed to have days of afternoon showers because it's going to be quite warm all week. Looks like spring has a firm toe hold at last.

DH should have eaten the last of Sunday's lamb for lunch today. Last night I sliced all of it off the bone. The bone turned out to be a complete humerus, very sturdy and heavy. After some internal debate about safety, I gave it to Goldie Dog because she's well behaved and not a power chewer. She neatly stripped it of the meat I couldn't get off with the knife. I took it back and disposed of it when she finished. She was awfully proud of it while she had it. :)

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Re: Daily check in April 8, 2021

Post by Mrscreative »

Good afternoon beautiful people,

Today it’s been raining for pretty much the whole day. We really need it as March was very dry and it’s cleaned up a bit of the grit from last winter and washed away any of the remaining snow.

This morning my car was taken in as there was a defect with the battery. It’s not even two years old so I was shocked yesterday when it wouldn’t start. Dh gave it a boost from his car so fortunately we could drive it to the dealer. It’s less than two years old! Next winter we will have to drive it a little more as the cold drains the battery and it doesn’t get a chance to recharge as when it’s driven. The dealership was very nice and replaced a new battery without charge. No courtesy ride due to Covid and you can’t wait in the waiting room, so I drove Dh twice in his car so he could come back home.

I received an Emergency alert at 11 am, and it also came on the tv about our Stay at Home order. All non essential stores like clothing are back to curb side pickup and delivery only. Aside from that, not many changes here. We at least can still go outside for exercise. But I sure would not have predicted this pandemic would last so long! I did a load of laundry only to discover the dryer wouldn’t start again. A new part is on order, so I just hung everything on drying racks inside. Much better to be the dryer rather than the washer.

Dh received his genetic results and he does not carry the PMS2 gene variant. But they are still puzzled with DD2’s results and are doing yet further testing. They think there might be some gene deviation occurring wi thin her own body. I feel so badly for her! She got a notice in the mail advising her to get a colonoscopy and here she is only 28! The recommended age to start if you carry this gene is 25 and then every two years. It’s certainly not a pleasant thing to prepare for.

I hope you all have a good evening. Janet I sure hope you can get some rest tonight. Jackie, please don’t overdo! Best wishes for HB.


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Re: Daily check in April 8, 2021

Post by clemencia2us »

ok - scary deed done for the month - changing out the air filter in the ceiling.

Hate it. But once it is done - what a relief

It is warm today but have not turned on the AC. Will wait til the cod is here in case anything doesn't work.

Hate this time of year - darn ac is barely 2 years old, but still.

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Re: Daily check in April 8, 2021

Post by clemencia2us »

and now facebook is down. ah - lol

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