Daily Check in Sept 11, 2015

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 11, 2015

Post by floridacatlover »

Hi everyone,

I did not sleep well and have felt frazzled all day. I'm finally feeling more relaxed.

On my way to mom's house I had to go to Target. My mom generously bought me an iPad Air 2 for my birthday and the case (which was not Apple) did not line up so I bought an Apple Smart Cover instead.

We went to the discount bread store. Next time we will get $5 of products free. They only had one loaf of rye bread left so we got there just in time. On the way to Aldi I narrowly avoided slamming into the car in front of me. Eggs at my Aldi are now up to $2.69.

After leaving mom's house I bought gas, $2.06 a gallon, and then went to the UPS store. It turns out that the no-cut gloves I bought to use with the hedge trimmer are not designed to be used with electrical tools and in fact can be dangerous according to the info included with the gloves. They are really designed for kitchen use with sharp knives. So I returned them.

I'm thinking of 9/11 and it seems impossible that it has been 14 years. The U.S. was so united then and is so divided now which is very sad.

My friend who was on the Mediterranean cruise is back in town and I'll see her next week so it will be interesting to hear if she saw any sign of the refugees on the water near Turkey.

Have a good evening.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 11, 2015

Post by floridacatlover »

clemencia2us wrote:
floridacatlover wrote:
itspennyc wrote:

I would like to wash one of the other 2 new sets of sheets I bought for my bed. They are not great, but you can’t compare today’s sheets to the percale sheets they used to make. I wish I could still buy percale but you can’t.

Penny, I totally agree with you about percale sheets.
I found several websites that sell percale sheets. They are still out there.

I haven't purchased sheets in a long time. I just keep washing the old ones. With all these animals, why bother with new.

But I have seen high priced sheet sets at places like Tuesday Morning and Ross Dress for Less. King sized with original prices listed at $600!

The percales sheets I saw online were pricy - 70 or more for just the flat sheet. But then look how long they last. Amortize that over the life of the sheet.
My favorite place to get sheets is at rummage sales. But I recently went through my linen closet and decluttered. I kept four sets and that is enough for me. I only have one set of Queen size for the sleep sofa but I rarely have overnight guests so that is enough.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 11, 2015

Post by clemencia2us »

I just purchased a new IPad Air 2. My old one was getting so slow and hard to use. I would tap, tap, tap, and nothing. It was OLD - for an ipad - I guess. Also only 16Gb. This one is 64.

It is so light, the difference is amazing. I take my ipad in my purse when I travel, so this helps so much.

Did get the ipad smart cover to go with it.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 11, 2015

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Hi everyone,

This is my 2nd attempt to post today. I honestly don't remember what I said before other than I plan to make jam today, I've got my first batch in my canner now. It is Peach-Pear-Plum jam made using coconut palm sugar and honey in place of granulated sugar. I'll make either plain plum or pear-plum jam next, these are greengage plums.

I'm sad that I haven't seen many posts regarding 9/11 when I was on Facebook earlier; I had to hunt to find some. ;) I posted a bunch of my favorites, just in case anyone thinsk we should forget about the love shown that day, and the lives that were lost.

I've been watching the 9/11 shows on the History channel. I think its very good for my children to see this every year.

I've got to go change my laundry. Happy Friday everyone!

=) Gayle

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 11, 2015

Post by MackerelCat »

Gayle, your jam sounds amazingly delicious.

I have thought often of 9/11 today, but haven't watched or listened to the news. So much death, so much sorrow then and in the years to come. I keep it in my heart, but avoid the news.

Most of my day was spent thoroughly cleaning our home office, which hasn't had a really good cleaning since we moved in three years ago. DH had too much stuff in it to make cleaning easy, but I'd been working up to this for a while. I got him to declutter some of his stuff, and I cleaned the baseboards and scrubbed the trim, dusted, swept and rearranged stuff. It looks very nice now. It has a glass wall that leads into the rest of the house, so I really wanted it to look better taken care of. There's no door for me to shut on the mess! :D

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 11, 2015

Post by BeckyO »

Afternoon Y'All,

It's a gray, rainy day here in Mississippi. I have been hearing distant thunder for a couple of hours. It's 80 F, ~ 28 C with 59% chance of storms. The low will only be about 15 degrees less. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and same temps.

I'm really glad about the forecast, because I'm going out of town to my first cousin's "after the wedding celebration". She lives in the country and I want to enjoy the country. It was her parents place. They lived there over 75 years before she inherited it. I spent many days, weeks there while growing up. She's a Physical Therapist, not a farmer so there will not be fields of crops, pasteures of cattle, pig pen and chicken house full etc. She may have a couple of horses. I doubt she even has any cats or dogs.

The second box came from Amazon. The ones I wanted to go to my DS#2 and DDIL.
When I filled in the Amazon form I didn't have their zip code handy. So while I was looking for it the books were shipped here. They should be at my Dcousin's celebration. I will take them and hopefully remember to give it to them.

The maintenance man didn't come today, so I am using my make-up light and a night light as sources of light in my black bathroom. I changed the ligh tbulb in the night light, even it was out. I need another pack of christmas bulbs. I have one left, to use in my 19 yo night light.

I got the trashout, retrieved my mail, socialized with the manager. The Activity co-ordinator was out. Her wedding is tomorrow. I got an invitation but my Dcousin got her invitation to me first. Then I looked for the maintenance man and socialized with some neighbor's. I cleard the areas around my computer and my easel. Still need to do some filing. The paper monster has taken up residence big time. I am going to try and chase him away, open your doors, LOL.

I finished the sweetrolls this morning. I think I will have breakfast for dinner, eggs, bacon, maybe grits. I want some oatmeal boiled with milk for tomorrow. I will never cook it in the morning- not enough get up and go at that time of morning- LOL, but I can reheat it in the microwave if I cook it tonight.

I spent Wed at the VA. I think I have 9 more appts before the end of Oct. DD#2 called to ask when I was coming (to Florida) . We agreed it will be the last of Oct or first of Nov. They can not make it to Louisiana for Thanksgiving (work) so we may have an early Thanksgiving while I am there : )

Have a good evening.... could I do some genealogy instead of filing??/? hmmm...

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