Twelve Weeks!!!

Keep the holidays debt-free and sane. Share your tips, and check in with your progress.
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Re: Twelve Weeks!!!

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I love crochet rugs! Please post pictures when you can :-)

Take care,

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Re: Twelve Weeks!!!

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Gifts-- My side of the family: Round robin gift giving, so 2 gifts for the exchange.
His side: His dad/stepmom, His sister then token gifts for his brothers. Not much for the adult nieces/nephews.

Hubby and I may or may not exchange gifts. We may buy a "house" gift (New dishwasher, new tv,) or xx amount for each to shop with, plus the shopping trip, or put money toward a vacation.

Food-- Not hosting thanksgiving this year, or any reunions at our house, so mostly will be taking a dish to Thanksgiving and Xmas. Bought flour and sugar lately on sale, found a name brand white chocolate chips for 99 cents per bag, got 2 and stashed them in the freezer. Bought 4 lbs of the brand/type of sausage we use in our sausage gravy for newyears. May buy more this week, or hold off. Will have the new years menu planned in the next couple of weeks, so will be buying ingredients for that as they come on sale the next few weeks.

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Re: Twelve Weeks!!!

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I have done nothing other than determine my budget for gifts and meals. total this year will be $250 which will be my holiday bonus check. dollar stores for a lot of gifts, need to get something special for dh and so far have been dropping hints but he has not given me anything to work with. looking forward to both thanksgiving and christmas and being thankful for all we have. cj

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Re: Twelve Weeks!!!

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dlcrpa, I will have to find a recipe.Then find the time to bake! I'll bet my Joy of Cooking has a recipe for biscotti in there somewhere.

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Re: Twelve Weeks!!!

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ShawnH1964 wrote:Jackie,

I love crochet rugs! Please post pictures when you can :-)

Take care,
Shawn, I posted pictures of the rugs on my blog a few nights ago. It seems my pictures are "too big" to post on the forum.


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Re: Twelve Weeks!!!

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MackerelCat wrote: I do need to start shopping now for a frozen duck for our Christmas Eve family dinner. That can be rather hard to find around here. Last year I went to five grocery stores before finding one.
Call your favorite meat department after Thanksgiving and ask them to order the duck for you. They all have access to frozen duck, goose, rabbit, etc, but they rarely order them because they're not popular.

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