Daily Check-in October 30, 2020

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Re: Daily Check-in October 30, 2020

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LogicsHere wrote:
Fri Oct 30, 2020 5:04 am
Good morning all.

Well it looks like it's going to be another rainy day at least until around 3:00 this afternoon. I don't have to run out for anything so that's not a problem. I did, however, glance at the weather tomorrow and we are having our first day of "winter". It's going to be in the high 30s to mid-40s . . . brisk.

My town's Historical Society has set up a Community History Project on how we were affected by the pandemic and how we have been surviving it. You can send a journal entry, story, poems, essays, pictures or audio clips. I found it interesting when it was first announced and have decided to contribute something towards this effort. When we first went into "pause", the Town put together a program of daily/weekly events and things to do ranging from art and photo submissions, trivia games, virtual tours and exercise classes. I think that to actually be able to have my name and story be a part of documented history an achievement I could never have imagined, even if that history is only local. I live in an area of NY that was highly documented during the Revolutionary War so why not be a part of this historic town.

Here's a link to that history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Westchester_County

Today will see me starting on the above project, do some more reading, and playing more computer games. I'll also be checking the TV schedules to see if there were any Christmas movies I want to see. I saw one yesterday on Lifetime that I really liked. I only wish they did dvds of them like Hallmark, I would definitely have bought it.

In addition to today's being known for "Mischief Night", the eve before Halloween, today's honor goes to two related Halloween subjects: Frankenstein Friday and National Candy Corn Day.

"Frankenstein Friday" celebrates the birth of Frankenstein and its creator. Frankenstein is one of the best known horror characters dating back to the 1800's. Can you imagine Halloween without the presence of Frankenstein lurking somewhere in the darkness.

Frankenstein was born in 1818 when Mary Wollenstonecraft Shelley, at the age of 21, wrote the story titled "Frankenstein".

The day was created by Ron MacCloskey from Westfield, New Jersey in 1997. Ron's hometown of Westfield, NJ. is also the hometown of Charles Addams, the New York Times magazine cartoonist who created The Addams Family. So, Ron's interest in Frankenstein comes as no surprise. He chose Friday to celebrate this day for the "FR" connection, and because more people can party on Friday than on other nights of the week.

Today celebrates "National Candy Corn Day" as well. Candy corn is actually sold all year long and can be addictive. The vast majority of it, however, is consumed during the fall with both Halloween and Thanksgiving the most popular times to enjoy it.

A bit of Candy Corn Trivia:

- Candy corn was originally called "Chicken Feed". Aren't you glad they changed the name!?
- Candy corn was invented in the 1880s by George Renninger and first manufactured by the Wunderle Candy Company in Philadelphia, Pa.
- The Goelitz Candy company was the first to manufacture mass quantities around the turn of the century. - The original way to make candy corn, was to pour each color separately into molds, a very long time consuming process.
- Today the Jelly Belly factory has a machine that produces 1200 kernels per second!
- Candy corn consists primarily of corn syrup, honey, and sugar. There's lots of carbs(sugar), but it's fat free, at least until your body turns the unburned calories into body fat.
- 19 pieces of candy corn has 38 grams of sugar.
- Worldwide, over 35 million pounds or 9 billion pieces are consumed annually.

Have a great Friday.
Well..that answers why as kids we always called candy corn....chicken corn!

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Re: Daily Check-in October 30, 2020

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Jackielou wrote:
Fri Oct 30, 2020 9:12 am
Good morning fellow frugalites,

It looks to be really foggy here, still dark out, but it is very hard to see the lights on in the gas station just down in the valley. I hope it lifts before I head out for a walk.

Got a text from oldest DS (then I just had to call him). One of the crazy neo-Nazi people who have hinted for months about coming to his city to make his life miserable is actually there (mostly he has just had threats against him physically before this and one threat to actually come and harass his which didn't pan out). This crazy person is now putting up posters and handing out pamphlets calling our son a pedophile, a sex trafficker and a few other just lovely things. Nothing of which is true of course but those people do not care about truth, they just care about getting rid of someone who stands up to them. To make a long story short, I guess that they (him, friends, and police) are working on something to get rid of him. Like DS says you can't really sue someone for defamation of character when the person has no assets and is perhaps a bit mentally sick. He does have friends tearing down the posters, and as actual photographs and videos of this guy (same guy that was harassing politicians in Ottawa this summer, one in particular, a female MP). However this Momma Bear wishes she was there to just spend the day walking around and tearing off those stupid posters. Didn't sleep too well over all of this and one other fact which I will speak about in another thread.

Frugally speaking today will be the usual Friday. I will take my walk (perhaps bring a flashlight with me as it really is that foggy out), do the usual Friday cleaning, make a project list for the up coming month, and an extra cleaning list, work on a Christmas card project (going to try my hand at making a few simple ones) and of course continue to use up what I can around the house. Hopefully today it will be small bits of cardstock.

I may do some extra cleaning, and I also may do some entries into my monthly budget sheets. I know that spending is finished for the month.

While social distancing doesn't usually get to me over all, the fact that some people aren't listening or following the rules does. Just like other areas of my country and the rest of the world numbers are rising, and they aren't rising slowly. There are still far too many people out there that still think this is a government plot and a fake pandemic....Until it affects them personally, I don't think they will ever change. God help us all.

Supper tonight is or was going to be French toast...but I think I will change that and make some fish fillets.

Today I am grateful that my teachers and professors taught me critical thinking. It sure comes in handy at times like these.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.
Jackie, That is just horrific. The person is obviously mentally ill. Is there nothing the police can do? I am so sorry for your son and so blisteringly angry on his behalf. What the heck is going on in this world right now?

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Re: Daily Check-in October 30, 2020

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Today is our son's birthday. We bought him a patio heater. He and DH assembled it..set it up...and we all sat under it and enjoyed his birthday cake!

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Re: Daily Check-in October 30, 2020

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Poor old fellow, Clem. Our oldest dog is ten and almost completely blind. She gets very snappy about things because she can't see and it stresses her out.

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