daily Check in Nov 26, 2015

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Re: daily Check in Nov 26, 2015

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Knee is still causing me a bit of pain if I move it wrong, so not that much done today. I did get the household chores accomplished (thank heavens for an easy day) and managed to get the closet pantry tidied and a bit of tidying and decluttering done in the sewing/craft room.

I did not get a nap in though. Oh well I can see an early turn in and hopes that my knee does not bother me so I actually can get a good nights sleep.

Off to do a couple more posts, get things ready for my errands tomorrow, and get supper on the table.

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Re: daily Check in Nov 26, 2015

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Jackie, this knee problem sound bad enough to visit the doctor. Any plans to do that?

Well, end of day here. I took the 22 lb turkey and cut it up. A breast is in the slow cooker and the giblets are cooking down for stove top stuffing liquid. I will eat the giblets over the next couple of days. I am sticking to my diet barely today. I walked a long time and the exercise allows me a few more calories which I am taking out in pie. My knee is bothering me a bit from all the walking, so I sympathize with you, Jackie. I discovered I had not filled in certain parts of the myfitness.com profile and it was making my weight loss program a bit off. I reduced my daily carb goal and increased my protein goal and put in my current weight. Educational.

Tomorrow, I will see if there is a line dancing program or if it was cancelled without notice getting to the paper. The line dancing is free. I will be out of here early.

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Re: daily Check in Nov 26, 2015

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ChristmasTrees wrote:Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful for all of you....:)
Same here ChristmasTrees. Hope you had a fabulous day!

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