My tips.. What are yours?

Wow us with your best money-saving tips.
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Re: My tips.. What are yours?

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My tips are about Rx. As of last year I was taking four fairly pricy (to me) brand name Rx. I have always had insurance but I've been stung when there was a high Rx deductible and in some cases the Rx was not in the formulary.

I researched alternatives to my brand-name drugs. Two do not have generic equivalents. The third was a combination of two generics and the fourth had a generic with a slightly different concentration/dosage. So I asked my doctor if I could switch to the generics that I found. He said yes and at my last visit everything was still OK. It means I now take 5 Rx (3 generics and two brand) instead of the 4 brand name, but that is fine with me.

I use to check Rx prices if it is not covered by insurance. (Luckily this year they are all covered.) It is amazing the price difference between different pharmacies.

I have a discount card from the pharmaceutical company for the two brand-name Rx. I do not need the card this year but in the past it was a real money saver. It is not based on income and gives a significant discount. The same company has an income-based program, also, that I believe provides the Rx for free.

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Re: My tips.. What are yours?

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Agree about shopping around for the Rx. In my case it's the dog's ongoing medications. I ask the vet for a script then shop the online vet pharmacies for a good price. (Make sure you use a certified vet-type pharmacy. The FDA publishes a guide about making this decision.)

I also check for rebates on the items I do buy from the vet, his heartworm and allergy meds are both made by a company that offers a rebate.

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Re: My tips.. What are yours?

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peaches wrote:
Jackielou wrote: I want to add keep track of what leftovers you have in the fridge. It is amazing how those leftovers can be combined to make a new meal.
Yep, I do try to use up my leftovers in a new meal because DH isn't 'into' leftovers.... but after the 2nd meal.. he just won't eat any.. very picky. So I usually ended up eating any leftovers of 1st or 2nd meal myself.. I've gained quite a bit of weight with this strategy. Which AINT GOOD! :shock: Now I'm trying cutting down on the amount of food I make the first time.. that has kind of worked.. I've lost 5lbs in 5 months. We are finally empty nesters and it took me quite a while to NOT cook SO much.
I found a roll of self-adhesive movable chalkboard at Ollies for 59 cents, trimmed it to cut my freezer door on my kitchen fridge, and we list any leftovers there. I put a star by the ones that need to be used up first. If it's not gone by the end of the week I freeze it.

I'm very fortunate that my DH doesn't mind leftovers and will eat anything that isn't spaghetti or coleslaw. Most of the time yesterday's dinner will be today's lunch for me, so it saves me $$ on eating out at work, time too since I only have 30 minutes.

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Re: My tips.. What are yours?

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One of my favorite tips is to shop the salvage grocery stores. Many many years ago a member on the old forum talked about salvage grocery stores. I found one that is about 1.5 hrs away from me, which may not seem thrifty BUT I combine it into a pleasure trip for me and DH, and since the prices are really really good I stock up on what I know will not perish, plus often we will go to a small family run bbq restaurant in that town and can split a meal, plus drinks and tip for $20.

I don't even mention anything like this where I work, so many people think I'm crazy.

Here's a few of the things I've been able to get there:

:o LAUNDRY DETERGENT(!!!))) - The first time I bought it, it was $4.50 for a gallon. Smelled something horrible, but cleaned wonderfully. It didn't leave a smell in the clothing either. Went back a couple of weeks ago and they had it again. Turns out they buy it in bulk (picture one of the big water containers used on the back of trucks for farms) and re-package it into gallon containers. The price had gone up to $6, but what hasn't? I mentioned to the woman who runs the store (little amish woman I dearly love) how much I liked the detergent. She asked if I wanted some for free. I was stunned and asked why she would do that. Turns out she donated some to a shelter and they wouldn't use it for some reason. So we said sure we'd take it. She gave us 9.5 gallons, plus the 1 we bought -- total price $6.

:D Flavored seltzer waters (LaCroix and a non-national brand) - 12 packs $1.20/each. The same day I bought the detergent, she offered me a box of mixed flavor "singles" for $3 --- 65 cans. I love these because they are more refreshing than sodas, plus they aren't sweet.

:D Coffee -- Starbucks coffee 10oz bags -- $1 each
Kcups -- different brands/flavors $3.75/12. I did get a sample pack of
36 for 411.
:D Artichokes (canned in water) -- 69cents/can.

That's just a few of the things I've found.

By stocking up on the non-perishables here, I'm able to share with my daughter and her family and Miss Priss and her daddy if needed.

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Re: My tips.. What are yours?

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I love the salvage grocery store. :) ours is very hit and miss as he isn't great about keeping stocked. One
Day you'll have a great trip and then it's weeks before he gets more on the shelves. Frustrating but I figure I will just take advantage of what I can when I can.

I buy laundry Detergent, softener and mr
Clean in 5 gallon buckets from a gal who works with distribution of over run from a factory in Missouri. It's inexpensive and it works well for me.

I have learned to unsubscribe from online store email lists as I can rack up a nice bill online shopping before I think about it. I only go online to shop for something specific now. Browsing online can be worse for me than actually going to the stores.

We raise and process most of our own food here so info a lot of canning. I really recommend learning how to can your own food. It's rewarding. The food is so much less expensive, tastes so much better and it can be fun to do with family or a friend.

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Re: My tips.. What are yours?

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My usual - eat at home, eat at home, eat at home. I realized when tracking expenses that if we don't eat out, we hardly spend any money.

And I am just not talking meals - if you have a pitcher of iced tea made at home, you are less likely to hit the drive through for a coke. It you have homemade cookie dough in the freezer, you can pull out a couple and pop them in the oven to satisfy that sweet tooth rather than running out to get an ice cream.

When hubs says - there is nothing to eat here. What that means is that there is nothing he can grab and stick in his mouth without any effort. So I am trying to have more snack things or crackers and cheese or salsa and chips made & in the pantry so that he doesn't run out to McDonalds or want to go out for dinner when he could have grabbed a bite here at home.

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