daily Check in Nov 26, 2015

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daily Check in Nov 26, 2015

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning folks,

Happy USA Thanksgiving. Pretty soon I need to make rice crispy treats and think about my sweet potatoes. I need to be ready to leave about 11 AM. I went and walked around the new local shopping\"lifestyle" center.There were lots of cars in the parking lot, but the sidewalks were not too crowded. I was hoping some physical activity would help my sleeping issue. And I was awake until about 10 PM and I woke up about 4:30. I found a couple of gifts.

I do want to venture out tomorrow, but at a reasonable time and to a unique neighborhood with independent shops. And of course, the fabric store.

Hubby has DS helping him in the powder room. Hubby had some nodules removed from his elbow and cannot lift. So DS took down the light fixture and sanded down the spackle. Good things to learn. They will be installing the toilet this week. Last weekend DGS told my Mom "Toilet gone",

Have a great day,

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Re: daily Check in Nov 26, 2015

Post by Shelsmiles »

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving to those of us in the USA. :)

I've been up since 2:30. Wish I could say lots done but just struggling with pain from the dental surgery that was dine last week. :( I'm still pretty miserable after all the pain medication, anti-inflammitories and antibiotics are done. I think I have a dry socket on one side and possibly something wrong with the bone graft on the other side. Of course it's holiday so there's nothing to be done about it. I will take some ibuprofen, use compresses and supervise the cooking of the big dinner today. Hopefully it starts to feel better soon. I hate to be the downer at a time like this.

DH has the smoke house rocking already this am. Kids still sleeping, but they will be cooking in an hour or so. I will supervise as previously decided. :). It's going to be an interesting holiday but I'm also kind of excited for them to learn what it takes. It's a lesson in gratitude that is long overdue maybe. Not that my kids are unaware that it's work, but they have never put a huge meal together themselves.

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Re: daily Check in Nov 26, 2015

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites

To all American posters Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all have a wonderful day full of family and love. Travel safe if you have to travel.

Another restless night as every single time I moved my knee wrong I was in pain. I do foresee a short nap this afternoon if possible.

The temperature dropped drastically overnight and I am wondering if I will be heading out for a short walk. I really don't like when we are down to almost -20 C as that feels cold no matter what. I may just go around the block as that will at least give me some steps (perhaps doing so a few times today). Should be able to handle that short a period of cold.

The rest of the day (sans nap time) will be spent getting a few things done around the house. I am thinking that since I will not be able to clean the oven yet again today, perhaps doing some of my extra cleaning for next month is the ticket or just sitting in the sewing/craft room and doing a bit more tidying up (I know things will be put in here once the day arrives for the 22 people plus us 4 are together). There is always the pantry closet to rearrange as well.

Frugality wise we will be sticking close to home. I will be using items up from my pantry and freezer, wearing out, decluttering and turning things off when not in use. In other words a typical day around here.

I do hope to get more of my knitting done. I decided to try doing something different with the front bands. Just hope it turns out okay. It does seem to be knitting up nicely, though it did take awhile to figure out the buttonholes and not ruing the pattern I am using.

Supper tonight will be a package of leftover ham from the freezer. I am thinking of frying it a bit and adding pasta and the remaining salad to our meal. Slowly but surely the baskets in the freezer are losing their contents. It will be nice to have space for Christmas baking and then all the new leftovers we will accumulate over the holidays.

Today I am grateful that we have everything we need and some of our wants as well.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: daily Check in Nov 26, 2015

Post by AuntBridget »

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow US residences. And Blessing to all !!

Did most of my prep work for my family gathering last night. This morning I just need to put the dressing in the oven to bake, and the sliced ham in to warm up. And then I'm going to chop up some apples and make two different kinds of apple salad.

When I took my brother home yesterday after picking him up from the mechanic, I washed and set my mom's hair, so that she will look nice for the family gathering. And while talking to my other brother about what I was bringing it was decided that instead of just bringing my peanutbutterscotch apple salad, that I would also make an apple salad that we grew up with. My mom would dice up apples, onion, dill pickles,celery and then mix in mayonnaise. As I type that out, it sounds gross, but it really does taste better than it sounds.

Right now it is raining, which I believe it is supposed to do all day. Kind of a bummer, but am glad it is not snow, as I have a sister, niece and niece's fiance traveling from Illinois to join us.

Since our family gathering is from 10-4 today , I do not suspect that I will get much else done....and you know what....that is okay. I have learned that one never knows when the last time is you might spend time with loved ones is.....so it takes top priority.

I am positive that supper tonight will be left overs from the noon meal. And if we come home with none, then I will just cut up some meat and cheese and apples and call it good.

Well, off to let Bently out and get her fed, and start on my apple salads.

Everyone have a terrific Thursday !
Aunt Bridget

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Re: daily Check in Nov 26, 2015

Post by LogicsHere »

Happy Thanksgiving to all U.S. followers.

My Thanksgiving prep was done this past Saturday. Was disappointed somewhat as my mother took only about 2 bites of everything . . . still in rebellious stage. She has been causing problems at the NH with her very vocal racial slurs. This is a side I never saw of my mother. Spoke to the nursing supervisor on duty yesterday as my mother was in a bad, weepy mood again when I arrived and originally excited about my bringing her a Christmas tree, didn't want it yesterday. The nurse gave me a few things to think about to give a try . . . she said that outside of the effect of the antidepressant she's on and distracting her when she gets into these moods, there isn't much anything else that can be done.

By the time I got back to my mom's room, the mood had passed and she was fine the rest of the day.

Will be spending the day with her today. Signed up to join her for the Thanksgiving meal today . . . not that I expect she's going to eat anything.

Have been doing a little "free" shopping at CVS for my sister and her husband for Christmas and bought a Kindle tablet for my niece today. I will be giving my mother things to occupy her time like Word Search books, pencils, pens, paper etc. Was thinking if I brought in two color by number kits, she might work on one set along with me.

Unemployment has ended so I won't see money again until mid-December when my SS check due again and my 401K deposit about a week later. Will have to do a better job on spending in 2016 and especially between now and when my SS does come in again.

Well, have a nice day all.

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Re: daily Check in Nov 26, 2015

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning all frugals and happy U.S. T day,

The $5.00, 22 lb turkey is thawed. This afternoon, I will take my Rapala fillet knife and turn it into 4 or 5 meals plus soup fixings. Actually, each "meal" ends up being 2 for us, one straight out of the slow cooker and the second as leftovers. Today, we will have a turkey breast from the slow cooker along with stuffing, brussel sprouts, jellied cranberry and pie. I plan to sneak in a bowl of turkey soup and a salad during the day. This will be a difficult day to diet.

I got up early and went to Dollar General for their T day special on coffee, no limit. I bought 4 and used a coupon as well. Score! I also got some cat food at a good price.

The weather is lovely. 70F now and a high of 80F with a good breeze. I plan to work in the yard some while hubs watches endless football. We have no trash/yard waste pickup today and no make up day. So no yard pickup until next Thursday. Bummer.

Asked hubs to give me a budget check before football starts. It is still a bit unreliable with all the travel etc, but some things should be stabilized now. I hope to start next year with a clear budget plan.

Happy turkey day everyone.

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