daily check in May 31, 2019

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daily check in May 31, 2019

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Good morning. Let's get started.

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Re: daily check in May 31, 2019

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Good morning frugal folks,

Another hot day ahead in Florida. All my gardening FB friends are crying over losing plants or sad looking plants. May is a dry month, but these near record temperatures are rough. I stayed in most of the day after the "nut" run to the bulk food place. They were low on stock. The cashier said that they order, but sometimes the food is just out of stock. Sadly, I think this is the way it will become. More and more empty shelves.

Hubs has decided on a new stand alone computer and yesterday afternoon, I figured I should tidy the office room and figure out how to fit it in. Well, there is a lot of junk in the room. I will still be working on it this afternoon.

Hubs has a doctor appointment with his gp doctor. They have moved their office and it will take almost an hour to get there. He is a good doctor, but I am not sure that good. I know my doctor, his wife, is not a fit for me, so I expect this trip will get me busy finding a closer one. On the way home, we will stop at Aldi's and get the eggs and blueberries on sale. Hubs has been asking for fruit and blueberries and strawberries are permitted.

I have chicken thawing in the refrigerator and I can tell that I better leave it out on the counter if I plan to cook it tonight. I made solar tea yesterday and we will have it with the chicken tonight.

I went outside and did just 10 minutes in the yard before dark. It was still hot. And my quiet bad knee started growling. I hate staying inside, but it seems my fate for now.

Today, I am grateful for a good night's sleep and minimal pain. Have a good day everyone. Be safe.

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Re: daily check in May 31, 2019

Post by rinty »


Feeling quite smug today as I am not posting a To Do list but a " done it already" list and don't it feel good ! ;)

Nice nights sleep in our own bed which is quite the novelty as I was away on that school trip the week before we went away. Slept like a log til 7.30.

Unpacked and put away all the camping stuff, scrubbed those things that needed it and did 3 loads washing, 2 are on the line. One dishwasher load but scrubbed the pans and bits after all our outdoor cookin'.

Sad to find that the Random Container I had found in the freezer ( DH thinks labels are a myth ) was in fact Stewed Apple NOT the turkey stock I was hoping for. So shelved the plan for a vat of soup and made two gigantor apple crumbles instead, its chilly today so its fine. The large pack of minced beef was turned into a very rich thick base for a cottage pie. In fact TWO cottage pies, one for us and one for the freezer. I mashed up some spuds and it is sat there looking lovely............its for tea though so have to wait to eat it :(

Made up a mixed bean and pasta salad for our lunch as we are both still busy. DH went to the allotment to water and check on things, I planted up the last of our pots and pkanters.

Last night we had needed milk so I waited til Yellow Sticker O'clock then walked over . As well as the full price milk I spent another 40p on two different types of bread rolls, 6 in a pack and a loaf of branded wholemeal bread and 2 heads of Little Gem lettuce. A good haul ;) They had bedding plants £1 cheaper than ALDI so I got them thinking they would fill my last 6 pots and they have.

Also phoned/emailed and chivvied DS stuff. I went on a different approach re the money DS owes and went to the person on the lowest rung of the ladder. SHE was appalled, told me off ( I don't care, it wasn't down to me but I just want it PAID !!!! ) and will be putting a bill in the post ( huffing and puffing that I had " allowed " this to mount up ) :D

Bless her.

ANYWAY, I will iron tonight as there is something I want to watch on TV. Two more DS things to tackle and some more washing to hang out once its finished.

DD is coming over to borrow some camping stuff as they are off for the weekend when the weather is supposed to turn warm again. I will get over to DS either today or tomorrow.

Pleased with the day so far though, very satisfying ticking things off as DONE.

Not yet applied for that new job role, can't think how too word it.

Look after yourselves.

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Re: daily check in May 31, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

No sunshine here today, the skies are hazy. This is from the fires that are spreading in our neighbouring province of Alberta. Two rather large evacuations have already taken place, and unless the fires are brought under control, more will happen.

I can't have a to do list up yet Rinty, but wow you are really moving. Me, well I just got up and am waiting for coffee. It was pill day today, so I need to wait another 15 minutes before I can have coffee!!!! My fingers are jumbledly trying to type and making all sorts of errors.

It is supposed to be a bit cooler today so I will water my plants this morning before it gets too warm. And since I have now figured out where to plant (and in what to plant) the last few petunias I will get those done early.

It was weigh in for me this morning and I lost another pound. That makes 2 pounds only this month. Not going to sneeze at that, but sometimes I wish the weight would go a bit faster. I am not going to starve myself though, so I will take what I can get. It is much better than gaining weight.

My usual Friday list to be accomplished today and I hope to get a few extra items done as well. With company coming on Monday I need the house looking at least tidy (spotless could be accomplished, but I am too lazy to go that far). Since we will be attending Saturday night Mass I have all day Sunday to putz around and make sure things are nice.

Before I head out for my walk this morning I will pull out some butter to soften for baking. While it is still cool enough I think I will bake my rhubarb cake (or perhaps two). One can be sliced and put in the freezer for future use and the other will be our dessert for the next couple of days.

Also while still cool I am going to finish the quilt. I just have to get the binding on. This will be one more item off the goals list, but still I have not sewn any of the clothes I have cut out. I need to do that (once the central air is in or the next cooler day). Still I did accomplish many of them before the end of this month.

Shania is eating, just not eating very well. She is also sleeping most of the day away. I got her in June 20 years ago, and perhaps being as old as she is, things are getting harder for her. No pain complaints from her (believe me she meows constantly when in pain).

Supper tonight is a Tuna Casserole. I am thinking about pulling out the electric oven for this one, but the heat isn't supposed to be too bad today.

Today I am grateful for fans that help circulate the air and keep it fairly cool in the house.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: daily check in May 31, 2019

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Good morning. A quick Hello since my aide and I will be going shopping. I will be cherry picking only. I will be buying 2 rotisserie chickens that are on sale today and tomorrow only. I go through at least one a week if not more between myself and Teddi. I am going to pick the meat off of the bones and then package for the freezer in portion sizes.

Have a good and frugal day..
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: daily check in May 31, 2019

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Good morning all.

Rinty, I am impressed with all you’ve accomplished this morning!!

Jackie, I hope that Shania will get her appetite back. She is doing well for 20.

I equate the post title to a headline. It’s the journalist in me.

The heat is getting to me. Probably a big reason is I turned my a/c up 2 degrees at the start of the heat wave, not to save money but because my system is old and I’m afraid that running it constantly will destroy it. I have ceiling fans in the bedroom and living room but it is still humid. We were lucky to have a comfortable Spring but we’re paying for it now.

Today I’ll pick up my shoes at JC Penney. I think I’ll get some gas since it is lower right now.

After my doctor appt (which went well) I did not go to mom’s house to put out the trash. Figured it could wait until next week since I’m doing so little in the yard. I’m SO glad I painted the utility building over the Winter. I want to paint the front step and just the thought of doing that including the prep work makes me want to go inside and crank up the a/c.

I ordered a new cordless phone/answering machine from Amazon. I’ll get it tomorrow and I can’t wait because I have not been able to hear the messages on my current machine the past few days. Hope I haven’t missed anything important. Because of this I’m answering the phone more often. I have the receipt stapled to the booklet for my current phone and see it is 20 years old.

Enjoy your day.

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