Poor Prince Harry

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Re: Poor Prince Harry

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rinty wrote:
Sun Jan 12, 2020 10:52 am
I had thought Harry and Meghan had scraped the bottom of the barrel but the disgusting behaviour continues.

Wouldn't it be common courtesy to remain with ones's husband rather than fly back to Canada after 3 days ? Its not like she has a job or anything. Why on earth leave Archie there anyway ? Someon commented that its not like she is saying she has the kid , he has to join her...........well, she is , isn't she ?

More revelations on how this has affected the relationship between the brothers, who were each others rock.

Just disgusting selfishness which is impacting on others ........

Why does this selfish pair think their FAKE do -gooding somehow offsets their appalling attitude to people who have cared for them............like the latest Instagram post which shows a visit to the Poor People............in their 3 day window over here.

We don't need part time royalty.

No cash, no HRH, no being allowed to use ANY " royal " connection in any way ....." Sussex Royal trademark ", indeed . Pick a country and a house and stay there.
I feel like Harry has realized what he has on his hands with Meghan, and is trying to cope for the best of his new lil family. I wish him well. I’m not sure what I wish for Meghan however.

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Re: Poor Prince Harry

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I think he's doing what he's wanted to for a long time.

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Re: Poor Prince Harry

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Good saying Colonialgirl.

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Re: Poor Prince Harry

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I am also disappointed with the situation of Harry and his wife. Oddly, hubs and I were discussing that yesterday. Many more in the European royal houses are deciding to become private citizens. The shakeup in the British royal house is a bit of a surprise. Harry was a bit or a wild royal when single and he did marry a very independent woman. I am happy that Willian married a wonderful woman like Kate. She is an excellent role model for so many. She has accepted the rules and yet represents the best of a younger generation of royals. Elegant, poised, and just everything a future king would want in a wife. I wish Harry and his family the best in Canada. I just hope they do not cheapen the monarchy by selling the royal "brand".

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Re: Poor Prince Harry

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Just read that Harry and Meghan will no longer be called their royal Highnesses. He will be Harry Duke of Sussex and she will be Meghan Duchess of Sussex. He will still be a prince and 6th in line to the throne. They have to repay the money spent on remodeling Frogmore. It was over 2 million dollars. They said they do not know if Prince Charles will continue to fund Harry from his Duchy since it is private income.

Good luck to them. I hope they will be happy.
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Poor Prince Harry

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Harry is still the son of the (soon) KIng.....he will need security. It's not his fault he was born to a King.

Charles will likely pay for it, as he should.

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