Daily Check-in September 1, 2019

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Daily Check-in September 1, 2019

Post by alliesmama4 »

Happy September 1st everyone. I slept too much yesterday and last night was not sleepy. Also I had an incident where I did not fall but almost fell in the kitchen. I grabbed on to the counter top and fell towards the table and was able to prevent myself from hitting the floor. However somewhat sore today in my right knee, back, and wrist and right arm. I will be ok after a few days of medicine and a nice hot shower and resting off and on. When I get some energy I will be puttering in the kitchen.

Have a good and frugal day everyone.
Janet Alliesmama

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Daily Check In September 1st

Post by rinty »

Well, bring on Christmas !

Set my alarm for 5.50 am for back to work time. It went off/I switched it off and rolled out of bed ( eventually ) having read for a while , at 8.15 am.

Life is good.

Pottered around the hosue til DH returned from the dog walk, then made fried home grown cherry tomatoes ( food of the gods ) on toast with poached eggs.

Hung out some washing as its sunny and breezy and picked another big mixing bowl of raspberries and blackberries.

Sent out some HIYA texts to school co workers. I'm glad we had that afternoon tea so I'm not going in " cold " as it were. I don't WANT to go in at all ;) but que sera. I'm sure once I am back in the swing I shall be talking of nothing else and will be coming up with " extras " that need doing. Or Not ;)

Dinner is steak , all veg from our garden/allotment.....corn on the cob, fried onion rings, new pots and green beans. Dessert may well be those rasps and blackberries in a crumble.

Switched out my kitchen dresser. My kitchen /diner is duck egg blue, it looks good with all the pastel bits and bobs for Spring and Summer but a bit of orange makes it POP for Fall. I have vintage china in various colours so some of that is out together with some chalkboard art, mini pumpkins etc. I did buy some fabric autumn leaves from Wilkos ( dollar tree type) last year but they don't work for me.........it looks tacky rather then tasteful. Also dug out my bone china teacups that I actually DRINK from :shock: we drink more herbal teas in the autumn and it tastes better from a bone china cup.

Felt quite elderly last night actually, as I brought in a hot drink on a tray for us both before we went to bed. Low level ecstasy !

Must remember NOT to discuss politics at work ;)

Look after yourselves .

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Re: Daily Check-in September 1, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Merged our two check ins this morning and went by time posted. Also managed to clean up a bit of spam. Still not quite awake, but slowly getting there with the help of a caffeinated beverage. Which is going down quite well actually, and will more than likely lead to another.

One coat on the hallway completed, and hopefully the second will be done today. I need my sewing room (and truth be told our bedroom) back in order to do anything at all.

Youngest DS said that Hubby asked if he would help move out the old furniture on Monday before he leaves. Good thing cause it is heavy!!!! That means we will need to get the carpet ordered and replaced in the living room very quickly, as well as the new furniture ordered from the one store or bought from the other. I want everything together by the end of the month at least.

Frugally speaking this month will be starting out very well. I have no need to spend any cash today so I will be having a no spend day. Our mini vacation will cost a bit, but we still have budget left from our family reunion trip set aside for vacation use. We should not be going over budget at all again this month.

In fact I am going to set my no spend days to 21, we have our trip, and an overnight date night in the capital on the 27th of this month. Going to see the live musical Chicago at the Globe Theater. Since it will be late, we will stay overnight.

I need to head into the garden today and pick beans, Hubby will have to dig potatoes and onions, and we will both probably pick banana peppers (we have soooo many of those) as well as some ripe tomatoes, I figure that I could be pickling some of those banana peppers today/tomorrow.

Plans afoot to make some banana bread from the three rather black bananas on the counter. I will more than likely give DS half of the dang thing, cause we really do not need that many sweets in the house.

Lists will be made for the coming week's chores, plus of course lists for what we will be taking food wise on this trip.

In other words just the regular frugal happenings around tDehe old homestead.

Supper this evening will be Pork roast, roasted carrots, creamed potatoes, and a tossed salad. Dessert will be more of the chocolate cake I made yesterday.

Today I am grateful that I won't be the one lifting out the old living room suite, the beast is heavy!!!!

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check-in September 1, 2019

Post by jckitty »

Good morning all

Wow, I can't believe how early I am up on a Sunday morning...have been up since before 7AM. Just could not lay there.

Yesterday we ended up at "The blueberry festival" about 45 minuets north of us. I have never been, have always heard it was huge and now I know....it is huge and a lot of people! I was wary because of the crowds but calmed down when I saw the security presence. We ate "fair food" and walked for miles...really fun! I bought a new set of Thai fishermens pants....I love them and wear them a lot. Lots of people watching. and there was some good live music.

Tired when we got home but we had a lot of fun. Ate too much but it was really good, 4 of us went, we all got different things and then traded 'tastes". We topped off our excursion with homemade ice cream...2 dishes with 4 spoons... good time!

I don't know what today will bring, playing it by ear, kind of overcast...but cool, if it doesn't rain I need to get the fallen nuts off the patio...covered already. Might turn on my twinkle lights on the stair rail.

Off to drink more coffee, read and contemplate my day.
Stay safe, and have a great day.
Gayle and Libby, hope all is well.


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Re: Daily Check-in September 1, 2019

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning Janet and all,

Oh Janet, a fall is scary and an almost fall is almost as bad. I fall once a year. Used to be on the dance floor. Now, it just happens. I don't bother telling my doctor because I have heard the same lecture so often and still I do that fall.

Today, I go for fresh vegetables at Winn-Dixie. They have a sale on my favorites. I am gathering fresh vegetables in because Lakeland is back in the "cone" again. Lakeland is the supply center for groceries coming into central Florida. So when they are down, fresh vegetables are hard to come by. I hope there is no power disruptions, but I don't know how the power grid is set up.

If the storm moves west, I will start freezing pints of water for the refrigerator freezer and big cooler. I have frozen gallons in the chest freezer. Eating up the chicken. Then one meal of frozen fish. Only ground beef left. Easy to cook with my propane camping stove. Batteries all charged. Yard clean up continuing. Listening to Mike's weather report.

Today I am grateful that my knee is tolerating the additional movement. So far, no real pain. Have a good day all. Pray for the people of the Bahamas. 20 ft surge. Bahamas are 7 ft above sea level.

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Re: Daily Check-in September 1, 2019

Post by clemencia2us »

yea - those almost falls usually end up with a twisted muscle or something.

Hope you are okay

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