July 11, 2019 Daily check in

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Re: July 11, 2019 Daily check in

Post by jckitty »

Good morning all,

Up at a decent time, not as hot as yesterday but it will get there...blaah!
Telephone tech here and working on the issues. It is in their equipment boxes not the house, I knew that but...they have to confirm it.

I slept okay but had some strange dreams, I do think that my sleep pattern is evening out.
Chicken pot pie filling from the freezer to be served over mashed potatoes for supper tonight. Salad and green beans on the side.

I need to clean and defrost the upright freezer today, the fiancé left to mow at one of his jobs, said he will be back later to spend some time here...A/C and cold lemonade will be waiting for him. He really suffers in the heat.

Off to do something, want to stay active.

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Re: July 11, 2019 Daily check in

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning all

Can't believe i left the house before i had my coffee

But i didn't want to have to use the facilities while i was out there walking. I finally managed to get my behind out of bed early enough to hit the trail at a decent hour.

Went at 9. That is early for me - lol. I almost didn't go. Made excuses for myself in my head. I did have sinus issues. Thank goodness my walking partner kept texting and asking if i was going. I think she needed the motivation also. So we made it. Feel so much better now. Knee still a little painful but should improve

Now having my coffee and will start to get ready in a bit. Have to shower and wash my hair.

Hope all have a great day.

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Re: July 11, 2019 Daily check in

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Hello again frugal friends,

I slept for another 3 hours, Which I desperately needed.

I did have tentative plans to go to a local lake with my women’s church group today but I have a stomachache and chose to stay home. Good thing I didn't tell my children, especially dd6.

I should go weed in garden although it's almost too warm now. I also need to find my tomato plant supports—dh & kids have ruined a bunch so hopefully I can put two plants per support, there is too much room for 1 plant. Then I need to figure out a support for my pole beans, I have several plants vining and trying to climb on each other.

Jackie mentioned her baby zucchini, which reminds me I picked two on Tuesday, and am hoping 3 others will be ready by Sunday. I also have tiny yellow squash that will be ready soon too.

I took 2 knitted dishcloths, and a crocheted hot-pad to family reunion (they were well-received), and decided to start another hotpad yesterday. I have been using scrap balls to make the hotpads, will use 4 reds balls on this one, and used 3 peachy/salmon balls on the other. I’ve decided to try to get a stash of dishcloths & hotpads made up, I like them for gifts and the family grapevine says there’s going to be several weddings coming by year’s end.😍

I finished my latest 3-strand hat (started during July 4th parade) yesterday at widowed friend’s house.
She agreed to be my person to care for my girls’ before school this school year (and on Friday's). She recently found a job, and was so excited when I asked her to care for my girls’ saying yes!! Then she cried when I told I’d be paying her, and mentioned $75/week—she said that amount added to her job was what she needed to finally get off church support.

I need to figure out dinner, perhaps we can have grilled park chops plus baked brussels sprouts—using up food on hand.

I need to clean the house a bit too; the children haven't been doing their summer chores and house smells a little musty. Whenever that happens, dh grumbles at me.

I’ll get the day’s tea steeping while I eat breakfast and dress for gardening.

Today I’m thankful for indoor plumbing, and the eggs & kefir I plan to eat as breakfast.

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Re: July 11, 2019 Daily check in

Post by mbrudnic »

Hi again,

I got home from the office and took a good look at my shoes. An achy hip or knee usually indicates worn shoes. My walking shoes have maybe 1/8 inch difference in the two. They really don't look worn, but I ordered a new pair. Better new shoes at $120 a pop than medical bills.

I also called the bike store. My bike is ready to go. I think I'll also pick up a bike pump.


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Re: July 11, 2019 Daily check in

Post by floridacatlover »

Hello all.

I’ll have a lot to write in my journal tonight. Drove to one of the oldest Acadian towns in NB, Richibucto Village, to see the church where one set of my great-great-great grandparents were married in 1827.Then to a few other towns before heading to the very small “town” (really a crossroads) where my great-grandmother was born. It is VERY rural and I almost didn’t go but the B&B owner this morning said I’d be fine. I did make one wrong turn and I would be totally lost on this whole trip without Google Maps on my phone. Finally got to the church. This version of the church was built in 1868, the year my great grandmother was born, so I’m not sure if she was baptized there. Church was locked but I went to the house next door to see if they had a key. Yes! So I went inside and took some pictures there, too. At various points I thought I was crazy (probably true) to go there alone but it worked out great.

Why is the U.S. the only (or one of the only) countries not on the metric system? I had to ask a nice man how many liters of gas he thought I should put in the car. I’m never sure how fast I’m driving - must look it up to see the conversion for 70, 80 and 100 km/hour.

I’m pretty much done with ancestor hunting for the trip. Next few days will just be sightseeing. Hardest thing I’m finding traveling alone by car is the navigating.

Have a good evening.

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Re: July 11, 2019 Daily check in

Post by Mrscreative »

Good afternoon everyone,

I've had a busy but enjoyable day today. I fertilized and watered all my potted plants and perennials first thing in the morning. I then made dh's lunch to take to golf and cut up some fruit and fresh veggie sticks for dd to take for her lunch. Both are spoiled rotten! After this, picked some rhubarb from the garden and cooked it up to enjoy with dinner this evening. Then I packed my own lunch to take with me to my morning energizer class offered through our 55 Plus centre. It is held at an outdoor city pool (unheated!!) but entirely free. The class only lasts half an hour and the air temperature at that time was 23 C or 73 F. Once I got in the water it wasn't too bad but the cold certainly motivated me to move lots more. Afterwards we had our picnic lunch and played bocce ball. It was loads of fun and is held twice a week so I'm sure I'll go again. After all if Diane in Denmark can do winter bathing (skinny dipping in the ocean), or polar plunging, I should be able to handle this. I'm sure the water would have been a bit warmer than Lake Superior but I do like it to be a very hot day before I plunge into cold water.

After coming home I then went for my walk, and dh beat me back. We sat outside on the deck for awhile, just enjoying the garden and robins. Then I came inside and started supper preparation. We're having a meatless pasta dish, kohlrabi sauteed in butter along with sugar snap peas and fresh parsley from my garden and leftover baby bok choy from yesterday. I also did a small load of laundry, washing the chlorine out of my suit and towel.

Have a wonderful evening,

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