Jan 13 check in

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Jan 13 check in

Post by Vaeagen »

Hi all and I have very good news to impart....Dd got the job in Mass! She will be starting on Feb 1!

I will fill in the details for all of you later. I think she may need some frugal help, as we all did when we were just starting out.

P.S. So happy to have passed the finish line of parenthood! @ kids successfully working full-time w/ benefits!

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Re: Jan 13 check in

Post by LogicsHere »

Sending my congratulations to your daughter. That's wonderful news, especially at a time when jobs have become so difficult to get.

Was awakened this morning at about 5:11 by a call from my sister. My niece is at the hospital, her water broke so we're awaiting the birth of a new baby soon. She called me a second time as she is so excited. She told me that she told her daughter that I would be sending her all kinds of "frugal" goodies and that she should read them and pay attention . . . that I knew what I am talking about :D which is why I have enough to keep me living comfortably and why she (my sister) is still having to work.

Was going to go out to McDonalds a little while ago as I was in the mood for a "big breakfast", something I hadn't had in years and years because of the high fat and calories. But as I started to grab my coat I realized I had all the ingredients right here at home and that it would take me about the same amount of time to make it myself as it would to go out and bring it back . . . so I fought the urge and prepared myself a scrambled egg, fried potatoes with onion, 1/2 slice of toast and a sausage link. Less fat and less calories and I enjoyed it just as much.

Now that things have seemed to settle for a bit, I can't believe how fast this year is already starting to go by . . . we're almost through the middle of the month already - sheesh. I'm getting back into menu planning again even if it is only for me, but I know it is still going to end up saving me money.

I have to say I really am going to have fun helping my niece by sending her good sound advice on living frugally . . . I can only hope that she does pick up on some of it. Having lived her life going without I would hope that she is tired of it and will strive to pull herself up out of the same lifestyle she was brought up under.

Have a great day all.

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Re: Jan 13 check in

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning folks,

Val, Congrats to you and your daughter. I understand what you mean. I am happy that DS20 goes to work everyday, Come straight home to his wife and son and takes his once-a-week Apprenticeship classes seriously.

Cold here, 6 degrees F. DS16 actually has his coat since he has to park in the public parking lot of the small village near his school and walk 6 blocks. The school is land-locked with limited parking for the students.

I did hit up the grocery last night. Dinner will be something with ground beef and roasted vegetables. Lunch will be from home.

Have a good day,

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Re: Jan 13 check in

Post by floridacatlover »

A big congrats to your daughter! Now she will have so much fun setting up her first apartment and I know that you will help her.

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Re: Jan 13 check in

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites

Congratulations to your daughter Val and congratulations to you and your hubby for raising two young adults that are hard working.

Logics good call on the staying home for breakfast instead of hitting McD's.

Maggie, wonder if our cold weather is now hitting you.

We are in the midst of a heat wave.... all of 10 F here with a high coming of 21F. Believe me that is very warm compared to what we have had, and will be having again later this week. I will be heading out for a walk shortly, may even make it a nice long one to make up for the days I only walked a couple of blocks to get the mail.

Frugality wise there will be no spending today. In fact I am hoping to add another 3 days of no spending to my total this week. I will be cutting it close to reaching that magic number 22 I picked. I can probably do it if I really concentrate on how and when I spend.

Hubbies truck is not working very well. He is taking it in for a service and getting the battery changed this week. I think we may be a bit over budget this month for vehicle maintenance and fuel.... Under for the fuel over for the other maintenance part. Glad I have 3 more free oil changes for our vehicle.

We got our electric and gas bill yesterday and I am happy to report that we only have to pay just over $12.00 on our electric. I knew they were estimating too high for usage for two months, but now we are seeing a savings due to the programmable thermostats on the electric baseboard heaters, switching to all CFL or LED lighting, and all the other little things we have been doing have added to our savings. Mind you it has been a warmish winter until now, so I expect our usage will go up a bit.

Gas bill is a bit lower but as we have a reading every month on this we can work at lowering it in stages if possible.

The usual frugal past times will be happening here. Following the use it up, wear it out, make do or do without mantra here again this year. Just trying to figure out a good budget, what is needed to keep us occupied and what isn't needed to keep us happy.

Supper tonight will be the leftover meatballs served with rice, and a salad. Need to use up those fresh veggies in the crisper.

Today I am grateful that I will be able to get out for my morning walk today.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Jan 13 check in

Post by AnneX »

Valerie wrote:
P.S. So happy to have passed the finish line of parenthood! @ kids successfully working full-time w/ benefits!

How lovely.
Congratulations to both your daughter and you.

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