Daily Check in Sept 14, 2015

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 14, 2015

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning all

We finally have nice cool weather. Its nice.

But I don't feel 100%. I've had stomach issues since Wednesday, plus sore throat too.

Then I ate what the COD made last night - too many jalepenos. And my sister drove up and wanted to go get ice cream later. I swear she has a cast iron stomach. She eats a lot. So I suffered all evening and night with stomach problems. Think I will have to go on a week long fruit diet only.

I hate not feeling well. And its not bad enough to keep me down. I mowed the back yard late yesterday, but just inconvenient.

Will take it easy today.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 14, 2015

Post by dlrcpa »

Wow, it was 52 degrees F this morning when I walked the dog, had to wear sweatshirt, jacket, gloves, hat! I think I need to pack some good warm clothes for vacation, I remember being cold in the AM when walking the dog on the beach. I stopped at the garden before work and picked the cherry tomatoes, a squash and a zucchini. More baby squash on the way.

Lots of leftovers for tonight's dinner. Will see what else I can accomplish after dinner. Too bad it is getting dark so early now (around 7 pm.) I have been knitting blocks for a baby afghan, used up several small yarn balls and have several entire skeins to work on next.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 14, 2015

Post by MackerelCat »

Maggie, a cricket in the house is a sure sign that fall is coming. :)

DH has a job interview this afternoon, so I've been working off nervous energy on his behalf by mopping floors. Approximately half this house is tile floors, so it's a lot of mopping. I also need to clean an ottoman that one of the dogs jumped on with muddy feet, as soon as I catch my breath.

Last night I baked a loaf of rye bread for DH to have with his lunches and made some pumpkin oat bran muffins for my breakfasts. We have some homemade pulled pork in the freezer that will go nicely with the bread.

Hope you all have a lovely frugal day.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 14, 2015

Post by BeckyO »

Afternoon Y'All,

My AC went out yesterday morning. I got so hot while getting dressed I was sick. I was gone most of the day and the outside temp got to 89 F. It went down to the 50s last night so sleeping was OK. I was up this morning and caught the maintenance man about 8:20. He changed it out and put me in a brand new AC. The other was 19 yo.

I retreated to the library while he worked on it. It was hot in here. He set this new one to high fan and 63 F to cool everything. I turned the fan down to low and the temp up to 70 F. It is smaller than the old unit. Now I need to put my LR back together

I am beginning to enjoy receiving pictures viamy smart phone, from DD#2 in Florida. I am texting back : ) She sent me one while I was in the library. Yesterday she sent me a sunset on the beach.

I am not as tired as yesterday, but I am still tired. Think I will fixa cup of decaf coffee, retreat to my recliner and read a bit. Have a good day...

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 14, 2015

Post by LWolfT »

Jackie ... enjoy your trip!

Mackie, good luck to your DH!

We were awakened very early this morning by noises ... Big Boy was on top of the kitchen cabinets and had his head the hole in the wall where the plumber cut to find the pipe leak! He'd managed to pull back the screen that DH had put up to discourage such adventures. Put him in another room and went back to bed.

Enjoyed last night's pitch-in. Most of the slaw was eaten, scored a couple of freebies from the leftovers.

For today, running errands ... vet, post office, etc ... not sure what the rest of the day will bring.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 14, 2015

Post by icfrugal1 »

Good afternoon,

The weather has sure changed from one day to the next, it is very windy today, I did get my swim in, but it may have been the last one for the year, :-(

I took the umbrellas in, even though DH is not happy about it, he feels that the yard looks better with the umbrellas out , true, but he is not the one who has to pick them up when they blow over and take the table with them. :o

earlier in the day I got the dog walked and the dog and I went to the bank. (I love Chase bank they call home by name and give him treats,)

I don't know if the bread will turn out today, change in the weather?


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