Daily Check In January 17, 2019

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Daily Check In January 17, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Off to get coffee back ASAP.

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Re: Daily Check In January 17, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Back home, still frustrated and waiting for more news. I more than likely have another month or so to wait for the use of one piece of equipment. However no one seems too concerned (of course not, it isn't their bodies being invaded by perhaps an evil alien being) and at this point in time, well I guess I will take what comfort I can.

The last series of tests will lead to either biopsy and removal, or being told that things are good and I just need to have someone keep an eye on this. Means subjecting myself to more poking and prodding every 6 months, but at least I would have answers.

This however trumps our Greek land and Aegean Sea cruise for at least a bit. May just hold off booking that for a month or so.

Really it's the not knowing that drives me insane!! But enough of my troubles.

I hope that all of you who have been snowed or iced in are doing fine. Nothing like winter to cause driving problems and getting stuck inside. Embrace it and curl up with a good book, needlework, or just watching the snow fall out your window. As a person from the great white north, there really isn't much else you can do. Once the snow stops, you get to shovel your way out.

We tried to keep spending to a minimum while gone and succeeded for the most part.As Floridacat says, hotels are expensive here in Canada. I did join the rewards program as this is the hotel we usually stay at and if we have more overnight stays, well we could soon get a free room for the night. Definitely a possibility.

Today I will be heading out shopping, the list is small so the expenditure should be reasonable (notice I say reasonable...with costs rising almost daily you never know). I will keep the payments as low as possible however. Yellow fin tuna will probably be my biggest purchase (more fish with good oils for me)

Frugally, I will be back to using up, wearing out (clothes are getting a bit large, which eventually will lead to either refashioning, or replacement), and just plain making do (in this house that is not a problem at all).

This afternoon I hope to add to the temperature blanket, and continue the quest to hand quilt around all those butterflies. Then since I found the cream coloured fabric, I plan on cutting those 2" strips for binding at some point. May as well get as much done as possible so once the hand quilting is completed I can start the machine quilting and get this 4 year project completed (been very scared of it).

Tonight I should be able to complete the second fingerless mitt that I started. I hope tomorrow to be able to cast on with the lovely blue dyed alpaca youngest DS gifted me.

Supper tonight will be leftover roast beef made into a stir fry (need veggies from the crisper gone). I think served over brown rice.

Today I am grateful to be home and in my own bed. Got a wonderful sleep last night.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In January 17, 2019

Post by Dgflorida »

Good chilly Florida morning all,

It says 36F and there seems to be a light layer of frost on shed and car roofs. This is cooler than they predicted for the area. A mistake common with weather people here. Cold is not their forte'. After dragging in delicate potted plants over and over again last January only to lose them to late season wilt, I said not again. Glad I decided that.

The house took all night to get down to the furnace trigger temperature of 65F. Just reached it when it was time to raise it to the daytime temperature of 68F. I put the plastic up over the picture window last evening and I could tell that was a good idea. Even with blinds, that large surface radiated a lot of cold air. Greatly reduced with the plastic.

The post op visit to the doctor went well yesterday and I got a much needed nap in the late afternoon. So today should be a productive day. Cat behaved last night.

Today, I plan to drop off a load of men's winter clothes to the local emergency shelter and get some more concrete blocks for my latest project. Also cut up the whole turkey that finally thawed in the refrigerator. Re-freeze most of it for our next spell of cold weather. According to the weather somewhere between 48-72 hours, a cold spell will hit with rain and wind. That will mean a crockpot turkey breast and a pot of fresh turkey soup. Yum. Meanwhile chicken breasts with vegetables.

Today, I am grateful for hubs improved vision although he became a side seat driver yesterday. Have a good day all. Jackielou, Penny, Littlemiss and others are in my get well, stay well thoughts.

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Re: Daily Check In January 17, 2019

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning,

Jackie, sorry you did not get all of your answers.

We are supposed to get freezing rain today, so working from home again. Gives me cabin fever. I should pull up a walking video on YouTube.

I have plenty of food to get through the weekend. I have stuff to study, I can pull together some sort of sewing project. So let is snow again.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check In January 17, 2019

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Hello friends,

I am exhausted!!!! I got home last night at 8pm after talking to a lengthy line of students & parents for 4 hours solid with no breaks. My voice is quite rough-sounding too. I’m also lacking ambition to go to school today. ☹️ I CAN DO HARD THINGS though, and wil go back for today’s teaching & parent teacher conferences!!

Dd5 & ds14 still not feeling good. ☹️

I think I might go talk to ds14’s teachers next Tuesday after school. Maybe I should email them all too, especially as he's been home this week.

Dinner will be???

Today I’m thankful for the 3 inches of snow I found yesterday am when I left for work.

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Re: Daily Check In January 17, 2019

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning ...
Right at freezing, and it looks like the rain/freezing rain/snow is on the way. Then we head into the deep freeze ... welcome to January!

Jackie, sorry you didn't get the answers you need. Hang in there.
Penny, glad you're on the mend; DG, glad your DH is on the mend.
Libby ... hang in there, too.

Another puttering day. Didn't get as much done as I wanted to do ... not a lot of motivation yesterday.

Apparently I need new glasses or better lighting ... I didn't do a very good job on cutting out the napkins. Had to clean that up before I could start hemming.

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