Daily check in June 2, 2019

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Re: Daily check in June 2, 2019

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clemencia2us wrote:
Sun Jun 02, 2019 9:33 am
Thanks PennyC

Got up way too early. Little pup has to go out and he didn't care it was my birthday! :lol:
Happy birthday Clem..
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily check in June 2, 2019

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From rainy Britain. We were at the allotment for hours. My role was solely picking stuff , we have a ton of peas and broad beans. They are being processed as we speak ;) I ate a bucketload whilst picking............

Dinner today is from the latest FREE ASDA magazine. Cheeseburger Chilli Nachos...........I know the only vaguely healthy part of them is that you use turkey mince, but seriously , YUM :shock:

Ticked all the boxes of TO DO today in prep for back to work. Ugh. I can't be bothered, why don't I just stay home and shell peas like some peasant ? I am sure I'll love it once I get there and apply for that role. HOPEFULLY.

Depends on everyone elses mood as well , mind you. It is also the Last Gasp getting students to reach their targets. Face it , some will not...........

I should have filled the car with petrol but , its Sunday so I didn't, I have enough for the next 2 days probably.

Next weeks expenses will be some petrol and that's it, I am saving for a decent haircut and colour at my old stylist. Cheap hair haircuts can only take you so far and the girl I have been seeing recently Cannot Cut Hair for Toffee, I was watching her in the mirror thinking " what is she DOING!!!" last time. My old stylist says she cannot colour it cos my scalp is too inflamed ( dratted skin problems ) so Still Gonna Be Grey :shock: But well cut grey..............with an actual STYLE.

Happy Birthday Clem, do what I do with Tom and buy yourself something fabulous then say " You Shouldn't Have " . Treats are good.

So the goal is to keep that £8 in my purse untouched, pack lunches, not to snack on any biscuits or junk during breaks, post off necessary DS stuff, apply for new role and support other collegues doing the same. Limiting TV watching this week to re-runs of MASH for my own peace of mind.......

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Re: Daily check in June 2, 2019

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Good late morning ...

Beautiful day here! We were out of town last night and had to drive through a downpour to get home, but the rains have stopped (for now). In fact, I had to water the garden yesterday.

Things evened out on the other project, so I picked up a couple of days of work. Will pick up another couple next week. I know I intend to be done by Friday ... that's the agreed-upon end date, LOL!

Today, the weather is nice enough that I can actually dry some things outside. Otherwise, need to get milk, and will see what I can get done around here.

Clem, happy birthday. (I've been debating about a new desktop computer, too.)
Penny, belated happy birthday.
Jackie, smaller TV aren't too expensive these days, so it shouldn't be a huge hit on the budget.

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Re: Daily check in June 2, 2019

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Hello everyone,

I called DS1, they were on their was to an amusement park for the morning. He said they'd call when they are done. After Church, my coffee and reading my newspaper, I ventured out a picked up a few things from JoAnn's, then a shoe rack from Target and finally a plastic potting trough and then planted my herbs. Hopefully they will grow. The balcony does not get a lot of direct sun even though it faces South.

Have a good day,

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Re: Daily check in June 2, 2019

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Another beautiful day in my neck of the woods. They predicted rain, but it has passed us by so far. I overslept this morning and missed church, but will go tonight.

I am in a cooking mood so am planning on spending some time in the kitchen preparing some food for the freezer. I have potatoes that need to me made into potato salad and mashed potatoes. I find that my life is much easier by doing bulk cooking for myself and it definitely saves me money. Today for lunch I had some of the delicious roast that I made in my dutch oven about a month ago. I can get many 4 oz meals from a nice pot roast.

I found a deal on the internet where I could get STARZ for $5.00 for 3 months. There are some series that I want to watch and I can finish them in that length of time, then I will probably cancel. However, if I really like it I will keep for $8.99. My cable bill right now is $1.09 a month for Hulu. My son gives me Netflix and with YouTube and the Roku Channel apps I have plenty of entertainment.

Happy Birthday to Clem and to only be 59 again. :lol: :lol:

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

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Re: Daily check in June 2, 2019

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Thank you Little Miss!

I am just relaxing at home. I have one more "event" at 5.

My family asked where i wanted to go to eat today and i said - lets wait

I have all month to celebrate. I am not particular. To me Sunday is a day to just veg.

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