Daily Check In January 10, 2016

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Re: Daily Check In January 10, 2016

Post by BeckyO »

Morning Y'All,
Happy Anniversary, Jackie

Beautiful sunshine but Collld. The temp is 38 F, 3 C. It should drop another 15 degrees as the day goes on.

I was busy in the kitchen , yesterday. I fixed the casserole. It was good. So good I had to have seconds. The recipe needs some tweaking,but I think it will go on my list of comfort foods. I had some beef left over and a can of mixed veggies in the frig. I opened it by mistake a couple of days ago. So I added onion, tomato sauce , etc and made a pot of soup. I had soup for dinner last night.

It was not enough and I had been active so I was up at 5:30 this morning, shaking, confused, drenched in perspiration eating peanut butter and honey washed down with orange juice.

Today, I will have soup for lunch and casserole for dinner, maybe 2 servings again. I like peanut butter, but enough is enough! I have enough soup and casserole for another day or two. The kitchen is nice and clean : )

All my hand laundry is done. I am going to change clothes and go out for awhile. I have a couple of lamps I need to check, prob change light bulbs and I want to hook up one more lamp. I took the charger off the scooter. I'll hook up the notebook. I watered the plants. I'll take out the trash on the way out and mail some letters, check the mail on the way in. I don't plan to be out too long in this weather.

Stay warm.

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Re: Daily Check In January 10, 2016

Post by icfrugal1 »

Jackielou wrote:Good morning fellow frugalites

Another frigid morning on the flat lands of the Canadian Prairies. However if the weather people are right things should start warming up by tonight and stay fairly decent until next week end. Then we are back to bone chilling temperatures once again (well for at least Saturday).

Today Hubby and I will head out for brunch after Mass. We are going to do this instead of going out for supper today in celebration of our 40th Wedding Anniversary. Yep, by 3:00 pm this afternoon we will have been married that long (not as long as many of you, but slowly but surely getting there). Brunch is less costly and considering he bought me 3 dozen plus roses I think he has spent enough (got me 1 rose for every year). Anyway brunch is like two meals in one and my kitchen will stay cleaner longer.

Then we will be home while I wait for the person to pick up the next lot from the garage sale site I sold. I hope to put two more lots on today and hopefully sell them just as quickly.

This afternoon will be spent making a lovely supper for Hubby and myself. Plus a bit of a treat. The pie filling did not completely thaw until late last night so I am making those mini pies today. Served with some ice cream for our dessert and we should both be nice and full.

I also want to spend some time working on my embroidery. It is a great deal more stitching than I thought. The pattern shapes are very small and I find myself constantly trying to figure out if I am using the right shade of floss in the right place. To think I have even more of these stamped quilt tops from my Mom to do (I did send a couple to the Salvation Army while decluttering).

Supper tonight will be roast chicken, roasted potatoes, green beans, and the mini pies for dessert.

Today I am grateful that my sore throat and stuffy nose seem to be getting much better.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.
Happy Anniversary!!!! 40 years not bad, DH and I will be married 33 years this year, so we are catching up with you LOL :-)


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Re: Daily Check In January 10, 2016

Post by jckitty »

Happy Anniversary Jackie and Hubs,

It is cold here but we knew it was coming, I made sure I had plenty of wood in and have the chickens water heater hooked up.
I have the pork roast cooking, and 4 loaves of cinnamon swirl bread raising. I also made some creamy vanilla tapioca pudding in the crockpot. I used stevia to sweeten it. Tastes pretty good, dad likes tapioca pudding. I do too.
It is snowing here, we didn't get much last night just cold wind. I have watered plants and done some extra cleaning, still need to scrub the kitchen floor after I get all of the cooking done. I tend to make a mess ;)

I will use the rest of the potatoes to make some mashed potatoes for dad. Thinking some green beans will go nicely with this. Plus I have an abundance of home canned green beans.
Off to check the progress of the bread. Will maybe update later.
Have a great afternoon all,

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Re: Daily Check In January 10, 2016

Post by ShawnH1964 »

Happy Aniversary! I hope you and your husband have many more. The roses sound beautiful :-)

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Re: Daily Check In January 10, 2016

Post by rinty »

Happy Anniversary Jackie and DH !!!!

More No Spending........dull, but frugal : )

Church with DGS3 who just started Primary ( Junior Sunday School ) So cute and SO LOUD :D

Came home and have been reading The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom , what an incredible whole family that was.

Dinner was simple, some ribs, a winter salad and rice, panettone and a hot chocolate for dessert.

Next week, pay all bills I've been putting off ( well the money may as well sit in my account ) Its all budgeted for mind you. Take back library books. FINISH that danged craft room, shred all the paperwork pulled from the craft room/study. Set up standing order for another of DS bills . I won't touch online banking with a barge pole so this will be simpler.

And seriously job hunt. Swinging to and fro about working with disability.......as my CV for the last 18 years is all working with the disabled it kind of looks as though there is a theme.

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Re: Daily Check In January 10, 2016

Post by MackerelCat »

It's cold and spitting snow here in Tennessee. I have been puttering around the house. Used the remains of a worn-out foam mattress topper and an old acrylic throw to make a bed for the dogs. They have one in the den and a mat in the kitchen they can lie on while I'm working in there, so now they have one in the office as well.

Also used the last of an Amazon gift card to order a pet safe heating pad for our elderly cat's bed. It's cold in the laundry room where his bed is and he's a skinny old boy with arthritic hips. It should make him feel better.

Going to make a pot of soup for supper. I always try to have a meal prepared that can be heated up on the gas stove top whenever snow and ice are in the forecast, just in case we lose power.

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