Frugal ways to stay warm

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Frugal ways to stay warm

Post by dlrcpa »

I see people starting to discuss staying warm this winter so here are my tips:
1. Thermal underwear or a light layer really does its job. Sock and glove liners are lightweight but really help under ordinary gloves and socks. I will wear 4 layers if necessary outside (thermal, turtleneck, sweater, parka).

2. Exercise leggings or fashion tights can double as thermal underwear bottoms. Knee-high socks are warmer than short ones.

3. I double up knit hats and wear a fleece earband under a hat. I like bucket hats since I think it creates a pocket of warm air around my face. Muffler on lower half of face.

4. Warm(er) shoes. My hiking boots are the warmest and also waterproof. Extra insulation on the bottom with the thicker soles.

5. In my home (basement) office I have a long electric heating pad that attaches to the chair back with elastic band. I put a knit "lapghan" on my lap. Now front and back are warm. I also stayed in bed w/ this heating pad and electric blanket when waiting for furnace repair one time.

6. Fingerless gloves also help indoors. You can cut the toe off an old sock and make a thumb hole if needed. I have several knitted pairs that are kept throughout the house.

7. Those rice bags that you warm in the microwave and then use like a hot pad probably work although I have not tried them personally.

Donna in VA

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Re: Frugal ways to stay warm

Post by rinty »

Definately agree with the warm undies thing ; )

I really like the thick patterned tights you get now. Of course I wouldn't be seen DEAD in them the way some people wear them like leggings, but on a cold day, on playground duty, bring them on UNDER a pair of trousers,

Also , I have some really nice cardigans. You say cardigan and immediately a vision of some 75 year old harridan on Coronation St appears but I don't mean some baggy monstrosity. I have long line ones, short boxy jacket types ones and I picked up a GORGEOUS brown one at a charity shop............its heavily embellished with copper "stoning" and a pretty ribbon tie. Its below the thigh and looks a million dollars. I paid like £3 for it and its a nice make that cost around £49.99 new and it looks unworn. I also have 3 colours of a heavy cotton bolero which is just nice for a little extra warmth and means a summer top can be worn into autumn with the bolero on top. I have them in cherry red, denim blue and olive green.

A pashmina is also a stylish way of getting extra warmth from an outfit and dressing up a plain long sleeved top. I have any number of those !!!

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Re: Frugal ways to stay warm

Post by MackerelCat »

I like a cardigan and tights too, Rinty. I have a hooded wool cardigan with deep front pockets that looks very sporty and is so warm. The wool makes it lightweight and I can wear a turtleneck jersey under it and be toasty.

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Re: Frugal ways to stay warm

Post by ownedbydogs »

When it starts getting cold, I pull out the turtleneck long sleeve shirts and the long knee high socks. I buy the diabetes long socks so they wont interfere with circulation in my legs. I am on blood thinners and really feel the cold. I use socks as hand warmers when I am on the computer. Cut off the toe and a place for your thumb. Better than gloves as I can push them up on my wrists if need be.

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Re: Frugal ways to stay warm

Post by ChopinLover »

So glad I moved to the Phoenix area. Winter is so much better here. Still have chilly nites but the days are gravy.
When I lived in Seattle, I loved and swore by my heated mattress pad. Way better than electric blanket because the heat rises up from underneath you and is much more natural and comfy. They also come with a built in timer if I recall correctly.
Nowadays one can buy very superior down imitation comforters that are easy to machine wash as well.
I have a porcelain tile floor that can get cold, so I buy comfy slippers, with a pair of socks its enough here. Don't need to bundle like a sasqautch anymore. hallelujah.

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Re: Frugal ways to stay warm

Post by gaylejackson2 »

I am going to have to try Chopin's idea of the heated mattress cover, as my back is always cold at night.

I agree with everyone's tips thus far, I'd just add that a cup of tea with a "warming" spice added seems to help me feel warmer too. Spices like cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and if you;re feeling brave, cayenne & black pepper.

There is a website I love to visit (are we allowed to mention stuff like this here?), called One Good Thing by Jillee, she has a finger-warmer salve using beeswax, olive or coconut oil, and pepper essential oil that she claims will warm up cold fingers quickly. I might be trying it this fall & winter as my hand always seem cold.

=) Gayle

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