Daily Check-in Jan 22, 2016

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Re: Daily Check-in Jan 22, 2016

Post by dlrcpa »

Maggie I hope your DS1 finds another job soon.
Jackie, try putting a heating pad against your back in the sewing chair and a lap quilt across your lap. That is how I work in my basement office in the winter.

Glad I picked up a free 6" sub using a coupon yesterday because that was my dinner. DH did not arrive home in time to cook. Fortunately I know that 75% of the time when he says he will be home for dinner that he actually won't be. :roll:

I'm leaving work at noon today, our snow is supposed to start then. 2 feet expected and that will be a huge hassle. I'm in the middle of a fairly good paperback. I have decided to work on finishing cross-stitch projects instead of starting any new sewing currently. I really would like some more wool pants though - they are truly warm and don't itch me as some other people complain of. I have some wool yardage, would just need invisible zippers since I like to do a size zip.

Stay warm.

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Re: Daily Check-in Jan 22, 2016

Post by LogicsHere »

Hi all.

Making preparations for the expected snow storm tomorrow. Our area is estimated to be getting somewhere between 4 to 7 inches, but that all depends on how the storm decides to track. Have been telling my Mom every day this week I won't be visiting with her this weekend; hope she remembers.

I took some of her clothes home and washed them so she will have plenty of clothes to wear. I know I should be able to get there on Monday as it will be warming up and melting.

I took the opportunity also to write my co-op to ask if they would email a special notice out that I was looking for someone to help me shoveling snow due to my muscle damage. I can handle the 1 - 3 storms (the sun pretty much takes care of those), but higher than that I don't have the strength to push or lift any more. Even trying to put the garbage in the dumpsters is a struggle.

To all of you who are in the higher snow range predicted areas, do stay home and be safe.

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Re: Daily Check-in Jan 22, 2016

Post by brubert »

My daughter had croup when she was little. The DR told me to go in the bathroom, turn on the water in the shower as hot as it would go and let it steam up in there and just sit in there for a while. It eases their breathing. You could also put some Vicks vaporub on her chest.

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Re: Daily Check-in Jan 22, 2016

Post by rinty »

mbrudnic wrote:Good morning,

Watching TV News this morning. We are on the edge of the big storm that is supposed to up the East Coast. The City is looking at 1-2 inches, but a lot of schools have closed or scheduled an early out. It is not supposed to come for a few hours. The Southern part of the Viewing area could get slammed. I am on the North side of the city, so not expecting a whole lot.

I am dressed in my workout clothes, but waiting for some Ibuprofen to kick in. My back is hurting, I suspect it is Hormonal.

I hope to get into the basement this weekend and sew. DS as a music contest Saturday morning and then pep band in the evening. I may have to move my sewing machine.

God some bad news yesterday. DS1 got laid off. I am sure he is crushed. But he and about 15 other co-workers were laid off due to lack of work. So not performance or anything. I think he has already been to the Union. Hopefully it will not be long. DDIL goes back to school next week, so He will be a full time Dad so they don;t have to pay a babysitter. I am worried about his emotional state.

Have a great day,
Ahhh, Maggie (((hugs))) regarding DS. That is hard. I will say a prayer for him especially as you say for his emotional state. He has a lot on his plate as a young Dad and hes done well. You raised a good 'un.

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Re: Daily Check-in Jan 22, 2016

Post by MackerelCat »

Hi, brubert! Great to see you again. Maggie, sorry about your son's lay-off, but perhaps he will see the positive side in that it wasn't his fault and he can make things much easier for his little family by babysitting and helping out at home.

It's raining here in Tennessee. We're supposed to get snow tonight late, after the temperature drops. I need to pop over to Save-a-lot for cheese and milk in just a bit. There's only $17 left in the grocery budget, so it will be a very frugal trip!

Got some housecleaning to do today and I'm craving fish, so I'm going to make a tuna casserole for my lunches. If DH gets home in time, I'll thaw out some salmon from the freezer and make seasoned rice to with it. Sometimes he goes to the gym after work on Fridays and I don't see him until after 7 p.m., at which point the kitchen is CLOSED for the night.

Hope you all have a lovely, frugal day.

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Re: Daily Check-in Jan 22, 2016

Post by itspennyc »

I slept very well last night. I have the garbage trash gathered and ready to put out. I can’t put it out yet.

I divided up a half gallon of Vanilla milk and put about half of it into the freezer. The sell by date is tomorrow. This way I won’t waste it. I usually buy the vanilla milk by the quart, but all the quarts had passed their sell by date.

We have a run off election for our state representative, I hope to go vote today. Today is the last day of early voting. Time will tell.


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