Has anyone heard of this?

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Re: Has anyone heard of this?

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Amen, CG ....

And the Fed didn't raise interest rates on Thursday, and that's what a lot of the recent turmoil has been about.

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Re: Has anyone heard of this?

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Thank you all-I always feel better when you guys come in with your common sense. Because I was thinking there was no way our economy which is so big can collapse-first I don;t think our govt will allow that and imagine the revolt if it did -we just have too many people and we are still better off than other countries I am thinking. I mean can you imagine the banks closing and people don;t have access to their money like in Greece-the people will revolt and we have so many here! But it confused me what they were saying-so I am glad you are here to counteract their stories.

I still think though that food prices will rise to that of Europe and other nations and have a bigger impact on our personal paychecks. And things that we need or rely on like heating,etc will be also more expensive and gas at the pumps despite now being low will still eventually go up. But other than that affecting us the most,I think that is what will happen.

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