Daily Check in April 10

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Re: Daily Check in April 10

Post by Jackielou »

ownedbydogs wrote:
Sat Apr 10, 2021 10:30 am
nothing much done this morning. Got the usual done. Fed the dogs, turned the goats out and made sure dd took her meds. She forgets them if I don’t remind her. Going to my granddaughter house for a birthday party for her foster child’s birthday. He will be 3. Praying that he will be placed for adoption and she gets to keep him. Mother seems to be out of picture. He and the 6 yr are going to be heartbroken if he leaves. You would think they are long time brothers. Prayers if you pray would be appreciated.
I will say a prayer for your grand daughter that the little one becomes a part of the loving family you have given him.

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Re: Daily Check in April 10

Post by HappyDaze »

Greetings Everyone! Just back from getting my hair done - happy happy! Headed out to do yard work in a few minutes. It's been a busy day - hit the grocery store and Tractor Supply early this morning. Got a new tie out for the dogs - it was much needed. Ended up getting two - a 20 ft. and a 15 ft. will hook them together and duct tape the connection - so they have more room to roam around.

Owned, I hope your granddaughter gets to keep that baby and that he stays where he is safe and loved.

Jackie, happy to hear you are getting the vaccine.

Hope everyone is doing well. Thank you for your input on the car buying thread!

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Re: Daily Check in April 10

Post by ChristmasTrees »

Owned...praying that little one can be a permanent part of your family!
Just showered after yard work....pulled two ticks off. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Taking DH out for dinner tonight for a no reason surprise. Outdoors.

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Re: Daily Check in April 10

Post by MackerelCat »

Jackie, I hope all goes well with your vaccination.

I became distracted and wound up putting up my winter clothes and hanging up my summer wardrobe. DH did the same thing and we collected three bags of discards to go to Goodwill. Next I went through the fridge and threw out a jar of long expired garlic, and made a lunch with two leftover slices of bread for a sandwich, the last tangerine and the last of a container of tea. Must get started on that grocery list, since we're pretty much down to condiments and cheese at this point!

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Re: Daily Check in April 10

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I have the sheets in the dryer, the bottom sheet is on the bed. I still need to finish making the bed.

I also emptied the giveaway bin. Stuff is leaving, though one item that left was replaced with a new one.

I had the Rotisserie chicken for dinner with baby carrots. I also divided up the chicken into one meal size servings. I got a total of 9 servings from my chicken. They are now in the freezer.

I have a very annoying gnat in my apartment. I did refill the fruit fly catcher with fresh waster, dish soap, and apple cider vinegar.

I put off making the pie until tomorrow as I still need to finish making the bed, I had to portion out the chicken. I also need to fold the sheets and put them away.

I took a nap and feel much better. I may not be allergic but the oak pollen is really bothering me.


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Re: Daily Check in April 10

Post by clemencia2us »

ugh - interesting day

Thank goodness I did not go anywhere today. It was the day my water meter or the line from the meter to the house decided to break.

I noticed the kitchen faucet had low pressure. Thought maybe city issue. Everything else seemed okay. Then I looked out the window and saw a huge puddle of water around the meter. Now we had had people sitting out there on the sidewalk for the parade by the meter. Lots of traffic. Maybe that made it break apart.

Thankfully the city guy came by, turned it off and checked to see if it was their problem or mine

It was mine. Called my cousins that do this type of work - all out and about. Thankfully my brother drove by and stopped to see what was going on. He has all types of stuff in his vehicle. Plumbing supplies etc. He tried to fix it but said needed different cvpc glue. So he will come back tomorrow. So no water, but we do have lots of water stocked up. So we will be okay!!!

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