downsizing as we get older.

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downsizing as we get older.

Post by icfrugal1 » ... PcW6kiJS-s

For so many reasons DH and I don't plan to relocate, but a lot in this piece makes sense, from the de-cluttering point of view.

But an interesting read. :P


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Re: downsizing as we get older.

Post by Carleen »

When we were shopping for a retirement home, we found that in our area there was no such thing as down-sizing unless we wanted an older house that was not handicapped accessible (narrow hallways, small bathrooms, narrow doorways, etc.,). So we shifted gears and started looking for a new-build house. That shift got us to senior communities which featured wide doorways, wide hallways, bathrooms that are big enough to maneuver in, etc. Since bending over is a strain for me, we got higher counters, high sinks, roll-out shelves. The washer and dryer are on the same floor as the bedrooms.

We went from a 2,600 sq. ft. house to a 4,000 sq. ft. house. We thought (for a moment) that this house would be too big but we quickly learned that we each need our own space!!!

This house is truly a wonderful decision. I know that a smaller house would have been a mistake! This house is now 15 years old and we love it! I have told people that if you do decide to downsize, remember that you will have to get rid of most of the treasures you worked hard to get and also lots of items that are keepsakes to remind yourself of people of long ago.
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Re: downsizing as we get older.

Post by gaylejackson2 »

icfrugal1 wrote:
Thu May 16, 2019 2:00 pm ... PcW6kiJS-s

For so many reasons DH and I don't plan to relocate, but a lot in this piece makes sense, from the de-cluttering point of view.

But an interesting read. :P

It is interesting.

Someday I would like to downsize, or maybe just relocate.

This spring has taught me that I REALLY DON'T like living near a creek (small river) that could flood any spring. Also, while I LOVE having a basement, I don't love knowing that there is no exit from it in case of fire or disaster, unless you don't mind climbing through the window-wells, if the stairway s blocked. I also don't love my laundry room being in the basement.

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Re: downsizing as we get older.

Post by colonialgirl »

Bravo Carleen!!

So glad to see someone unashamed to admit they have and like their possessions. I could not agree with you more. It seems that within the last decade or so there has been such a trend toward looking down on people who want to have a larger home or possessions they have worked hard to obtain. Not everyone wants the same things.

I realize there will come a time that I will have to give up some things in my life - but that doesn't mean I have to come to some sort of downsizing ephiphany that results in moving to a small square footage house and sneeringly labeling everyone that has items that are not in daily use as "materialistic".

You go girl!

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Re: downsizing as we get older.

Post by rinty »

There does need to be some middle ground, it can't be always about Marie Kondo-ing ourselves into a place the size of a Japanese capsule hotel but I do think its not unreasonable for the majority of people to downsize as they get older simply to make life easier.

Carleen, your home sounds lovely but if DH lived in a 4000 sq ft house we'd never see each other ! " Hello ?????, are you there, dear ?" It would be great for family parties, I'll give you that :)

Our house was referred to by the son of visiting American friends ( college age boy ) as " this is a very NICE small house " followed by a rundown of the OTHER "small houses" they had been in as they visited friends in the UK. He didn't like any of them ;) Bless his mother, she was MORTIFIED. Damned with faint praise indeed :shock: They live in the middle of nowhere in Idaho , its very nice but the place is so big, it has an echo.Ours is a 3 bedroom detached home of just a hair over 1000ft, and if I had my choice again, I'd have gone for a 2 bed with around 700ft and I am no minimalist and DH and I have hobbies, loads of books and a large food pantry. Its not cluttered its well designed.

Nobody has to do anything, its what fits for you.

It takes less time to clean than our old family home

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Re: downsizing as we get older.

Post by Quilter51 »

I live in a 3 bedroom, one and a half bath space with a large eat in kitchen and two living spaces (I no longer need a large dining table) at about 1500 ft. I entertain, craft and do many things but consistently have things leaving the house or taken home by kids. Much of this is because I no longer have the patience and am no longer willing to maintain the stuff. As for seperate space, someone asked me the other day....if my husband were still here, he would have an office/guestroom. I would have an office/craftroom, we would have a large bedroom and one living space would be the TV room, the other the reading room
That plus a small patio and yard would be all we needed. But I have decided that in retirement I want to spend as little time as possible on the maintenance part of life.

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