Daily check in Wednesday April 14, 2021

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Re: Daily check in Wednesday April 14, 2021

Post by jckitty »

Hello all,

I was up early (for me)...slept well once I made my ornery dog come downstairs last night and reinstalled the dog gate.
He was clearly mad at me for leaving him alone for awhile yesterday. This staying home all of the time has made his separation anxiety more intense.
I can always tell when he is mad because while I am gone he will scramble every throw rug at every door. IF I leave the TV on while I am gone he doesn't do it.

I made a trip to the farm store this AM, needed chicken feed and dog food...dog food has gone up almost 5 dollars since I last bought it.
I started the work on the door and so far, so good. It's a process...

I have started the emptying of the ash pit, I have about 3/4 done...letting it dry a bit more to do the rest.
Have a lot of stuff done in the house, more to do...of course.

The sun is shining and it is still cool outside but great working weather...if you have the energy.

I need to spray my homemade weed killer, and prep for mulch delivery...I hope it happens soon.

Might try to clean the chicken pen of sticks after the ash pit is cleaned out. There is a huge oak tree in their pen...so sticks...

More later,

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Re: Daily check in Wednesday April 14, 2021

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Evening everyone,
I slept quite poorly last night, worrying about work stuff. It was a busy day, but not as bad as I anticipated. I am eating my diner while at the computer and plan to take a bit of a walk afterwards. I actually do better taking a walk in the evening. One more week until my fully protected day. They say now vaccines outstrip demand for the in my area. Some maybe the country can starting sending them to countries with less supply.

Not much else to report.

Have a nice evening,

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Re: Daily check in Wednesday April 14, 2021

Post by jckitty »


I have the 2nd coat on the door and have applied the fiberglass strips....tomorrow I get to put the actual epoxy "stuff" on and then it is wait and then paint. I need to figure out what color I want to paint my front doors... they are wood framed glass so not a lot of area to paint but I like color...right now they are kind of an apple green. I like it but am ready for something different...I think.
House is wood so shades of brown...wood siding is Georgia Cypress and roof is same browns, mixed with greys and subtle greens....I am tempted to go with an almost matt black....IF I hate it I can always repaint it.

I got the ash pit emptied, it will be filled with sticks before too long...again.
We are going to get the bees tomorrow!! We are excited, the guy is kind of eccentric and will not sell to just anyone, has to have us see all of the types of bees he sells and then hear about the set up DD and SiL have. I know the guy so I know this is NOT out of character for him LOL


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Re: Daily check in Wednesday April 14, 2021

Post by ChristmasTrees »

Just a hello...a quiet day here.
Patty...thinking of you.

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Re: Daily check in Wednesday April 14, 2021

Post by clemencia2us »

Tried to get back into the housework stuff.

I've been looking for 409 and nothing. So instead I scrubbed my white cabinets with mr clean magic erasers. Did a good job. Finally got to mop. Washed some towels, watered the veggies.

My onions are looking great. Have several baby tomatoes going. Volunteer squash is just growing away. Bell peppers look good. Hopefully they will survive. Carrot seedlings are going strong. Hope it isn't too late for them. But live and learn.

Its been a difficult year.

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