Daily Check in April 16, 2018

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Daily Check in April 16, 2018

Post by mbrudnic » Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:55 am

Good Mornings frugal friends,

We got winter temps back again. Ugh. Temps are supposed to drop during the day.

I struggled but got out of bed and into the shower at my preferred time. DS is up early and in the shower already. He says it is the busiest week of the year at work. There are something like 4 big school proms this weekend. He said the word was "Come in if you did not ask off". It's good for him.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in April 16, 2018

Post by Dgflorida » Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:49 am

Good chilly morning all,

I agree with you Maggie. Ugh. Winter temperatures again. But here, that means back from the edge of 90F to the 60's dropping into the 50's within a day. :( I like Florida heat. And so does hubs. The house is still in the mid 70's, so no heat. Maybe we will miss turning on the heat this cold spell.

We got rain and storms yesterday. Nothing exciting, but a good rain. Barrels are all filled up again. Feels good and frugal, which is double good. I have tried various ways to wash dishes and I think I have one now. Certainly not as well laid out as in the kitchen sink and not as frugal, but at least I can get some done. I have not heard from the handyman.

It looks like hubs week without medication will be a little tough. Some months are like that. No walking for the rest of the week most likely. :(

My military son had a minor operation this week and I was glad to hear from him yesterday. Watched all the shows about the holocaust last night. The holocaust is a horrible stain on humanity.

My mind is starting to think about summer inside projects. The porch needs new blinds. When I was here at this house before, I had them to reduce the sun and of course, they are long gone. I priced them on Amazon. I will have to cut a few to fit, but that is normal. I like the simple PVC ones because they hold up well with the weather, blowing wind and rain, light weight and easy care. I may have hubs order some this week. I also want one(actually two) to roll down in front of the big east facing window. Of course, the new windows will have insulation, but there is a lot of time before they are put in. The morning heat will beat in on it and I think a properly placed blind will look good. Hub disagrees. But it may be that he is without pain medication that he is being so stubborn. Well, I will be patient on that. Lots of other things to do.

Today, I have to prepare all the chicken breasts I bought yesterday on sale. I will skin, debone and filet them for fast meals. We will have chicken breast for dinner and I will cook up some extra and chop them up at add to lunch salads for hubs. I put them in reusable pints in the freezer, retrieve a pint, let it thaw and it lasts 3 days.

Probably not do much outside today. It will never get warm today by Florida standards. I am at an age where "braving the cold" no longer feels brave.

Today I am grateful that I still look forward to doing things. Too many my age, just look back. Have a good day everyone. Stay safe and warm.

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Re: Daily Check in April 16, 2018

Post by floridacatlover » Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:14 am

Good morning all.

Big, big (((Hugs))) for Rinty. I don't know what else to say.

I've already been to mom's house to put out the stuff for the big trash pickup. I didn't see that anyone else on the street had anything out, even the neighbors who I know were going to put out their old dishwasher. I hope the trash company does come today. One year mom and I put out old landscape timbers and we had to call the next day I guess because the trash company didn't see them on the driveway.

Anyway, I'm having lunch today with a friend I only see a few times a year. He still works but not at our old company.

Pippi has her annual vet visit next week. I bought a new, soft-sided carrier from Amazon. (I used Amazon $ so no cost.) It arrived yesterday and she has been lying in it so I hope it won't be traumatic on vet day. A comment online said to be wary if a cat pees in the carrier (yes) so I put an old, thick towel in it. We'll see.

Yesterday was dark all day. I know a bit how those of you in the north have felt. I got very little done. I like the sun.

I'm praying that the Lord takes First Lady Barbara Bush home without pain. The Bushes are good, decent people in my book. (I haven't agreed with all their policies but that is different.) President Bush is my mom's age, birthday only a few days apart, and I know it will be hard for him.

Enjoy your day.

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Re: Daily Check in April 16, 2018

Post by jckitty » Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:35 am

Good morning all,

Yes big hugs for Rinty here also, so much trauma... it's awful what she is dealing with and nothing I can offer but virtual hugs and sympathy.

Floridacat, I agree with you on Barbara Bush and family. She is such an example of grace, sad but hope she goes home without pain.

I did not sleep well at all last night, even got up at 1:15 and took Benadryl. I cannot tell what makes me so wakeful.
I have my to-do list made, stove cleaned out and restarted, chickens taken care of and have started laundry. Floors desperately need attention and need to come up with a dessert. Thinking chocolate cream pie.

Temps are way down and expecting a band of snow this afternoon....crazy depressing weather.
Yesterday the great nephew came and picked up sticks in the yard (I hired him) he still has more to do but said he will be back later. He is a great kid and I appreciate everything he does. I feed him well so he is willing to take on just about any chores I ask him to do. :)

I hope to get back to some sewing this week, depends on the weather and my mood.

have a great, safe and appreciative day all,

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Re: Daily Check in April 16, 2018

Post by floridacatlover » Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:51 am

Thinking more about Barbara Bush, I recommend a book she "wrote" with Millie her spaniel dog. "Millie's Book" is a charming read for all ages. It is about life in the White House from Millie's perspective. My mom has the book on her bookshelf and I'm going to reread it. (Now I'm glad I didn't donate it.)

For some reason recently I thought of Mrs. Bush's love of needlepoint. When George was ambassador to China, Mrs. Bush made a room sized needlepoint rug. Amazing.

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Re: Daily Check in April 16, 2018

Post by Jackielou » Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:58 am

jckitty wrote:
Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:35 am
I hope to get back to some sewing this week, depends on the weather and my mood.

I know exactly what you mean. I would love to get in the sewing room and finish off a project or two. It all depends on the sunshine factor.

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