Give up electricity?

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Re: Give up electricity?

Post by clemencia2us »

The most expensive things to run in your home are the refrigerators and freezers.

Besides cental air or window units.

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Re: Give up electricity?

Post by mbrudnic »

I too, have no desire to give up electrical things, just maybe use them wisely.

I suspect maybe DG, you thrive on the challenge. Is this your way of keeping things interesting in your life? If so, good for you.


Carol V
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Re: Give up electricity?

Post by Carol V »

I did it for nearly five years. Would I do it again? No. My ex wanted to live off the grid and I consented because he said we WOULD have electricity eventually but we never did. It could be a real inconvenience, especially in summer. I had ice chests for fridge, kerosene lamps for light and two small solar panels to keep my radio and cell phone charged. Or leave the phone in the car for charging. Canning season was loads of fun...not. Trying to keep everything fresh till it was processed, but I did it! We had propane for the kitchen stove and I did get a propane fridge but that was not long before we sold the place. It's amazing what you can adapt to if you need to.

My electric bill is generally pretty low. My last bill, however, was $184!
AC is very necessary here but I have a room mate that's driving me nuts. She is overweight so heats up more than either I, or other room mate, does. She'll turn it on at 6 AM when it's only 70 degrees outside and 'perfect' indoors. I know they pay part of the bill but it still causes heart palpitations when I open the bill every month.
Thankfully it's only about 3 mos. and then back to normal.

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Re: Give up electricity?

Post by mona50 »

I think a/c is a necessity in the deep South. No martyr here! People drop dead due to heat stroke - young and old. To have a moldy, mildewed house to save a few dollars is not for me. It is unhealthy as well as ruins furniture and clothes. I do try to conserve with turning off lights, unplugging unused appliances and not turning on the oven in the summer. (use the smaller, convenient appliances), Love cold weather and keep the heat temperature in the house very "cool" - probably uncomfortable for some. Not to save money and be cold but that is my comfort level. To each their own - just MHO.

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Re: Give up electricity?

Post by rinty »

Yay to both Carol and Mona for your sensible posts. As you say, mould and midew aren't frugal.

Hats off to you, Carol for actually living " off grid". Doing everything on a propane stove must have been very hard work !

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Re: Give up electricity?

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Replying for a friend... haha :D

This friend of mine will not use her AC in the summer. Her justification for this is that her family has a backyard pool so this is how they conserve electricity.

We experience temps in the upper 90s in the summer and often higher!!

For myself...

I still read paper books. Not at all the time but I have to say it is nice not having to charge yet another device!

Other than that, I can't think of any electrical conveniences I've given up. I just do my best to turn off lights when I leave rooms and keep the thermostat at a reasonable setting.

Dgflorida wrote:
Sun Aug 25, 2019 6:26 am
In a recent frugal discussion, someone said "I will conserve electricity, but I won't live like a pioneer." Over the decades, most people have become more and more dependent on electricity. And every year, there are more and more electronic devices to take over previous manual activities. While many of them promote convenience, they do use electricity which is not free. What electrical conveniences would you be willing to give up? What ones have you given up?

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