Daily Check In August 5th

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Re: Daily Check In August 5th

Post by jckitty »

Good morning all,

I feel like I might be in a foul mood, all of this senseless violence over the weekend and then having to listen to the "talking Cheeto" spout his rhetoric . I am seriously thinking of going up one tier on the satellite so I can get the really old shows that are never interrupted for "him".

We went to the birthday party yesterday, in a really nice bowling alley. First thing I find myself doing is scoping out the entrances and exits, looking for hiding places and checking out other people. I hate living like this.

The party went fine, birthday girl received nice gifts and the cake was so cute. I was glad to get home.
Today I am dusting, changing tabletops and doing floors. I am also going to pay bills and clear the desktop.

Reunion next door is over, much quieter in the woods and need to think about mowing.

Found a great deal on chicken leg quarters 54cents a pound, bought 30# for DD to can and 10# for my freezer... we all prefer the dark meat and DD really wants to learn to can some for winter use. Momma is the teacher.

Off to get busy again, or find some deeper sand to stick my head into.

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Re: Daily Check In August 5th

Post by LogicsHere »

jckitty wrote:
Mon Aug 05, 2019 11:13 am
Good morning all,

Off to get busy again, or find some deeper sand to stick my head into.

You and me both!!!!

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Re: Daily Check In August 5th

Post by mbrudnic »

Hi everyone,

Working from home now every day but Thursday. So I had convinced myself that I was going to join the YMCA as a place to go with a purpose. But now I am hesitating. Probably for a goofy reason. I found a job listing for a place I contracted at. I even contacted a lady I worked asking if she had anymore information. I put in my application and i hope she puts in a good word for me. Anyways, I remembered this place has a bit of an onsite gym. But they don't have a pool, which is appealing to me with my current foot and hip issues.

I know Jackie said she is living vicariously with some of us grandparents, but I was ready to give DS5 a good swat on the rear Saturday, or at least swing him over my shoulder and carry him away. We were at my cousin's Slip and slide party. they put out a giant tarp on a hill in their lawn, set up sprinklers, throw some soapy water on it and adults and kids have a ball sliding down it. DS1 was cleaning up DGS2. I was trying to get DGS5 to stop and change and of course he did not want to, defied my and kept staying out of y reach. I ended up falling on my hip. There is no visible bruise, but it is sore. He has this defiant streak.

Oh well,
Have a good day,

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Re: Daily Check In August 5th

Post by icfrugal1 »

Dgflorida wrote:
Mon Aug 05, 2019 7:08 am
Good morning frugal folks,

Rain is coming, they say. So I cancelled my morning walk with nervous neighbor. Frankly, I was tired and really didn't want to walk. Yesterday, I planned to paint my buffet table, in my future outdoor kitchen, but we got a Skype from military son and then a call from hubs brother. Then I couldn't paint because it was above 90F and the paint says don't paint above 90F. I did go out in the yard and get the weeds I pulled out into trashcans. It took 2 large ones. I then got about 2 more trashcans full of weeds pulled before the mosquitoes chased me in. I will leave them dry out a bit and get them in cans late today. Rain is supposed to stop by then.

Today is supposed to be a rainy morning. I have a few tidy house things to do and I may paint. I have everything set up on the enclosed porch, so it should be fine if the temperature stays down.

Hubs tried to force the pin holding the sliding in last night. I heard him cursing and banging and went out to see what was the problem. If you are familiar with the pin in a sliding door. The 2 doors must be aligned to get the pin through. Well, hub's banging bent the side of the hole in the second door and so I had to fix the door hole to get it in. Hubs bellowed that "we" will just drill another hole. I said the We is me and I don't need another chore. After working outside in the heat, I was too tired to even be mad. Just solved the problem and went to bed.

Today, I am grateful for the severals days with no rain that allowed the yard to dry out some. Have a good day everyone.
I hope that you don't mind but I burst out laughing at the "" Hubs bellowed that "we" will just drill another hole. I said the We is me and I don't need another chore"""""

No Sh#t, the we is me here also AAUUGGGG, but you and I just go on.

Sadly I can't do everything that you do, but I do arrange for what needs doing.

IC :lol:

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Re: Daily Check In August 5th

Post by LWolfT »

Good afternoon ...

Another hot one here today. Went with DH to the eye doctor ... he's having real trouble getting a prescription to fit him this time around ... been going to this practice for years.

Otherwise, have clothes in the washer and some work to clean up.

And thank you for asking Rinty ... one row of blocks pieced and sewn together; working on the second row. Quilting will be OK; binding will be interesting since I've never really done it.

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Re: Daily Check In August 5th

Post by SandiSAHM »

Jackielou wrote:
Mon Aug 05, 2019 8:56 am
I did my version of Whack a Mole this morning, and keeping my fingers crossed things seem to be slowing down (just when I say that however things will bounce right back up there in the stratosphere. Oh well it is what it is.
I read check-ins sort of intermittently.... do you mean actual moles? The little underground root-consuming garden- and lawn-demolishing buggers?

If so... after years of chasing one at the last house and the better part of 10 months chasing one here, my mom came to visit. DH happened to complain about the mole in her earshot and she made me take her out to buy some Juicy Fruit gum. Dropped 2 pieces in each of the recent holes (she says you can even leave the wrapper on, but why?) and since then, no mole. Apparently they can't resist it and it gunks up their innards.

I think the dog misses the mole, but DH sure doesn't ;)

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