Daily Check In May 14, 2019

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Daily Check In May 14, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Morning. Starting us off. Need coffee.

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Re: Daily Check In May 14, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Another warm and sunny day coming up. It will be lovely to go out and work in, however we are having the tires changed over on the vehicle at 2 pm today. I think that today would be a great day (since we will be in the truck anyway) to buy the soil and see if any more of the plants I want are in at any of the four places that carry plants. Really, I would just like to be able to finish this all up in a couple of days planting ….. Mind you they are saying rain this weekend which could cause a few problems.

Hubby has most of his veggie garden in. He just needs a couple of things to finish it off. Planting kale this year as well. It does seem like every year his veggie garden gets smaller and smaller.

Frugally speaking if we buy the soil and a few more plants this will not be the most frugal of days. However we will use the accumulated money on our cash back Canadian Tire card to pay for what we can making it at least a little bit less expensive. Then the tire exchange will not be the least expensive place to get it done as we are doing it at the dealership (could have done it cheaper at Canadian Tire).

Since this shopping and taking in of the vehicle will be occurring during the prime sewing time, I guess that project will be put on the back burner... I will continue with the declutter and organization of the bedroom. I am still thinking of pretty covers for my pattern binders and am considering fabric or some cheaper dollar store wrapping paper. Both would be stenciled with what the binder contains. As I won't be sewing, I think I will go through my cross stitch pattern books once again. It will be tough but I have years worth of these magazines and I doubt very much if I will use all of them in the future. Heck I could cross stitch for years and never use every single pattern I own. Before donating them however I think I will try and sell them on one of the garage sale groups I belong to. May as well see if I can get some of the money I spent purchasing them back.

It sure was nice to hang the laundry out yesterday. I love having sweetly smelling clothes (don't believe in using fabric softener to add scent). Now spring is really here.

Still using up odds and ends in cooking, sewing, and knitting. Yesterday I used part of an old sheet (well not that old, it just shrunk so much it did not fit our bed) to make the curtains for the basement window. Just the right colour. The remainder of the sheet (small piece) has been added to the donation pile.

I have been watching some very interesting BBC series over the last week or so. Right now I am watching Heartbeat which is a police drama set in the 1950's. I have watched 4 episodes and am not too sure about it as of yet.

Supper tonight is going to be some smoked sausage, along with salad, and probably pasta of some type.

Today I am grateful for the continued lovely weather.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In May 14, 2019

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning all

I slept well last night considering. I kept the sick pup in a crate and he would whine because he wanted to be on the bed. But nope. He finally fell asleep.

He went out already and did his thing.

I started taking some meds for my anxious feelings so maybe that is why i can sleep better? It has been about a week. With all this going on with my sibling also - probably a good thing.

Thankfully his daughter is really doing a good job of getting things organized, even from a distance. Wherever he ends up will be the best because he needs the constant interaction with people. It was difficult for him to leave the house. He loves to talk!

Hope all have a great day

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Re: Daily Check In May 14, 2019

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning. It is chilly but sunny and suppose to warm up. However storms this evening.

My neighbor called last night and she will be over to cut my grass this afternoon. When my aide comes we will in to town to the grocery store and to pick up dog food for Teddi. I went in to town yesterday on my own but by the time I finished my other errands it was too hot to leave Teddi in the car while I shopped. By the time we run errands it should be dry enough for me to go out and pick up sticks. Not much else planned other than the ongoing laundry with washing sheets in hot water due to poison ivy.

Have a good and frugal day everyone..
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Re: Daily Check In May 14, 2019

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning all.

We had more rain this morning but it is clear now. Getting ready to go to moms house. Hard to push myself this morning. I noticed as I was leaving yesterday that the ligustrum bushes in the front need trimming again. That is easy work. Then I’ll probably do more cleaning.

I left a message with a carpet cleaning company. This is the son of mom’s good neighbor behind her (not the messy neighbor where I put the fence). He’s my age but I haven’t seen him in years. While I was writing this I got a call back and we set an appointment for Thursday. His company has good reviews and I trust him. While he’s there I’m going to ask for his recommendation for new carpet for mom’s bedroom.

Last night I watched the only Doris Day movie I could find on Prime. It Happened to Jane from 1959. Doris Day and Jack Lemmon. Kind of corny but cute. There are some episodes of her TV show so I may check those out. Read this morning that she left her estate to charity, sounded like mostly her animal foundation. Her only child died awhile ago.

Now it is overcast again.

Better get going or I’ll sit here all day.

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Re: Daily Check In May 14, 2019

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning all,

Today will be a quiet day. I finally talked to the yard guy and get his cost. It was making me nervous that he didn't email the information to me as he promised. His cost is reasonable and so I will not look for anyone else. I know what his work is like and it is good enough at his price. He also seems to run late for appointments. I think it will hurt his business since a lot of people do expect promptness. He says he has a lot of clients now, but I suspect he will have trouble keeping them if he doesn't get his proposals, estimates organized and isn't prompt. I left a message with the handyman that the new rain barrel arrived. Waiting now. Yes, it is spending money and not my favorite thing. But I must put my knee health first.

The knee is amazingly improved, but it still needs a brace and feels unstable. Swelling is almost gone. I will see the chiropractor tomorrow and we will see how that goes. I hope I will be allowed to start walking on it soon. It is not well, for sure.

I stopped by the neighbor facing neck surgery this Friday. I wished her good luck. She was very upbeat. She and her husband had taken a trip to the mountains and she brought back some antiques. Also her orchids did not die while she was gone and they look lovely. They have really put out for her this year. I am happy for her. I don't like orchids much, but I was enthusiastic for her.

Later in the day yesterday, I saw the neighbor facing cataract surgery today walking by in the evening and wished him well. Meanwhile, our Iran neighbor who has a habit of spreading rumors was there telling the neighbor guy and his wife all about "someone stealing mail out of boxes". I had already found out that it was based on someone not getting a check from Germany on time. But she has decided it is the white panel van truck stealing the mail. Well, there are a lot of white panel trucks around here. Amazon delivery for example. She made nervous neighbor upset and also the old widow blind guy up the street a couple of days ago. There is enough stuff going on in the world without inventing more. She does have a good heart, but the drama without merit is not good.

We might get rain or not. The humidity is very high and the day overcast at the moment. The mosquitoes are bad. I want to move some volunteer flowers before the yard guy mows them down tomorrow, but not right now. May not happen.

Hubs is planning to get out the monthly report today. And the kitchen needs work. The laundry is waiting on clear weather. And the garden looks ok.

I am grateful that my life is simple and my workload light. Have a good day everyone.

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