July 11, 2019 Daily check in

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July 11, 2019 Daily check in

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Getting us started today.

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Re: July 11, 2019 Daily check in

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Hello friends,

I don't feel particularly anxious to get moving this morning. My bed feels great, and I may sleep in

Dh just left, with a dismal excuse for lunch (thank you ds16 for eating all the chicken); he had a hard time moving this morning too.

When I walked him out, the usual collection of sugar ants were there plus what looked like winged ants that crawled on the cement driveway.

I am dozing off I’ll post more later.

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Re: July 11, 2019 Daily check in

Post by mbrudnic »

Hi everyone,

On my way to the office, my low gas light went on. Boy did I see a surprisingly wide range of prices. Highest was $2.99/gal, but just down the street, Kroger was selling for $2.49. With my Kroger card I got 10 cent off for $2.39 a gallon. I saw $2.89 and $2.51. The spread is not usually that great.

I am frustrated, I step on the scale and it keeps going up. My hip is still bothering me, keeping me from doing a whole lot of exercise, and I am often hungry. I need to figure this out.

I had a smoke alarm in the second bedroom chirping this AM. I'll take care of it when I get home.

Have a great day,

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Re: July 11, 2019 Daily check in

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning ...
Another hot day ahead. Hoping all near the Gulf can stay safe ...

Got the estimate back from the body shop ... the outside repairs alone cost what DH's car is worth. Stay tuned ...

Otherwise, I have a few household things to take care of today. Dinner will be something to use up some ham ... might bake a small batch of muffins before it gets too hot.

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Re: July 11, 2019 Daily check in

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

It is a bit breezy out but the sun is shining, and the sky has thin wisps of clouds floating through it. So it should be a nice day, in fact after all the rain it will be a humid one.

I am going to head out early for the errands today. I don't do well in humid conditions so will be staying inside, organizing and tidying (perhaps getting work done ahead).

I got a text last week from our optometrist and it is that time to get our eyes tested. We managed to get an appointment for both of us tomorrow due to cancellations (don't quite believe that as many of this doctor's patients have transferred to the other optometrist in the city). So we will be having two spend days in a row. Decided that I need to stop by the bank as well and order some cheques (hate doing that because they are really expensive).

I priced out computer systems yesterday, gave youngest DS a call and relayed the specs to him. He chose the one that is a bit more pricey but said it has a much better processor, and will last us a very long time. So today I will go and order this as well. Things will be in hand for when the new desk arrives in the middle of August. Now I just have to get my rear in gear and start some more decluttering and organizing. Not just in the sewing/craft room, but in the area we use as a home office as well.

I have my grocery list made up, and my coupons ready. I am hoping to save lots by shopping the sales. I want to be under our budget line for groceries/sundries for this month as well. Being under for the year is great, but seeing how far under I am in a month is even better. When the garden starts producing we should be under by a great deal.

I plan on getting the mint picked and in peeking at the herb planter noticed that the oregano could be picked and dehydrated as well. I will set the dehydrator out on the deck and get those going after I go shopping. There are teeny tiny zucchini growing and I should be able to pick those shortly (amazing how they balloon up almost overnight). I might even get another pick of rhubarb from the two plants we have. Strawberries are coming along slowly. Silly birds have been pecking unripe berries and there are a great many of those. Don't understand why they haven't ripened as of yet though.

Supper tonight will be a type of Jambalaya made with sausage and no shrimp (could pick up a small package if they are on sale today). Served with the leftover salad and I might make butterscotch pudding for dessert.

Today I am grateful that youngest DS can come home for a few days while oldest DS is at home. They do not get to see each other that often and I do not want them growing apart.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: July 11, 2019 Daily check in

Post by itspennyc »

I finished another project, a Tiny Penguin.

I have 2 more projects on my needles i want to finish before I start my Christmas knitting.

I did something very rare last night. I slept through the night.

I have a lot of yarn to put away.

I ordered some yarn last night. My order wasn’t enough for free shipping. I figured it was better to pay $3.99 than order yarn I didn’t need.

I found a pattern for a platypus. When I was a child the Bronx Zoo had one. So I have seen one.


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