Daily check in April 21, 2018

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Re: Daily check in April 21, 2018

Post by jckitty »

Good late morning all,

I was up with the alarm as there was a garage sale we wanted to go to....first one I have been to in years. I bought a Limoges powder dish and a handmade tramp ware basket. As bad as I thought I wanted to go, I couldn't get enthused :?

I set the sump pump into the pond last night, it was almost completely pumped out so after the garage sale, came home and "suited up" in my whackadoodle outfit and it is now completely cleaned with fresh water going into it. :)
Glad that job is done! Makes me feel like I am making Spring progress even if I can't plant and mulch flowers yet.
It isn't cold today just cool and not much sun...bummer but at least it isn't raining again.

Have cleaned up from the pond adventure and have the whackadoodle outfit in the washer...will hang to dry here in a bit.
I need to sweep floors and might start cleaning a few windows as it is overcast. Need to go find my "enthusiasm" and get busy again.

Pork cutlets, mashed potatoes with cream gravy and breaded tomatoes on the menu for dads supper this evening, probably the ubiquitous corn as a side veg. I have salad leaves so will have salad.
Have a great, safe and appreciative day all,


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Re: Daily check in April 21, 2018

Post by rinty »

Hey All

I need to get to emails but that would require energy and will so I am here dittering about ..........

Frugally ( heavy sarcasm emoji face ) spent £1500 PLUS and nowhere near finished. Removal van not paid for, electrical goods not bought, no carpeting laid...........oooh and there is a vague suggestion floating around re another £1900. Unless I am directly billed that amount they can whistle for it.

Whistle for it.............

DS did have a good day, it was productive, good company all working forward. The menfolk all "took charge ". They like to "solve" stuff. We mums shopped and sorted. Middle DS is helping the most , I think he recognises I have LONG passed being at the end of my tether.

Work was okay. I like to think I pulled off " Woman Coping, Why Would You Think Otherwise ????" but very possibly NOT. I gave up a volunteer gig but have swapped it for a paid one til the end of the school year. I will hardly make millions at my hourly rate mind you. Spent a great deal of time making Catholic bits and bobs for displays. Went to mass, I revsist going to church with 5 kids at those times, going all maternal on the young uns......." You need to sing ! " That is not reverent " "Put that down " "why did you bring that to church ???" I also do my death stare .

We have been on the go all day. Middle DS brought us a small gift for babysitting. He knew we would have thrown a larger one straight back at him. I shopped for handicapped DS home last night around 11pm and had a pretty good meltdown when I attempted to pay and found NO tills were open just the self serve basket ones. None had conveyor belts :shock: :?

Eh ???? Wot if , like the 4 of us queuing with full trolleys we actually BELIEVED the signs that said 24 hour opening ???? I would like to say I put my trolleyload of stuff through that mini basket self serve thing patiently but in reality I HAD A MELTDOWN and an assistant did it for me whilst I packed and raved at him. He must have had The Best Day........apparently its not their fault its company policy and loads of people complain each week ........well that's okay then.

Note to self, NEVER shop there againafter 8pm. Apparently I am due a voucher, its not worth returning for it.

When I got home DH observed I had been Quite a Long Time ................

I have a the TO DO list from Hades. And its a real one not one to fill my empty hours. On the bright side I weighed in after a 3 week break with the wedding and babysitting and I have gained.........nuthin'........BOOYAH, yay me, stress is obviously slimming .

OFF ti get on with it all.

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Re: Daily check in April 21, 2018

Post by icfrugal1 »

Good afternoon,

So my friend got here at 1:30AM this morning, I did know that she would be late. She is in town for a yearly event.

We spend some hours together just chit chattering, i had a great time and i am looking forward to seeing her next year. :D

We have been friends for over 40 years !

One of the nice things is that since I have been de cluttering there was no big rush to clean up. House is not perfect or "done" but so much better then it was, and she is such a low impact guest.

Happy Saturday.


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Re: Daily check in April 21, 2018

Post by littlemiss63 »

Hi Everyone,

I just lost my long post and this is the last time that I will not use my notepad for typing up a post. I could kick myself, but poof it was just gone, don't know what I did. Ok, here’s to starting over.

It has been another beautiful day here and I am loving it. I know you all probably think I am just about the laziest person ya’ll know, but I just love not grocery shopping. I ordered on-line and just returned from picking it up. I used WalMart today as I needed some other things in the store and I could pick groceries up and do my shopping too. Very happy with their service and they again gave me a really cute little tote bag with 2 small bottles of Coke, an Iced Coffee (Cookies/Cream) from Dunkin-Doughnuts and a flavored water. I am sure this is another means of marketing/advertising for those companies. I love it, free is free. I just had the iced-coffee over ice and it was delicious. I will be looking for it in the grocery store or on-line.

I got a lot accomplished yesterday and have continued on that path today. My house is beginning to look put back together again. There is just something about clean windows and light fixtures that make me glad. The house seems to take on a special glow when those two things are sparkling. It feels so good to see my patio furniture with some fresh paint and some color out there.

Rinty, you are such a special lady. Here is a great big hug from me to you. I don’t know how you handle things as you do without being a raving manic at times. ((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))))).

DGFlorida, you have the funds I would certainly second buying you a new vehicle. Your husband is not in good health and you don’t need to be breaking down somewhere that you have to be towed in. I too, will drive my car for at least 10 years and I haven’t regretted for a minute getting a new one. I am alone and I don’t want to be stranded and the new safety features when changing lanes and the new cruise controls are fabulous. I feel so safe when I am driving alone.

Jackie, I feel for you on the physical therapy. You have to have it, but it just ruined my day for me. Seemed like it took up the biggest portion of my day, but it was well worth it……so grit your teeth and know that it’s a benefit for you. I know you are happy to be getting your home back like you want it.

Penny, you have the patience of Job. I am not looking forward to the day when I will have to give up my car. I can’t imagine for myself what it would be like to depend on someone and them not show up when I needed them. I guess we all have to learn to adjust, but it doesn’t sound like much fun for me. You would think they could assign an alternate shopper for you when the other person isn’t able to make it. People do get sick from time to time. I want you to know that my strawberries lasted 3 weeks in my Tupperware Fridgesmart Storage container. I just love these things and think of you every time I use them and appreciate your recommending them to me. One of the best investments I ever made.

Kitty, I haven’t had Breaded Tomatoes since my Mother died. She loved them and use to make them all the time. I will have to consider making them when the fresh tomatoes come into season. Most people don’t realize that you can fry the tomato green or red.

Maggie, enjoy Phantom of the Opera I know you will love it. I have seen it 4 times in Nashville and in New York. I could see it again.

Hope everyone else is getting some of this good weather and have a wonderful week-end.

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Re: Daily check in April 21, 2018

Post by itspennyc »

I know it is frustrating not to be able to go shopping when I want. But she is a volunteer. If it had been a week day when the agency was open I could have gotten fill in help.

I refuse to get worked up over not going today. I am not out of food. I have enough that if I were to miss this week end I could go to next week. The only food I am low on is eggs. I still have 5 of them.


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Re: Daily check in April 21, 2018

Post by MackerelCat »

Hi, frugal ones. Sorry for not checking in lately. Work has been crazy.

However, on Monday I finally got a diagnosis of idiopathic intercranial hypertension from the neuro-opthalmologist, who did the most in-depth eye exam ever. Only about 1 in 100,000 people have it. The doc thinks my case may be intermittent since I sometimes had days without a severe headache.

It is being treated with a medication that acts on the enzyme the controls cerebral spinal fluid production. The med has some wacky side effects that are hard to get used to. It lowers magnesium and potassium in the body and leaves me feeling weak and tired. I get out of breath walking up one flight of stairs, and I have to go up and down all day at work! Since the alternative is going blind, I just suck it up and deal.

I have lost a little vision, including some color vision in my right eye, but will be okay if things do not progress. The med began working right away, as the severe headache and vision disturbances that started in February began abating by Wednesday.

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