Prince Philip has died.

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Re: Prince Philip has died.

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I once read he said he could think of nothing worse than living to 100. His birthday is in June. So maybe this is the way he wanted to go? He did have a very long and full life.
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Re: Prince Philip has died.

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Although this was a very hard year for the Queen and Prince Philip, with Covid, Philip's hospitalization, and the Andrew, Harry, and Meghan sagas..............I do think it must have been very good for them to be able to spend a whole year, together just themselves, with little outside interference or obligations.

He looked very well and happy in Princess Beatrice's wedding photo.....and I think he must have really enjoyed attending the little wedding, instead of the usual royal extravaganzas, lol

I can't imagine how the Queen is coping. She fell in love with him when she was just THIRTEEN! She never even looked at another boy.

He was so dashingly handsome.....who could blame her? LOL

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Re: Prince Philip has died.

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Very interesting life

And yes he was very handsome.

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