Daily Check In January 12, 2019

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Daily Check In January 12, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Off to get coffee. Back in two shakes of a lambs tail.

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Re: Daily Check In January 12, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

There is definitely a bit of a warm up going on. Temperatures are slowly climbing, not going to get back up to above freezing temperatures though. I so want the weather to be decent for our trip to the city next week. Hate, hate, hate driving in a blizzard or on bad roads.

Today will be another stay at home kind of day, so no spending. Makes me happy to get another one of those kind of days in this week.

I phoned and booked a room for one night in the city. Oh, my prices have shot up and it is scary. Sure hope we do not have to do this very often. I think we can get some of this back on our taxes next year, but I am not too sure. I need to check that out. I will start a tax folder for our medical trips very soon.

I got a pleasant surprise yesterday in the mail. Our electric bill arrived and we have a $32.00 credit!!! Got to love it when you have 0 to pay and extra to put on next months bill. However not so happy that the company had the use of our money for no reason.

Frugally we will continue on the use it up road. I am working on the headband (my who knew straight knitting would take so long) to match the mitts. Hope to finish that and move on to a second pair of mitts (these might just be fingerless though). This is using up my yarn stash and getting goals accomplished. Perfect in my books.

I am also going to pull out the quilt sandwich I made months ago and start some hand quilting on it (another one of my goals for this month). I need to hand quilt around all the butterfly blocks, then perhaps I can do a bit of machine free style quilting on it. I will need to use the big table for that job though.

Other frugal happenings will be baking a loaf of bread, decluttering, reading my ereader book that I downloaded with a gift card, using the treadmill for exercise, and doing the laundry today (need to pack on Monday so those hanging items need to be dry) in the usual frugal manner.

I am still perusing one of my frugal living books for hints on how to save a bit more in the way of cash. Most of the simple ones that suit our lifestyle I already do, might just have to look into a few that are slightly more complicated (I dislike complicated).

I am making a list of things to do between trips to appointments while we are in the city. I think I may like to pick up a few accessories for my Cricut machine. Though I do need to practice a bit more with said machine. Perhaps I will use it to cut out some parts of my soup bowl cozies. I do want to try my hand at some of the font projects though. Thinking a nice T-shirt with a quote on it might be a good way to start (I might do some for Hubby's family reunion.....). Mind you that really is not decluttering or getting rid of my stashes.

Supper tonight will be one of the Turkey Tetrazzini I froze just after Christmas. Serving it with cut up raw veggies and dip.

Today I am grateful for the day ahead, full of surprises and adventures.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In January 12, 2019

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Hello friends,

I’ve a chance to sleep in, and I’m WIDE AWAKE.😳☹️ I guess I’m used to getting up at 5-ish now. (TOTM arriving yesterday isn't helping me, pain meds have worn off & new ones not in effect yet.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! 😐

I’ve not been on since?? As my workload at school has increased, I have less time to spare in my prep hour to do personal stuff.

We got a skiff of snow yesterday, just enough to dirty windshields and ice the roads.

I went to work early yesterday as I couldn’t sleep, and got my friend to show me how to print students’ grades w/ assignments to hand out atParent Teacher Conferences next week.

Yesterday the teacher in classroom next to me, asked about considering staying on as ling-term sub through the end of the year. I told her yes for sure to end of trimester, and probably to the end of year— she wants to persuade the Principal to keep me on. Apparently, they are having a lack of quality applications for the job (they REALLY want me to change my mind & apply for the job, but I refuse to make that kind of decision yet as I have TOO MANY other factors against it.)

As for the rest of the day, I REALLY NEED to do (mine, dh, ds10 & girls) laundry, clean bathrooms, make GF goodies/bread, & shop for groceries, etc.
However, I’m going to go watch ds16’s wrestling tournament (it's HUGE this year, good weather so 30 schools, plus ours, came — 3 years ago, it was snowy-ish and 16 or 18 schools came). MUST REMEMBER to take a thick blanket to sit on, and pack me more food — last night I simply finished off my lunch I’d not eaten at school.

May try for more sleep now. IF it doesn't work, I may read a bit.

TodayI’m grateful ds16 won ALL of his matches yesterday! 😊

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Re: Daily Check In January 12, 2019

Post by LWolfT »

Good snowy morning ...
It's right around 30 with light snow and a couple of inches on the ground already. Think our front got in a bit later than predicted. DH reports that the supermarket was VERY busy yesterday (as you might expect with the storm, plus weekly shopping.)
Anyway, Janet, stay safe ....
Jackie, a belated happy anniversary, and many more!
And thanks to everyone for the good wishes on DH's job search!
Gayle, happy birthday!

Saturday chores on the agenda today ... I'm making progress on cleaning out the fridge!! Actually had to take chicken out of the freezer, LOL! Think I'll make applesauce today ...some apples have been sitting in the bin for a while.

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Re: Daily Check In January 12, 2019

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning all.

Gayle, Happy Birthday and good luck to your DS in his wrestling matches.

I hope all those in the line of the snow storm will check in today.

It is a beautiful day here but I’ll probably be indoors most of the day. Staying home. I’m one of those people who has procrastinated about transferring photos from my phone to the computer so I’ll do that today. Also I have a small pile of paperwork to file.

I’ve been playing a game with myself seeing if I can limit my driving to 200 miles for the month. Usually I drive about 300 miles. So far I’m at 110 miles so not too bad.

I’m SO, SO glad that the Sandy Hook families have won the right to go through internal and financial documents of Alex Jones of InfoWars. To me he is the very lowest of the low to proclaim not once but over years that the Sandy Hook masacre was a staged event and the families are actors. I hope in this lawsuit they are able to bankrupt him and put him behind bars. Who believes this crap. (Yes, this infuriates me.)

I have not been reading the past week because of several days of poor sleep but I’m going to enjoy my books today.

Stay warm and dry.

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Re: Daily Check In January 12, 2019

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning. We have 6.5 inches of snow with another 24 hours of snow ahead of us. We may get as much as 14 inches.. I have swept a path out on my deck to get to my patio table and swept it clean then put out food for the birds. They have been swooping in.. I am so glad I went out yesterday to buy more food for them..

Will update things later. I am going to make breakfast and then work on making points on line. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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