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Re: Car Buying

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SandiSAHM wrote:
Sat Apr 10, 2021 3:17 pm
The only people who benefit from leasing are the car dealership and the finance company. You own nothing when you complete the terms.

Buy used, low-mileage (you're not likely to find rental fleet stuff that's more than 2 years old, they usually rotate them out at 2, or if their mileage is excessive, before that) but sometimes you can stumble into a car someone babied and then flipped to get something newer to baby. DD's car was 2 years old, had 27000 miles on it and whoever (someone in TX) owned it had had lojack installed. Thing didn't even have a scratch on it. If all goes well she shouldn't have to worry about a vehicle for at least 10-12 years.

I'm related by marriage to a more-money-than-brains person who leased a big SUV once and changed the OEM front seats for some custom seats he had made (big, cushy, and embroidered with the logo of his favored NFL team). Then he had the nerve to be mad when the lease came to an end and he was charged extra to get out of it - because he'd modified the vehicle. He actually thought they would take the $ he'd put in it into account and charge him less on his final payment :roll:
Sandi, you have confirmed my initial thoughts about leasing. People at work are just "all about it" and I'm thinking - whaaaaat???? I need to think about what's the best bang for my buck long-term, and I don't care about driving around in the "latest and greatest".

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